Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting back into the thick of things, and so should you!

So this is more of an "where I am at in the game right at this moment", than a post meant to inspire or ask questions.
Besides Larisa once said that bloggers are not allowed to ask questions... Or something like that.

So I have returned from my glorious vacation to the US, I've re-activated my WoW-account, I've begun running, and well... Just being happy.
I love fall. There is a reason I got married in the fall. Trees are dieing ehhh turning into pretty colours. The air is sharp and it feels great to breathe (well... It does) the crisp fall air.
But you know what feels even better? Closing the door to your dark room where the only light you have is from a desk lamp, and your pc. And just gaming. And reading about games that are coming. Fall is perfect for that. The weather is perfect for sitting in doors (summer is perfect for sitting inside a movie theater, but thats another talk), and because some people like to worship that it's turning into summer again by cutting down trees and giving gifts, there are a lot of games to look forward to.

This fall, however, I am playing pre-cata and loving it. Just like the outside world Azeroth feels like it's turning into pretty colours.. ehm Dieing (dying? what's the difference? Is it a US/UK thing?..ehm I'm getting sidetracked here).
Its about to perish. To cease. And everyone is grasping at straws, and everyone is struggling to stay alive, relevant and to enjoy every last pixel. It is marvelous.

Just like many a movie mass murder has stated, people are at their most pure, beautiful and truest, when they are close to death. And it is true for gamers.
The best time you ever had in any game as a kid, where when your mom was about to pull the plug on your Snes because you where late for granny's birthday, or when your dad is taking out the batteries of your Gameboy (not advance, just gameboy... guess my age!) because it is *way* over your bed time.
Those where the best parts of the best games. The "Just five more minutes Blizzard" - type of games.

Just five more minutes Blizzard

Here we stand. At the dusk of Wrath, the greatest expansion Blizzard ever created (I've got a post setup to explain just why this is), and we just got the new tools and toys of cataclysm.
Everything is old worn and comfortable. But yet new and exciting. I will make this as clear as I can. This is coming from a player that has played and survived every single expansion so far, and is still loving the game (oh hello there TotalBiscuit, calling yourself a raider while not doing any raids? Fancy meting you here in the "hating the game, not the money -section [I got a post on that coming up soon too])
Where was I?
Oh right.

Take it from me, this is the very very best time to be playing WoW.

Not tomorrow, not after Cataclysm. NOW.
There is fancy new toys to play with. They are funterrific. There is Masteries, there is new resource systems, there is reforging. It is all shiny and new. And everyone is just as confused as you are, trying to figure em out. Nobody knows anything about anything. Or rather, none of them, know any more than you.
Sure you will meet the pitchfork crowd, every know and again, like Tamarind did. But most runs will these days consist of tanks activating their dualspecc-blood at the entrance begging for forgiveness if their threat is weak. Or old alts dusted of to test the waters, to see if this or that class will be their future main.

It is fun times indeed. Almost all raids are the same. Sure your raid-leader might get pissed at you for claiming that Bone shield is overpriced and useless in any sort of practical way, or when you show up to raid as the third healer (10 manned) with two disc speccs to "test out smite versus non-smite builds" (fyi: smite is incredible, sorry Tam, Discs w/o smite are doing it wrong). But overall everyone is relaxed and forgiving. There is no real hunt for gear in order to get ready for the next dungeon, because there isn't one. Yet everyone is excited about raids still because their classes are all shiny and new. (except rogues, which I have on good authority "suck complete arse now, I lost 2k dps" Then again, who ever gave a damn about rogues?).

So get back into the game. enjoy all your alts that work in mysterious new ways. And pray that in a month or so, glyphs will be affordable once again.


  1. Don't blame me for the "Don't use questions in your titles" statement! It's all Krizzlybear's idea:

    And to be honest I keep un-following this advice. God knows I've tried to be more confident in my statements, but I tend to fall back, adding a little question mark in the end. Because no one questions and talks back as much to my posting as I do myself. What do I know about anything? Really? (More questions, yes, I noticed?) There's one kind of questions in posts that bothers me more, and that is when bloggers mechanically adds "and what about you guys, what's your opinion on XX?" to every single post they write, I assume because they wish to get more comments. Sure you can do it sometimes, but when you constantly ask for opinions from the readers, I tend to react the opposite way and go silent.

  2. What do you all feel about the comment Larisa just made?

  3. Actually the start of this blog was a stab at intentionelly misunderstanding an old post of yours. I like coming back to that one, for some reason.
    It wasn't actually meant to be the focus point on this post. But I only tend to post about stuff that gets me riled up, this is not one of those posts. So i tried to ease readers into it. Judging by your comment, I failed at that ;)

  4. I assume there's some truth in it, if you end with questions all the time, you might appear a little desperate. or if you throw too many questions around, you simply overwhelm your readers - not all readers are looking to actively participate.

    That said, I don't think you should hold back on any questions you like to ask as blogger. it would be unnatural and if you become unnatural to your own writing style, you undermine the entire reason why people enjoyed your blog in the fist place.
    so don't worry about 'too many questions' or too few imo, just write the way you feel works for you. :)

    sorry that was rather OT huh - about the rest, I really like how you try convince us that right now wow isn't just a boring wait for an overdue expansion, good luck with that! =P

  5. Ahh Syl, when I was young and bright eyed in the world of warcraft I thought as you did. But now I know better.
    Yes we are waiting for an expansion that is LONG overdue. But the important part of it is here now. The part where you L2P... your class.
    Now there is elbow room to experiment. There won't be when Cata hits. Now there is alts to be dusted of, and mains to be selected. Once the leveling bgins, there won't be. I dunno if you had x amounts of level 70s before wrath hit, but if you did, you will remember that they all collected dust for a long long time until your main was at max, and had gear.
    At least if you are in a raiding guild. At least if you are like me. Some people can just not give a fuck about leveling and gearing and raiding. Some people can just shit on their guildies back while they get boosted through content. Some goblins can claim that if everyone did as they did it would be a better world. I am not one of those people, and from what I've read of yours, neither are you.
    So yea, this *is* the best time to play the game.
    Im playing my shaman, my shadowpriest, my warrior, my mage, my hunter, my soon to be holy-maybe-paladin. all classes or speccs that have been practically dead since mid-wrath. Now they get to show me if they are "main" material (none are as of yet, but still :)

  6. I know the feeling. You write a post and then people pick a sentence out of it that wasn't important in the first place and only comment on that, refusing to discuss anything else. The tough life of a blogger. ;) To be honest my comments often are like that. I pick just something smallish that sparked my interest and talk about that, rather than trying to comment on everything.

  7. Serves me right for making a joke on your expense!

  8. I like it how you called me young and bright! =D

    That said, I know what u mean and I have enjoyed the 'break' from all the leveling- and raiding mania the past months, but I am really looking forward to new content. I also plan to not get carried away by this rush this time around, taking it easy exploring Cataclysm without the pressure you speak of.
    And I have a big advantage you see, I don't care about alts at all. ;)

  9. Dude, it's raining on your blog... :P

    It's really nice to an enthusiatic blog post - I am really enjoying a lot of the changes, especially at low levels, but in the mid game and end game tehy can be quite frustrating.

    I am, however, generally pretty pleased with WoW. Antici .... pation is, of course, an important aspect of pleasure ;)

  10. damn blogger, lost a long and beautiful reply on some technicality.

  11. It was something about getting so excited that you end up throwing up, and maybe that is where the hype and wait for Cataclysm is taking us?
    Past the point of excitement towards the point of nausia?