Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blizzard returning us to more privacy?

I got a mail the other day from Blizzard. They practically begged my forgiveness for the screw-up on Real-ID

"We have changed"
Blizzard claimed.
"We won't ever hurt you again, it was a mistake"
And like bruised women and men in abusive relationships all over the world. I knew better. But I still love Blizzard, and I know that *I* can make them change. If I just don't complain when they want to invite all my facebook friends over. They won't hurt me again. If I just don't screw up.

As a token of their good will, Blizz has effectively shut down Armory. And inspection. I can't see what the 2handed warrior-tank is specced. All I can see is that he is taking loads of damage. I can no longer see if that hunter who looks to be wearing pvp gear, is gemmed for int still. All I can tell is that they suck.
We are back to vanilla.
"Are you happy now?"
Blizzard asks me.
"Isn't this what you wanted? No more inspections, no more armory checks. You can turn off every part of real-id. I told you I changed."

... I kindda hope armory gets working again.


  1. I told you they'd change that RealID part where friends of your friends (who don't need to be necessarily your friends) can add you to the RealID list without asking.
    They've added a Facebook plugin that I yet need to try and see if it's dangerous or not.
    About the Armory I think it's down due to the maintenance day, I doubt Blizz will allow people to opt-out and don't appear in the Armory.

  2. Armory hasn't been updated since the 6th as far as I know. (at least my talents are wrong and my achieves are missing)

  3. Yep, and there have been no updates to the achievements feed since the 12th (oh, I checked this again, and apparently that's just me.. I has done loads.. honest!).

    The funny thing is, it seems to be only certain classes that you can't check on the armory (for talent builds anyway).

    I could see myself fine - and accurately, but warlocks and DKs were missing.

    Although, I just checked again 2 secs ago and it all seems to be right now?

  4. My character is actually updated, at least my main. But the fact that you can't inspect anyone for instance in a BG is annoying. It's not as much that I want to see their gear as I want to know their spec, see if there are more healers around or if I'm the only one. You read it correctly, yes, Larísa is healing in BG:s, shicking isn't it! On my druid though. I've recently gotten into it and found it surprisingly fun and relaxing now that I've finally got around to get a decent amount of resiilance, not getting instant killed all the time.

  5. Healing in BG's is the most fun i've ever had healing.
    Anyways, Blizzard has promised not to hurt me again, and *this time* I know it's *different* I know that *this time* they mean it.
    Was your toon updated 'today' or all along? none of mine have been...

  6. I don't check my Armory on a daily basis so I don't know when it happened. My druid is also updated, apart from it seems that it has forgotten that she's a skinner.

  7. Yours does seem fine (grz on the 4th LK kill btw)

  8. The Armory is suffering a split personality for my character. Look it up and the brief description has him properly at 18, but the full Armory page hasn't been updated since the 10th. *shrug*