Monday, August 30, 2010

Abusing equal rights to up readership

Yea, this post is all about that Noisy rogue, who finally managed to make some noise.

Good for him, clearly the years in apprenticeship with the greedy goblin has payed off. It was not as if he had not tried before.

Throw out a line, hope someone with influence or readership grabs the bait and reel em in.
"Sorry, you are talking bullshit"
"Women are feminists and morons"
"social game, wow is not" (same topic as the greedy goblin uses).

Well finally he managed to find a hook: "That topic everyone is talking about is wrong".

And everyone fell for it. He went from 5 to 10 comments per post to over 100. That is a nice increase, especially considering the fact, that he did not really mean what he wrote.

Greedy Goblin has been doing this for years. Now the apprentice steps up.

The reason why I am so damn sure, that he did not mean that more 'female representation is a bad thing', is for two distinct facts: 1. when he got called out on it, he claims to have been misunderstood, and that people only latch on to one sentence and twist it to misrepresent him. Even I know a diversion, when I see one. When you do not have the arguments to support you, you attack the delivery.

2. His one stance is that since WoW is "high fantasy" it should not try and use modern day politics. That's fine, but if we use that arguement, then Adam should really be up on the fence on how under-represented women are. Because the only source material we have to use to define the gender issues in 'high fantasy', is Dungeons and Dragons. And it is stated over and over again in those books, that men and women are completely equal. They even have the same stats. Talk about fantasy!
In 'high fantasy' Men and women are equally smart, strong, fast and clever and so on and so forth. Yay fantasy land.
So that cannot be the 'high fantasy' Adam is reffering to. Maybe he is using the books of Tolkien as a reference point?
Well that does not make sense either, since Tolkien goes out of his way, in his books, to be a product of his time, when referring to gender roles.

So what are we left with? A blogger who wrote some gibberish in order to get noticed, and succeeded. So I guess it's grats on him.

Update: He now explains his views based on the fact that he is an anti-theist - in his opinion they are a belief system, that battles... ehm belief systems, at every chance they get. Because only with religious zealous can you combat... erhm... religion.

It is on purpose, that I've not linked to him, nor his masters blog.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tera: Why you play women in games, and how it should be done

Tera is going to be a HUGE success.
They have campfires that ensures that you will group up to kill stuff, and they know how to programme women for gamers!

Take a look at this vid

Skip to 0:28 and see how she runs!

Who doesn't like to look up at hot babes skirts all day long?

Then try and skip to 3:01 and look at that cuteypie try and be a big strong magic-wielder. Aww. Look at her do what all women do to get their way: wiggle erotically and lure the monsters in. And them run away when they get close.

Good thing we have game-developers like the ones behind Tera, to push games into more and more realism.

I'm so proud to be a guy today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking a break from WoW is boring

You know all those people who quit the game, but keep posting about how great life is, and how all of you/us that keep playing the game, are loosers and needs to break the chains of addiction and get a FRIKKING LIFE?

You know those people? I'm not one of them.

I've been on sabbatical from wow for about a month now, and even though I enjoyed replaying the two Knights of the old Republic games (they do crash a LOT in the new'er versions of windows though... Like a really really lot) and I've enjoyed playing star craft two, I am starting to miss WoW.

And that is weird. The game had nothing of interest to me. Dungeons or raids? Nothing. Sure we could clear ICC on alts, but really, I was getting sick of that place. I hardly didnt even log on for the last 3 weeks of my sub. Yet, I miss the people, I miss my guildies, I miss the atmosphere I miss... Well I honestly miss playing in Vanilla.

I think that is the reason I am looking so much forward to Cataclysm (and SWTOR), it is a chance to start a new. It is an opportunity to be amazed by a game. When it is not just a boring grind for the a trillion badges for the next armorset for a raid-dungeon you have already cleared 27 times. When the bosses are fresh, the loot is fun, the raid-strats are new, the quests are not a bore and even something like grinding rep... somehow... seems fun.

Then again, for my horde lock, most of this holds true for wrath, and I still cannot be bothered to log in on her.

