Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fairly disappointed in Cata CE

So today the Collectors edition of Cataclysm was launched.

So what does it bring with it for 3 times the cost?
1 behind the scenes DVD
1 Booklet with lots of pictures
1 album with songs
an ingame pet (little mr Jaws)
some cards from the WoW cardgame
and a mousepad

So... every single item that TBC and wrath CE had. Same things. How many mousepads does one gamer need?
I even think that the Wrath CE had a map too. This one, not so much.
Thank you so very much for phoning it in guys.

I bought the CE edition for Starcraft 2. I am very happy I did. I am almost through the single player campaign and I very much doubt that I'll be playing much multiplayer, yet I am so happy I bought this SE.

The package was imba cool. Like really awsome. The cata: does not look to be more than a box.
And it has all the other things that the Cata box have (including special stuff in game, and special pet for WoW too...)
and most importantly: I got a extremely cool USB stick with the first game on it.
And its frikking heavy. and the orange part lights up when you plug it in.

Now *that* is a CE version I can understand paying extra for. But for the flagship, for WoW for the big Cataclysm one.
The above is all they will offer. Meh


  1. The "map" for Wrath *is* the mousepad. (My wife had to have the pet, but I got the TCG and mousepad bits).

    I don't recall it costing 3x as much though.

  2. Oh yea.
    According to my local game online dealer, it is about 3 times as much than the non collectors edition

  3. I'm also not sure about the price, iirc the Wrath CE was like the double of the normal one (90€ or so, while normal was about 45-50€).
    I'm more concerned about the utility of the extras. The behind the scenes dvd and art booklet aren't that attractive, you can get most of it from fan sites or even the official site. What a good CE should include it's:
    - 1 dvd for full installation (vanilla+tbc+wrath+cata all in one, no more painfully long reinstallations if your computer goes boom)
    - an authenticator. It's strange Blizz isn't including one after all that "get one and be safe" campaign
    - pet is ok, but why not a mount too? Pets look cute the first day, when you're leveling, farming or raiding you're not likely to have the pet out
    - an exclusive tabard. No more relying on luck to get one from the TGC cards
    - as the Starcraft II does, include a memory stick (or dvd) with the old Warcraft and WC II games, let people experience where all comes from
    Things like that would make the CE more attractive to buyers.

  4. I still stand by that the price from my local webshop is almost 3 times as high, but that was not really my point either, my point was what Kurnak says too:
    It seems like a less than satisfactory CE than -for exaple- SCII CE.
    -and it seems like a boring rehash of the excact same sh*t we got in every single WoW CE