Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't mess with dorfs, or they'll punch ya!

Theldurin (the Lost), has always been a proud member of the Dwarven race. When he discovered something was going wrong with them Twillight cult fans (most have been team Jacob kids), he spoiled their plans and went into hiding.
Even when that Deathwing guy came to bother him, he made sure that he wasn't bothered by anyone!


He punched that dragon in the face!

Edit: Me and blogger and youtube will be busy for a while, caught in a 3 man deathmatch to get the imbedded to work.
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  1. LOL!!! Funny quest, but this I think confirms what I was thinking about Deathwing on Cata: will appear everywhere on tons of quests like Lich King did. So when Blizz finally releases the ultimate raid dungeon when you confront him we'll be very tired of seeing him in both dragon and human form.

  2. I dunno, I sure wasn't tired of Arthas when we first engaged him. When we finally killed him in Hard Mode -however- by then, I sure as hell was tired of him.
    And tbh, Deathwing needs a lot more setting up than Lich king ever did. Deathwing is nothing near the *Big bad guy* that The Lich King, ever was.