Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tera: Why you play women in games, and how it should be done

Tera is going to be a HUGE success.
They have campfires that ensures that you will group up to kill stuff, and they know how to programme women for gamers!

Take a look at this vid

Skip to 0:28 and see how she runs!

Who doesn't like to look up at hot babes skirts all day long?

Then try and skip to 3:01 and look at that cuteypie try and be a big strong magic-wielder. Aww. Look at her do what all women do to get their way: wiggle erotically and lure the monsters in. And them run away when they get close.

Good thing we have game-developers like the ones behind Tera, to push games into more and more realism.

I'm so proud to be a guy today.


  1. Wow.. just wow.
    Wonder who their target audience is...

  2. *boggle* I'm kind of embarrassed to be alive right now.

    I agree that staring at character-arse for hours at a time isn't the most exciting thing in the world, and I definitely think the development team are onto something here. But why stop at cheap titillation? Why not turn the female character's bum into some kind of in-game style social networking device, like the Ipad - we could watch movies (porn, obviously), send emails, tweet about our progress in the game, and even download ebooks...

  3. @issy: feminists!
    @tam: I think they should keep focusing their development founds towards making sure that their target audience (see above) can play with one hand...

  4. yeah this is definitely and deliberately designed with a certain market sector clearly in mind. Age of Conan pushed the boundaries a little for a mainstream MMO and this again is terribly blatant. It wasn't so much the stupid upskirt view that was disappointing but the silly wiggling was so blatant. I wonder when games developers are going to realise that anyone operating an online game have all the weird random porn they want at their fingertips and are likely more than aware of that fact. Lets keep games about gaming and stop trying to merge the two worlds.

  5. lmao...this was exactly the experience I make looking at 98% of all games coming from korea or japan: "oh this looks nice.....oh there's panties...umm nevermind".

    I never understood this obsession about how your character looks 'from the back' either - never even crossed my mind when playing my toons.

  6. Good lord. I get a pain in my back just looking at that effort of "running". What boggles my mind is: do men REALLY consider that "sexy"?

    And as Stumps points out: isn't there better, high quality porn you could rather consume if that's what you want, which will make you way more excited than looking at that... whatever it is... damaged crow?

    I visit my gaming shop once every two years - namely to buy the next WoW expansion. Probably it's just as good that I don't look at the other stuff they have on their shelves. I'd just get angry.

  7. Although this game is partly made in Korea, I would like to emphasise that this is by no means an "Asian" games thing. Every single "western" game have similar/worse things than this.

    Take a look at the women in WoW, either they have the same frikking sultry looking base model, or they are a sobbing "please save me brave sir knight" type of appereance (jaina has both) OR they are monsters that are horrible to look at or tehy appear as comical relief with no redeeming qualities, because... you know.. ugly chicks are a joke.

    This is more an issue of games being made for men, who think they know who buys their games. En masse entertainment clearly seems to be under the impression that anyone who is a potential costumer is male and in his teens, and does not know how else to find pr0n on the interweb.

    This is really how game designers think of their audience: a horny teenage male, who has money and love boobs and does know understand how a computer works... except for gaming.

  8. @lar: As *i* pointed out, this game is clearly marketed at feminists.

    To be fair, there is very little porn out there, where you get to control your character. But I do not think they added the wiggle-casting for that reason. Like every other product on this planet game producers have found out that sex sells.
    So they throw in a little t&a to get people jazzed up about their product.
    EVERYONE does it. Fabric softerners, cars, soft drinks... I've even seen an add for applying to nursing school, that had a nurse throw herself on the operating table and take her... breasts out and... well tittyslap the unconsious man, and then asking for his phone number when he awoke.

    nursing school. Whos is their target audience??

  9. I actually like the campfire idea.

    But I think this would be the first game ever where I wanted to play a male avatar.

    Who am I kidding, I'd never play this. >_<

  10. I kindda like it too, I won't work, but yea it is a good idea.

  11. Holy crap.

    What is this, an video game or softcore porn? Potentially both, I guess.

  12. Words fail me... Are you sure this isn't really one of those japanese hentai games?

  13. Just lol. I couldn't even watch all of that. As soon as I saw the upskirt running I decided both the narrator and his game were not worth paying any further attention to.
    It's games like this that make me so impatient to finish my computer science degree, get out there and start contributing to making games women can enjoy playing as well as men.