Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I won't play a gurl

In my last post (remember the competition is still a going!!) Issy wrote a comment suggesting I went and rolled a female worgen, and named it "Notashotasissy".

While that would surely not be an untrue name, (Since anyone who has not killed the Lich King, must have a life and therefore be 'hot' - I kid, I kid) I wont be rolling a female worgen for several reasons. Hold on tight females, this is a difficult discussion incoming!

1. No female alt will ever top Starshred in pure hotness (at least not alliance, see above) so there is no point in rolling one.

2. Have you seen female plate in wow? No way that can take a blow from big baddies

3. Women are weak!

yes they are.  You are also brainzizable smaller. Hello! Einstein was a man, you are women. Name one smart scientist that was a woman! Even the bibles says it.

My point is; women gamers will never be taken seriously as tanks, and neither will women toons. If you show up as a female toon and pretend to know how to tank, you will be laughed at. Unless you play the role of "oh gosh I just don't know how to tank anything, hope you will all bare with me, lol *smile*" and I've played that role more than enough when I was a healer in a sissy robe!

The only reason to play a female toon, is to have a hot piece of ass to look at all day, and honestly if I wanted to do that, there are websites for that sort of thing.

So Issy; that is why i'll be rolling a male toon. 


  1. Haha. I deserved that :)
    Point 1. I have to admit, dorf gurls do have something :P
    Point 2. That girlie armor is great.. the poor lumbering male won't have the agility or flexibility to dodge incoming attacks with all that gear on..
    Point 3. I am sure all that getting beaten over the head is not good for your braincells..

    But ouch ouch ouch... *sets all my very good and respected gurl guild tanks after you with rolling pins* start running :)

    And yes, I know you just want me to be provocative again ;)

  2. Please do send em my way. Gurls in plate are *hot* (but not really good for anything ^^ [I wonder how long i'll survive this])

    At your point 2: That is a good point, but you must realize that where I come from, you tank with your big musculus belly!

    point3: see my point two

  3. It's the "stun and drool" type of armour. My husband plays a female toon, and tanks.

    Mind you, he also likes trolling goldshire and offering to dance with no clothes on - and then goes and beardances...

  4. There is a rather lengthy summary of various sorts of "advantages" to that type of armour here:

    Just in case ... there are also a few links to real-life shops at the bottom, if you fancy trying them on in real-life as opposed to your hot dwarf gurl

  5. @time: I am not sure if that is a comment *against* or *for* my theory

    @KOch: that -in all honesty- is a great post, thanks!