Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How tanking looks to pan put in Cataclysm

Tanking in Cataclysm seems to be (hopefully) very different than it has been so far.

There seems to be one huge change in the way tanks work, that is being implemented. Well actually two: The first one is
Stamina is no longer the sole king of tanking stats, parry and dodge are incredible
Especially for Death Knights, where one of our prime threat moves are Rune Strike, which only activates after a dodge or a parry.
This is great. I've always liked the block/dodge/parry feel of tanking more than the "I have huge health bar, call me Mr. Sponge", so I am thrilled. Let us hope it sticks.

The big big change is how our rotations work. (oh and this is important. I don't care about druids or warriors. I know how paladin tanks work, and I know how Death Knight tanks work. I do not understand or care - or play- any druid or warrior at an endgame level)

The big change is, that at seemingly every bottom press we decide on whether we want to add threat to the mob, or add survivability to ourselves. The hardworking Wake talks about it  and so does Iconoclast (with GC)

Here are some chosen quotes:
Since we're quite resource-bound under the new rune system, most boss pulls I initiated with Dancing Rune Weapon and dished out as much threat I could in order to be able to "slack off" further into the fight and handle adds, self-healing, CD-usage and such much more smoothly. 
I've found the Blood Shield to, in several situations, be hard to get the full effect out of. It requires the tank's involvement to activate, and even if you're a great player and manage to get the full effect out of it

And Paladins

Many players are feeling there is not enough Holy Power. Generally it seems people want more Holy Power so they can use WoG. If you are in a fight that is dealing so much damage that you feel healing yourself is called for, don't forget that Vengeance will be up very very high in that fight and will be helping a lot with threat. Feel free to substitue in some WoG's for SotR, and if you spec'd right you'll have a chance for your WoG to not consume Holy Power at all allowing you to still use that SotR. Outside of those situations, WoG is not intended for situational use. 
What does this mean?
The way I read the above linked posts, the way I see our abilities, and the way these qoutes above (hopefully) examplify, is that we get a choice of adding threat or adding survivability.
Will you use your holy power to selfheal, or add threat? Will you use your rotations to keep your blood shield up, or focus on keeping the mobs sticked to you.

Don't get me wrong, this is fantastically fun, you really get to be much more active and alert, and every fight will keep you engaged. In theory.

I say in theory because if I've learned anything in wow, it is this: tanks keep threat, dps pew, and healers keep people alive.
What I mean by this, is that if we wipe, because I -the tank- die, healers will be blamed. Noone would ever say: "tank why didn't you use more defensive moves?" (or dps why didn't you take less damage and do more damage?), if aggro is lost, the tank will be blamed, even if dps where dicks and the healer was shit, and the tank had to use his rotation to keep himself alive, instead of adding threat.
So my bet would be that all tanks would focus on threat (to keep dps appeased), healers will whine that they haven't gotten enough mana to heal, blizz will buff healers, and we are back to where we are now.

having said that, hopefully smart players won't be sheep, and see that it is now important to have healers conserve mana, so the idea and hopefully the smarter groups (aka guild runs are FTW!) will understand that the runs are aimed for the knife-edge decisions of "survive but risk running out of mana while dps are slowed to stay below threat when tank and healers are doing their best to not die" kontra the "nuuuke hard keep threat and kill and hopefully not die while going all out". That should be fun for an entire group, and encourage working together instead of " I am doing MY part, you do yours" -solo'ish idea that is I see as a trend happening. Something I think that the anonymous lfg runs is encouraging, and something I think will kill the game, in the long run.
If group runs become much more about working together, so that 5 players will be more than the sum of their part. When you work together to achieve something that you could not if you had just been 5 players doing their own part. Hopefully that Goblin thought of "I did my part, you do yours and please do not talk to me in the meantime, because I am too cool to talk to anyone". Hopefully the idea would be "let us be more than the sum of our parts, and generally work together to achieve a greater goal. Let us break the mold of what a dps, tank and healer should do, and let us look at what we can do to get to our goal."
Where tanks can focus on surviability, where healers can be conscious of what type of heals they throw and when, and where dps can do more than just 'press this button that does the most damage' and actually be involved in the group beside conquering the dmg meter.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boubouille is a sucker (and why cata won't come til next year)

So once again the "unofficial release date" has been postponed. And once again my long time wow-hero Boubouille has proven to be a sucker. An easy mark, a part of "them".

His inside source, who originally told him that Cata was set for nov. 2, has now changed his mind.
"Sorry mate" he might have said "its the start of December now".

Soon that will change again.
And again.
Every little trick is being played to make sure we keep the hype going until the actual release. That release is set for:

Within a week of the release of Star Wars: the Old Republic

Thats right. And they will keep prolonging the release of Cata until there is any reason to release it.
Now, there is not. People are still paying their monthly sub, while finishing the game in beta.

We are all idiots. And Boub is our leader.

I was with him, you know, I too promised to join him running naked through Paris, if Worgen and Goblin did not turn out to be the new races. They did, and mah pants stayed on.
Now his inside source has been located, and the powers that be, will continue to feed him (and vicariously the biggest WoW site, mmo-champion) with whatever info they want to part with, to keep us hyped.

His next post: "my inside sources tell me, that everything in Cata will be twice as awsome as every beta tester thinks!"

... And I used to think that he was cool.

I'm back

In more ways than one. My wow-account has been reactivated.
Hopefully i'll get my hunter and paladin geared for the expansion (yes you need to have them geared before you start a new expansion!) But mostly it was to get access to the PTR and -hopefully- beta.