And last weekend I did NOTHING. I watched movies, some tv, read a little in a book, had a little nap, considered mowing the lawn, but ended up doing nothing.
I think that was the first time in 5 years I had a weekend where I did'nt do anything, nor had anything planned. And I must admit that I loved every second of it.

Maybe I need a couple more of those before I am ready for Cataclysm. Good thing its still 5 months away.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Why Sith are the good guys, and why swtor will have incredible roleplaying opportunities

An alternative title could be: How Bioware can completely and utterly fuck up everything that could make this game so great.

- "This game" Being Star wars the old republic, or swtor amongst friends.

What is it then, that I am talking about? It is, of course, the filosophy behind the -so called- dark side. And why The Jedi order are the bane of everything good in the universe.

Confused? well you should be... Possibly.

Allow me to start by explaining why I think that Dark side of the Force is really the good guys. And why I very much fear that Bioware may just not "get it", and if they do not, how I just may be forced to play the bad guys... The Jedi, that is.

Allright, now i'm confusing myself. Let's talk about why and how the Sith are the cure to the disease known as Jedi.

"If you seek to aid everyone that suffers in the galaxy, you will only weaken yourself … and weaken them. It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards… If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles."

The dark side, ensures that the old saying of: 'give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, teach him *how* to fish, and he can eat every day' - holds true in the universe. Where the Jedi constantly craves and ensures that all beings in the universe become dependant on them, the Sith ensures that all they meet in the worlds become strong enough to fend for themselves.

Where the Jedi teach their students to fear emotions and never be swayed by personal feelings - to be cold and distant to the world, the Sith teaches us to use our emotions to control the Force to our means. The Jedi think that the force is a all knowing all seeing justifier and all mighty ruler of the galaxy. We know that the force is merely a tool to be used to our means.
They fear power, because they are the only ones who want to have any power. We embrace the search for power, because we want everyone to have their own power. To fuel that power with emotions, makes sure that the power you have are used for good. Fighting for the ones you love, or against those you hate will always ensure that you are on the right path.
The only ones the pesky Jedi scum fight, are those that would challenge the power they crave for themselves.

Why would you cheer for the Jedi slime? Why would you fall for their rotten gifts of day old fish? Join the dark side, We will teach you to fish for yourself and not be the lap-dogs of self-righteous-holier-than-thou-asshats!

Is there really any choice? Is it no obvious which path is the right one to follow?

Why I fear that Bioware will screw up on making this game great.
If it was not obvious to everyone at the end of the above, then that was my attempt to show how and why the dark side (if done right), could have a moral high-ground. Or at the very least *FEEL* that they have one, against the Jedi.
That would make the conflict, not so much be about good versus bad, but a philosophical one of using the force or being used by the force. Where the Jedi pray that the force is with them, and try and listen to what the force have to tell them, the Sith could be the ones who bends the force to follow them.
That would make for an interesting game-conflict.
Unfortunetely for my hopes, you really have to read a LOT of stuff into the previous Old Republic game(s), in order to see this interpritation of the force.
Instead you see the boring old
I am a bad guy, so I will betray everyone, even if it has no meaning whatso'ever in my attempts to reach my goals, i'm the bad guy, so i will do bad things.
I am the janitor/cleaning lady/grunt/general/lawyer/warrior of the Sith and I will spit on you and be an complete asshole in every way, because I am bad and you are good... or you may be bad, but I don't care!!

Every single Sith you meet in those games (i've only played through the first one again recently... so if anyone remembers otherwise please enlighten me), are cartoon villain evul. Everyone.
How can you build up a society that rivals the Empire, with that attitude from everyone? Betrayal, just for the sake of it? scheming and plotting against everyone.
Imagine the builders of one of the space-ships in that universe: He will install faults in the main-line, that will cause the ship to explode on the first attempt at lightspeed. He will then go home, and have dinner, but be poisoned by his wife since her plot was to get impregnated by a distant cousin to darth malaaalalala and then inherent his worksman pension.

