Monday, August 9, 2010

Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES

Okay, so like I made clear a couple of posts ago I'll be playing a worgen protection warrior (alt, don't freak DK fans) when Cataclysm hits.
Question is, what should I name him?

To me, my former alts names, do spell a trend:
A healing priest called Dreamweaver
A drunken pally called Duffler
A reanimated Dwarf Deathknight named Redux
A dwarf hunter named Leadbelly (and a dog named raindog)

A worgen male warrior named...

Names must be something I can live with for more than a day (worgenfreeman is out), but that doesn't mean that weird twisted jokes aren't allowed.

Now about prizes. I am assuming that readers are playing wow too. And since I will be investing in something something, and felt that well... Its only money and I get a usb drive that sounds cool.

EDIT: It seems that you cannot win anything :(    Sorry, As far as I'm told the pet will be locked to the games account after all.

You can win this:

That's right the Thor mini pet!!1



I've not really done any research on this, so I am not 100% sure that I can even give it away, since the game itself will be locked into my account. This is really a spur of the moment thing.

Deadline is friday morning european standard time at 8.00 am.
Thats around when my sub expires, and I want to get the name secured :)

note: I am kindda curious how this will even work out. My main hope is that some of my lurkers will be lured into posting :)

...If -for some really cool reason- you do not want others to see your ideas (maybe you are going of a tangent and don't want others to copy you.) you can mail me too:


  1. I think you should roll a gurl worgan instead. They are hawt.
    And then you can call it Notashotasissy :P

    *lurks loudly*

  2. Aragh or Aargh. Nothing like a HUGE English Wolf to brighten your literary day.

  3. @issy: I'll be making a post asap about why I won't be playing a female worgen.

  4. @tesh: I got your post in my in-box, but for some reason it hasn't posted yet. It should be automatic...I'll try and see what I can do

  5. Yes, you can't offer the Thor minipet, but you can offer pets and mounts from the Blizzard store (I already have the monk and the Lil'KT btw).
    For your worgen warrior you should get some dog-alike name, like Fido or Rufus. Probably already taken, so you could go with Peludo (hairy in spanish) or the catalan version, Pelut.

  6. I *could* offer that, but that would mean i would be spending money on this.
    I personally think that the thor mini pet is horrible, but I wanted the SE version of Starcraft 2, so giving that pet away was kind of a win win for me.
    Spending money on this fun little competition is a bit more than I actually wanted to invest in this. I had just hoped that the pet would offer an extra incentive for people to post rather than just read :) (not that regular commentators like yourself aren't welcome too ^^)

    I sort of kind of like the idea of dog names (being a dog person myself), but my hunter is getting one, and i think that would give everything a goofey meets pluto sort of feel, if you know what I mean?

  7. Well that ain't bad.. a worgen hunter named Pluto with a pet named Goofy or vice-versa would be fun. Pity warriors can't train pets :D
    If you don't want to invest real money you can always offer some useful items like epic uncut gems or even primal saronite.

  8. Oh, and about the Mini Thor, it's not that's ugly, it's just game-breaking, like the terran marine murloc.
    Btw, have you seen the new engineering Cata pets? I love the Personal World Destroyer! Finally you can carry a mini Fel Reaver/ Void Reaver around.

  9. Yeah, that's what I get for putting a link in my post. *shrug*

    No sweat; you've seen it, and that's the point. :)

  10. I have, and so far, thats my favorite suggestions :D

  11. Kind of stupid... but what about something like:

  12. *giggles*
    werepants? No way.. we have a no pants rule :D

  13. @whatismain: I sort of kind of like it. I just don't know if i'll get tired of it after a week...

    @issy; that goes without saying!!