Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking a break from WoW is boring

You know all those people who quit the game, but keep posting about how great life is, and how all of you/us that keep playing the game, are loosers and needs to break the chains of addiction and get a FRIKKING LIFE?

You know those people? I'm not one of them.

I've been on sabbatical from wow for about a month now, and even though I enjoyed replaying the two Knights of the old Republic games (they do crash a LOT in the new'er versions of windows though... Like a really really lot) and I've enjoyed playing star craft two, I am starting to miss WoW.

And that is weird. The game had nothing of interest to me. Dungeons or raids? Nothing. Sure we could clear ICC on alts, but really, I was getting sick of that place. I hardly didnt even log on for the last 3 weeks of my sub. Yet, I miss the people, I miss my guildies, I miss the atmosphere I miss... Well I honestly miss playing in Vanilla.

I think that is the reason I am looking so much forward to Cataclysm (and SWTOR), it is a chance to start a new. It is an opportunity to be amazed by a game. When it is not just a boring grind for the a trillion badges for the next armorset for a raid-dungeon you have already cleared 27 times. When the bosses are fresh, the loot is fun, the raid-strats are new, the quests are not a bore and even something like grinding rep... somehow... seems fun.

Then again, for my horde lock, most of this holds true for wrath, and I still cannot be bothered to log in on her.

And last weekend I did NOTHING. I watched movies, some tv, read a little in a book, had a little nap, considered mowing the lawn, but ended up doing nothing.
I think that was the first time in 5 years I had a weekend where I did'nt do anything, nor had anything planned. And I must admit that I loved every second of it.

Maybe I need a couple more of those before I am ready for Cataclysm. Good thing its still 5 months away.


  1. LOL I loved your post, especially because I am in a similar situation right now - I have stopped playing a couple of weeks ago for several reasons and I haven't even decided whether I will play in Cata or not. But that would never mean that I've stopped harrassing my guild forums or reading about WoW!

    why do some people feel the need to look down on something once they leave it? it feels like they were ashamed of being a wow gamer all along. or is it just so hard to leave that you need to condescend on the game and gamers you left behind in order to make distancing yourself easier? I think this might be half the truth at least.

    I really dislike this attitude. it makes gaming look bad. I love WoW and think it rocks, no matter what, I've even started to write about it myself now even though the timing might seem odd hehe.
    once you leave the game you can feel the 'vacuum' of time indeed, I enjoyed it quite a bit but I would never claim that the things I do instead are 'so much better' than playing wow before. more leisure to look into other games and write, I'd say! ;D

  2. I think Tam over at righteous orbs put it the best when he said: "If I had been a different person, I would have done different things."

    Sometimes it strikes me how many hours I spend in Azeroth, and how many things I could have learned or done or seen or bought. But then I would not be me. I would never be able to spend that many hours -that being the hours I've poured into wow- doing anything but gaming or mindlessly surfing the net. That is just not who I am.
    The angry people, are people who do not have that same insight. They do think, that if they had not been sucked in by wow, they would have 3x as many friends on facebook, and would speak latin fluently. So now they -ironically- spend all of their free time trying to save the rest of us, so that we too can not learn a second language or not read some Proust.

  3. There will undoubtly come a day when I turn my back to WoW. I have no idea when. In a month? In a year? In two years? Time will show. But if there's anything I've set my mind on, it is to not have any regrets and to not become one of "them".

  4. I stopped raiding a few weeks back. Not to get a break, I had other reasons, but I'm enjoying the break from it immensely. I still do things, but I'm enjoying much of the Vanilla stuff I never did before, and will have a frame of reference now when I finally see all the Cataclysm changes.

    I may leave the game some day, but never plan to turn my back on it in a negative way. Hopefully I can continue to support the gaming community in general as I see my kids grow up in this newer generation.

  5. @lar & gronthe: I guess it is about being able to say "All those months or years of /played time I've poured into this game, I never wanted to do anything else with that time, it was (and still is) a blast".
    I can still see how some people might have a hard time doing that, since now, you have nothing to show for it. Other than the experience.

    I was never envious of the kids from Narnia, they always got thrown back to where they came from, at the same age, with nothing to show for their specatular adventures, other than the memories, and having met Jesus dressed up as a lion.

  6. It's a good perspective and like Syl above, I've been away from WoW for a couple of months now. But I founded the guild we were in and I have a vested interest in the people there even if I no longer actively play the game. 5 years of playing is a long time and I don't understand how people can not only instantly switch it off, but who will then become's bizarre.

    I may play cataclysm but I'm not holding my breath for too many "new" raid strats ;) Blizzard are nothing if not consistent and for a long time now their policy seems to have been "recycle, recycle, recycle!!"