Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm back

In more ways than one. My wow-account has been reactivated.
Hopefully i'll get my hunter and paladin geared for the expansion (yes you need to have them geared before you start a new expansion!) But mostly it was to get access to the PTR and -hopefully- beta.

The reports I've read on Death Knights have been disheartening. That is why I want my paladin geared and tested out. Because what has been even more disheartening than the reports on how DKs fare, have been ghostcrawlers responses to these reports. They have both been very very very very VERY few, and usually they could be boiled down to: "you are the newest class, you have no issues, even though we have rebooted you, everything is fine. STFU and L2P, we do not care about bla... about death knights" (my interpretation).

But more on that when I get to try out our new tree and mechanics myself :)

But paladin tanks looks so very very yummie and fun. Both lookwise, mechanic wise and coolness factor.


  1. Welcome back, hope you had a great holiday :)

    You're too grumpy to be a paladin ;)

  2. I do not believe that you have ever met a Dwarf (aka the only real paladins) paladin on the morning after.

    Like all tanks (the only real tanks are dwarfs!!) we need the drinks at night, and only post in the morning with hangovers!

  3. Belated welcome back :D Yay!