The reports I've read on Death Knights have been disheartening. That is why I want my paladin geared and tested out. Because what has been even more disheartening than the reports on how DKs fare, have been ghostcrawlers responses to these reports. They have both been very very very very VERY few, and usually they could be boiled down to: "you are the newest class, you have no issues, even though we have rebooted you, everything is fine. STFU and L2P, we do not care about bla... about death knights" (my interpretation).

But more on that when I get to try out our new tree and mechanics myself :)

But paladin tanks looks so very very yummie and fun. Both lookwise, mechanic wise and coolness factor.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am going on a hum hum holiday

Technically summer is over, so I couldn't call this a summer holiday.
But it is *my* summer holiday.
I've mentioned before where I am going, so all i'll write here, is that I've found a Miami dolphins (go Phinz) bar in New York, and I'm thrilled.

Don't give away my VIP seat at the inn while I'm gone, and don't break anything too pretty.

See you..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look mah i'm on the interweb!

Lets look at that link again

Screw you hippies, I'm on the interweb.
Here is the action pic for those of you who missed my awsomeness
Here is a hint, if you are STILL missing it: The first external link.

Oh and let me add, I did not make this entry. I was just wondering why I got traffic from Wowwiki

Monday, September 6, 2010

Running screaming in Terror

Title has been riped of the post from Troll racials are OP blogs latest post.
Its about how the world (of warcraft) looked before you dinged max level, and what you remember from it.

And the title is extremely fitting. I remember running around screaming in complete terror. You see, I am the explorer type. If I see that my map ends at that river, then I *have* to cross it. I've even swam (swum??) north around Kalimdor, and ended up in a zone for people 30 levels above what I was at the time. ( I remember an orc cheering for me, while something large chased me... He didn't save me though, but still).

So yea, Running screaming in Terror, sums up my leveling experience very well.

There is also one distinct experience I remember vividly (and with great pride too). I was level something 40 and healing an instance.

*whoa stop there*
How does a Death Knight manage to heal intances, and at level 40 something???

Good question. The answer is, I was not always a Death Knight. In fact, I was not always a Dwarf either. But back when i was a healing, I was a Dwarf, and I was a priest. His name was Dreamweaver, and he was awsome.
I did not realise just how awsome I was before said instance. This is the story of when I decided to be a healer.

So back in the day, there was not any instant que for instances. You started asking in general chat when in a city. It usually took a long while for non-max instances. Oh the horror. Also, back then, only priests could heal and warriors could tank (so not much changed there, hurr hurr).

Anyways the Mage knew a level 50 something warrior, whom she lured into giving us a hand, and we where off to kill the ugly princess.

Oh and this was also before there was anything called dual-specc or "healing classes can solo sh*t" - So I was a shadow priest. And since there was no dual-speccing and changing your specc cost like 50.000 gold (at least in present game currency), I healed with a shadow-specc.

That was fine, because I had done it before, and managed to do that, just fine. We cleared the instance in a very smooth and quick run (only around 2 hours). And The tank commented on how rare it was to see holy priests specc in leveling instances.
"oh no" I replied. "I am shadowspecced"
"Yea right you are shadow and healing this great"
"I am, I swear" I said, and clicked shadow.
And he started swooning. For days I got /w from him telling me, that when I hit max level, I should totally call him, and he would get me in his guild.

I was flattered, but what I was not, was a fast leveler. (back then), so when I finally reach level 60, I had forgotten his name, and he mine.
Oh the adventures me and warrior could have had.

years later I discovered that being good (not great, I really was not that great a healer, but I was good) at something, does not equal having fun at something.
That was why I changed to my Death Knight. Where I am not as good a tank as I was a healer. But I am having way more fun.
Ask anyone in my raid group. When we kill something, I am the guy yelling the loudest on TS (or if its the groups second kill, I am the only one yelling on ts... Hello there Arthas. That was embarrassing)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

star wars (the original movies) in a whole new light

 I am one of those people who love the prequels. Sure jar-jar is annoying, but he serves his purpose. But other than that, the 3 prequels are a rollercoaster ride of thrilling action, murderous plots and an extremely gloomy ending to a series that has always been cheery-funtastically-happy-go-lucky.

The only thing that bothered me so damned much about them. where the canyon wide plot holes, when you see all 6 movies in a row.
From 3-4 it almost seems as if it is not the same series. For example the old guy in the death star that tells Vader something in the lines of "nobody believes in your ancient religion anymore" ... ancient? when he himself was a young man, that religion was the peace-keepers of the entire frikking universe.
Anyway I've finally found someone who was able to get it all to make sense.
And it places Chewbacca and R2D2 in much more important roles, than anyone of us could ever imagine.

Here is the link, I haven't been able to determine whether or not this is the original, but its the one I read.

Yes, I am aware this is a "read-this-cool-link" post. But it is not as if WoW has anything all that exciting going on atm.

As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet that they are way behind schedule on Cata. Beta has never been this unfinished before, when it was launched to be public. I think that they opened beta up, because they have no other 'content' to throw at people. And by the looks of it, I highly doubt we will see Cata before 2011, conveniently close to the launch of SW:tOR.
Blizzard have a long history of fucking over their competition like this. LotRO, WARhammer, Conan, its all just history repeating itself. More and more Blizzard is looking like a company who -on purpose- withholds content untill there is someone threatning their core audiences.
That is fine, but then they shouldn't give us that crap about how it's all about making great games, and these games are ready when they are ready. When in fact it is all about co**blocking other fun games, from us.

Bro's Don't C**kblock bro's, just ask Barney Stinson.

OH SNAP. The bro code is on youtube - Gotta say, that is one funny book. Best read this year. Read it with friends.