Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blizzcon, fekk it... It's just money

Yes. I am still a fan.
How do I know?
I just bought web-live-feed-thingie for Blizzcon.
Bare in mind that this is an event that (for me) will start at 8pm and end at 5 in the morning. If I where to watch it live.
That is a stupid stupid thing to spend money on.
Really stupid. And everything will be posted on mmo-champion.

So why am I doing it? I'd love to play it cool and say: "Its the pet" "Its Tenacious D" (well... okay it is ALSO that).
But the truth is, that once upon a time I was at wow-invitational (have I mentioned this like a trillion times before? Good, thats my point) and I had an absolute BLAST.

Mrs Dwism, however, did not. She joined a group of 15-20 other non-gaming girlfriends of gamers, and sat down at the main stage when there where nothing on, and read her book. There where a lot of women doing that.... And they say that love makes *men* do stupid things. These women went to Paris.

Frikking PARIS

To read a book at a noisy convention center, while their chosen ones ran around going "omgfggfgfgggdbsdfwef" and other stuff. In Paris.
Argh, I'm getting sidetracked. My point was, that on the last day there was a talk about dungeon design. I was so sucked into this talk, that I forgot about time, and had to be pulled away by the aformentioned Mrs. Dwism - so we would not miss our flight home.
It was so interesting, hearing the thought that is layed into every single detail about a fight. 'Does the boss abilities match the theme of the dungeon and his looks?', 'does these abilities sync well with eachother?' 'does all of these abilities combined present an interesting fight for the 4 types of raiders? (melee, ranged, tonk and healz) ect ect ect.
Now I get to relieve that event all those years ago, and I get to be able to press pause and listen to it all the way through in my own time.

I think I made a good decision.

REMEMBER: Cast your votes on what stuff will be revealed at blizzcon. It is not too late to be able to say "I told you all so"


  1. I suggest you also buy Mrs Dwism a new book, so she doesn't talk through it ;)

  2. As a matter of fact I did. "Twilight the comic"... She was not all that pleased though.

  3. Hehe, well I would love to visit a Blizzcon for real sometime, but alas that's probably never gonna happen...I love game conventions or similar (concept art, comic cons etc.), they burst of creativity and people even geekier than yourself, it's good fun! =)

    I have actually thought about the online stream thing (mostly because of the pet hah!), but somehow I don't think that works for me. staying up all night is one thing, but I think I'd feel like missing out even more, getting a 'second-hand experience' or something. maybe I'm wrong.

  4. Well on one part. You get 14 days to watch everything. Whether or not developers talking about how they develop gets you hot or not, that is a different subject.
    For me, its thrilling.