Monday, September 27, 2010

Boubouille is a sucker (and why cata won't come til next year)

So once again the "unofficial release date" has been postponed. And once again my long time wow-hero Boubouille has proven to be a sucker. An easy mark, a part of "them".

His inside source, who originally told him that Cata was set for nov. 2, has now changed his mind.
"Sorry mate" he might have said "its the start of December now".

Soon that will change again.
And again.
Every little trick is being played to make sure we keep the hype going until the actual release. That release is set for:

Within a week of the release of Star Wars: the Old Republic

Thats right. And they will keep prolonging the release of Cata until there is any reason to release it.
Now, there is not. People are still paying their monthly sub, while finishing the game in beta.

We are all idiots. And Boub is our leader.

I was with him, you know, I too promised to join him running naked through Paris, if Worgen and Goblin did not turn out to be the new races. They did, and mah pants stayed on.
Now his inside source has been located, and the powers that be, will continue to feed him (and vicariously the biggest WoW site, mmo-champion) with whatever info they want to part with, to keep us hyped.

His next post: "my inside sources tell me, that everything in Cata will be twice as awsome as every beta tester thinks!"

... And I used to think that he was cool.


  1. There's nothing like a good conspiracy theory, is there?

    "Inside sources" is indeed a double-edged sword. I've always claimed that there isn't anything such as off record. I thought so being a journalist, I say this now that I support others with PR advice. It makes things way easier if you stay away from shady relations, regardless of which role you have.

    I wonder though... This thing that people are alrady finishing the game in beta, while waiting too long for the actual expansion... it can hardly be deliberate from Blizzard's side, more of an unwanted side effect? Wouldn't they prefer people to buy and play the actual game?

    It sounds very far away, this december release. Since I'm going for a two-week vacation in mid december, I can't help hoping now for further delays so I won't fall too much behind everyone else.

  2. I too never believed that Blizzard would release Cataclysm at a date that wasn't designed to screw up Star Wars.

    /is grumpy and cynical :)

  3. @larisa: google has done this for years. gmail is still in beta, last time I checked "its beta, stop complaining" Why should blizz be different?
    and it still takes weeks and month gearing up, even if you know how it all ends. Nothing lost, but a few months of play time gained.
    And don't you worry, about your vaca, im putting my neck out and saying it will be 2011 before we see a release
    @issy, then you cannot play a pala??

  4. I thought I'd grown a bit jaded and cynical, but you sure beat me. Good old grumpy Dwism!

  5. I hope and pray that I am wrong, so far... I've not seen even the slightest evidence, that I am not.

  6. Why wouldn't they wait to thwart bioware - they've done it before with AoC and Warhammer, right? =)
    I believe it when I see it confirmed, not earlier than that.

  7. I can't imagine them taking till December to release. Beta is practically finished, the only major thing the game is still missing are the raids, which they still have over a month to work with. It boggles my mind that this is even a possibility.

  8. @syl; and don't forget lord of the rings online

    @demerson: I sure can imagine them taking longer. They have taken an extreme amount of time allready. plus raids haven't even been 'tested' yet.