Friday, August 13, 2010

picking my winner!

I had an amazingly incredible super competition with MASSIVE prizes

that then fell very much to the ground when I found out that the prizes where not even possible to give out (unless I gave the whole game away, and FU very much if you thought i'd do that...)

Anyways lots of good ideas where thrown my way (incl one for worgenfreeman)

but my favorite one, came from Tesh:

Tesh has left a new comment on your post "Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES": 

Aragh or Aargh. Nothing like a HUGE English Wolf to brighten your literary day. 

Aint that the thuth?

Other suggestions included: Negrow, Combining one of my old names with lykos (dreamlykos? Lykosdux??) Wherepants or 'notashotasissy'

So far I am loving the Aargh (or a variation therefrom) since it just sounds right for a rageunit with a worgen race combo thingie. It 'sounds' right.

And just to show that I am even worse than anyone of you, at making up a name, my placeholder was:


thank you everyone who chiped in, at least from my end, it was a lot of fun. The name isn't set in stone though, there is still 6 months untill Cata is released, and thus plenty of time for me to change my mind.


  1. First time round, I read the title wrong as *picking my women*..

  2. Well if you force me, I just might have to make a post on that too... ^^

  3. *grins* oh dear, that might be interesting :P

  4. :) Sweet!

    Using the name for a Worgen Warrior is prize enough. I've thought it would be a perfect fit ever since I heard of the Worgen, but I'm not sure if I'll get Cataclysm any time soon. Besides, I'm sure you'll be better at it than I will. ;)