Saturday, October 23, 2010

How wrong was i? (Blizzcon)

I was very very very wrong. On just about everything.

I will have to agree with Tobold that Blizzcon announces absolutely nothing.

How well does that go (so far) with my predictions?
Bare in mind that Chris Metzen said that all the big announcements where made in the opening speech, so there won't (almost certainly) be any real announcements left.

Here is what they announced:
- Cataclysm will be pre-downloadable, so that you can play at midnight on launch

- The last class for Diablo 3 will be the (boooooooring loking) Demon hunter

- Diabloe 3 will have a (horrible looking) pvp arena system.


Here is what I predicted:

- The new unannounced mmo will get a teaser.

- Last Class from Diablo III will be revealed (holy warrior, holy warrior, holy warrior)

- Release date of Diablo III will be revealed

- Next expansion for scII will be revealed. And no, I am not talking about'heart of the swarm', I mean the first expansion for scII 'Wings of Liberty'

So basically I got 1 right. And that was my safe bet.
So what was there of goodies at the Blizzcons first day?
Not much. An interesting talk about dungeon design for wow. Only, they said pretty much the same thing they did 2 years ago, so that was a let down.
Then there where some tournaments, and im sorry but the two women commentating Warcraft 3, where complete and utter IDIOTS.
Even me, who have not played Wc3 since it was a new game, could tell they where wrong:
He looks uncertain, like he does not know where his opponent is, oh no he is splitting up his army. BIG MISTAKE, he is going to loose this game, and he was on top
Really? To me it looks like he is boxing the other guy in, but i guess you two know what you are talking abo...
Oh he got lucky there finding the other army, and there is no escape, he has won it. That was so lucky, he made a bad call and just got so lucky
...And they went on and on with this drivel. At one time they even questioned why this Korean kid did not "gg" (give up: "good game") as they called it, despite the fact that he controlled the entire map. Le grand frikking sigh.
So I turned to look at some WoW arena

And they seem to have lagged out
Then I went to bed.
Hopefully things will pick up today... You know what? Honestly LAGGING OUT. How is that possible at a tournament? Set up by Blizz themselves? Seriously, that is some amateur s*** going on there. It reminds me of when Steve Jobs gave a presentation of some phone and could not get a signal

You'd think they would have tested stuff like that.

Anyway. Heres hoping they will improve the quality of -everything- tonight, and that re-watching these things when I am not tired, will somehow give me a brighter outlook on the quality and information-value of everything.

But as a PS i'll add this, that the "geek", speech from Metzen, got this old grumpy Dworf, right in the soft spot.
I am a romantic at heart, and when he showed the Star wars logo and said, that "geek is: Watching your daughter see Star Wars for the first time, hoping these films will influence her imagination, as much as it did yours" I chocked up a bit. I did.
I think that that bit alone, was worth the entry fee i payed. Even if that part was aired for free for everyone to watch.

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  1. It appears the gnome was right this time, hehe. But I won't mock you. I saw the beginning of the opening cerimony featuring Mike M and I was very, very, very underwhelmed. Unfortunately I missed Metzen; I had to spend a bit of time with my family.

    The thing is that I think we need to stop looking at Blizzcon at some kind of news making place for big announcements. It's not. It's a fangathering, in the larger scale.

    About the online-availability: we already knew that and I've been planning on bying my copy that way. The only piece of "news" there was that we'll be able to download it in advance, which sounds sensible if they want to avoid a major server breakdown.

    Well.... there's one more day to go, but considering what they've already said about annoucements I think we shouldn't expect too much from it.

    Btw I was surprised at the very good technical quality of the free stream! To say something on the positive side.