Monday, September 6, 2010

Running screaming in Terror

Title has been riped of the post from Troll racials are OP blogs latest post.
Its about how the world (of warcraft) looked before you dinged max level, and what you remember from it.

And the title is extremely fitting. I remember running around screaming in complete terror. You see, I am the explorer type. If I see that my map ends at that river, then I *have* to cross it. I've even swam (swum??) north around Kalimdor, and ended up in a zone for people 30 levels above what I was at the time. ( I remember an orc cheering for me, while something large chased me... He didn't save me though, but still).

So yea, Running screaming in Terror, sums up my leveling experience very well.

There is also one distinct experience I remember vividly (and with great pride too). I was level something 40 and healing an instance.

*whoa stop there*
How does a Death Knight manage to heal intances, and at level 40 something???

Good question. The answer is, I was not always a Death Knight. In fact, I was not always a Dwarf either. But back when i was a healing, I was a Dwarf, and I was a priest. His name was Dreamweaver, and he was awsome.
I did not realise just how awsome I was before said instance. This is the story of when I decided to be a healer.

So back in the day, there was not any instant que for instances. You started asking in general chat when in a city. It usually took a long while for non-max instances. Oh the horror. Also, back then, only priests could heal and warriors could tank (so not much changed there, hurr hurr).

Anyways the Mage knew a level 50 something warrior, whom she lured into giving us a hand, and we where off to kill the ugly princess.

Oh and this was also before there was anything called dual-specc or "healing classes can solo sh*t" - So I was a shadow priest. And since there was no dual-speccing and changing your specc cost like 50.000 gold (at least in present game currency), I healed with a shadow-specc.

That was fine, because I had done it before, and managed to do that, just fine. We cleared the instance in a very smooth and quick run (only around 2 hours). And The tank commented on how rare it was to see holy priests specc in leveling instances.
"oh no" I replied. "I am shadowspecced"
"Yea right you are shadow and healing this great"
"I am, I swear" I said, and clicked shadow.
And he started swooning. For days I got /w from him telling me, that when I hit max level, I should totally call him, and he would get me in his guild.

I was flattered, but what I was not, was a fast leveler. (back then), so when I finally reach level 60, I had forgotten his name, and he mine.
Oh the adventures me and warrior could have had.

years later I discovered that being good (not great, I really was not that great a healer, but I was good) at something, does not equal having fun at something.
That was why I changed to my Death Knight. Where I am not as good a tank as I was a healer. But I am having way more fun.
Ask anyone in my raid group. When we kill something, I am the guy yelling the loudest on TS (or if its the groups second kill, I am the only one yelling on ts... Hello there Arthas. That was embarrassing)


  1. Heh, I always tried to discover everything first, but since I was a MUD player before I knew when not to poke my nose in dangerous places. But yet still sometimes I dared and failed, like when I crossed the river in Elwynn Forest to Duskwood... at level 14. Wolves and spiders had a feast and I decided to resurrect... and there I was, in Darkshire with nobody around, since the server was still "new". Quite a feeling.
    But the place that better describes your screaming around lies in Un'Goro Crater: Terror Run. And terrorific it was to suddenly see yourself surrounded by elite dinosaurs... somebody get me out of here!

  2. That river from Elwynn to duskwood. I remember that still. I did the exact same, and this was before I knew what Heartstones did. Oh those where the days.
    Thank God they are long gone :D

  3. I remember when I wandered into the Eastern Plaguelands as I was meandering around. I was in my thirties.

    ...yeah, even running in terror didn't help. ;)

  4. @tesh: I remember when that place was one spoken afo in hushed tones by people in Ironforge "I knew this guy who went all the way into Eastern-plauguelands"
    "don't you mean western?"
    "no, there is an eastern part too"
    "[awed silence]"