Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am going on a hum hum holiday

Technically summer is over, so I couldn't call this a summer holiday.
But it is *my* summer holiday.
I've mentioned before where I am going, so all i'll write here, is that I've found a Miami dolphins (go Phinz) bar in New York, and I'm thrilled.

Don't give away my VIP seat at the inn while I'm gone, and don't break anything too pretty.

See you..


  1. I'm speechless of envy. Have a good one!
    Looking forward to see you return, reclaiming your armchair and sharing some stories from the world outside.

  2. Just keep in mind, that while everyone else where out dancing the summer away or playing WoW, I was at work on late night shifts. all. summer. long.
    I do not envy myself this. Next year i won't do this again. But I am looking forward to my first trip to the americas. :)

  3. Shouldn't it have been heigh-ho, instead of hum hum considering you're a dorf? ;)
    Have a great holiday :D

  4. I tried to make a reference to the best ever summer song! "we're all going on a -summer holiday"
    Think its cliff Richards who made it.
    But as long as I got the joke, its all good! :D

  5. Have fun and drink a lot of beer!