Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost sort of Cataclysm theme blog changes

Title says it all doesn't it?

I've gotten out my brush and half-rotten buckets of paint and done myself some remodelling.

I am most proud of my count-down counter, that I got from a site called guildzilla.

Also they have a signatur maker that adds important stats! Like how many times you have /roll need on items, or how many hugs you have given out.
How cool is that?
Screw my resillience or my block rating. This *is* the stuff that matters!


Warcraft Guild Websites


  1. /sings*
    You're just a little black rain cloud
    Hovering under the blogsphere tree

    only 40 hugs... I think you need to work on that stat :)

  2. Yea, somethings wrong with the counter. I think it only counts /hugs and not /hug. Because I've hugged way more than that. In fact im borderlining creepy on that note

  3. Excuses, excuses. I checked you in armory and it's the same there: you've only given out 40 hugs, while I'm at 244!

    Face it my friend: you need to get out of your shell. We won't bite you (except for in very special circumstances in ICC)!

    What about that mountain image in the background? Is there some special story about it or does it just symbolize how you feel about Cataclysm?

  4. All lies!

    The mountain is carefully chosen due to ...ehh okay so maybe i chose a premade template for the reason that this one, looked good with the countdown clock... also, Mount Hyjal!

  5. How exciting - you are on my server! I will high-five you if I see you in Dala...

  6. I don't know how to tell you this... But I am not on your server. You are on mine.