They wouldn't get anything done. It is stupid and silly to assume that they all act like this, yet, in former bioware games, this is how the Sith work. Just like the Dark choices your character has to make: Burn an orphin or kick a puppy or go do your mission. You have to go out of your way and be evil in order to get dark side points. There is NO allure of the dark side, there is no point in getting dark side points, other than wanting to roleplay a baddie.

If this is the path the chose to go down in swtor, then I just might have to end up rolling a Jedi, since all of a sudden those emotional-blackmailing good for nothing force-worshippers, might be my only hope at playing a normal guy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fairly disappointed in Cata CE

So today the Collectors edition of Cataclysm was launched.

So what does it bring with it for 3 times the cost?
1 behind the scenes DVD
1 Booklet with lots of pictures
1 album with songs
an ingame pet (little mr Jaws)
some cards from the WoW cardgame
and a mousepad

So... every single item that TBC and wrath CE had. Same things. How many mousepads does one gamer need?
I even think that the Wrath CE had a map too. This one, not so much.
Thank you so very much for phoning it in guys.

I bought the CE edition for Starcraft 2. I am very happy I did. I am almost through the single player campaign and I very much doubt that I'll be playing much multiplayer, yet I am so happy I bought this SE.

The package was imba cool. Like really awsome. The cata: does not look to be more than a box.
And it has all the other things that the Cata box have (including special stuff in game, and special pet for WoW too...)
and most importantly: I got a extremely cool USB stick with the first game on it.
And its frikking heavy. and the orange part lights up when you plug it in.

Now *that* is a CE version I can understand paying extra for. But for the flagship, for WoW for the big Cataclysm one.
The above is all they will offer. Meh

Friday, August 13, 2010

picking my winner!

I had an amazingly incredible super competition with MASSIVE prizes

that then fell very much to the ground when I found out that the prizes where not even possible to give out (unless I gave the whole game away, and FU very much if you thought i'd do that...)

Anyways lots of good ideas where thrown my way (incl one for worgenfreeman)

but my favorite one, came from Tesh:

Tesh has left a new comment on your post "Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES": 

Aragh or Aargh. Nothing like a HUGE English Wolf to brighten your literary day. 

Aint that the thuth?

Other suggestions included: Negrow, Combining one of my old names with lykos (dreamlykos? Lykosdux??) Wherepants or 'notashotasissy'

So far I am loving the Aargh (or a variation therefrom) since it just sounds right for a rageunit with a worgen race combo thingie. It 'sounds' right.

And just to show that I am even worse than anyone of you, at making up a name, my placeholder was:


thank you everyone who chiped in, at least from my end, it was a lot of fun. The name isn't set in stone though, there is still 6 months untill Cata is released, and thus plenty of time for me to change my mind.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why I won't play a gurl

In my last post (remember the competition is still a going!!) Issy wrote a comment suggesting I went and rolled a female worgen, and named it "Notashotasissy".

While that would surely not be an untrue name, (Since anyone who has not killed the Lich King, must have a life and therefore be 'hot' - I kid, I kid) I wont be rolling a female worgen for several reasons. Hold on tight females, this is a difficult discussion incoming!

1. No female alt will ever top Starshred in pure hotness (at least not alliance, see above) so there is no point in rolling one.

2. Have you seen female plate in wow? No way that can take a blow from big baddies

3. Women are weak!

yes they are.  You are also brainzizable smaller. Hello! Einstein was a man, you are women. Name one smart scientist that was a woman! Even the bibles says it.

My point is; women gamers will never be taken seriously as tanks, and neither will women toons. If you show up as a female toon and pretend to know how to tank, you will be laughed at. Unless you play the role of "oh gosh I just don't know how to tank anything, hope you will all bare with me, lol *smile*" and I've played that role more than enough when I was a healer in a sissy robe!

The only reason to play a female toon, is to have a hot piece of ass to look at all day, and honestly if I wanted to do that, there are websites for that sort of thing.

So Issy; that is why i'll be rolling a male toon. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Name that worgen!! There will be MASSIVE PRIZES

Okay, so like I made clear a couple of posts ago I'll be playing a worgen protection warrior (alt, don't freak DK fans) when Cataclysm hits.
Question is, what should I name him?

To me, my former alts names, do spell a trend:
A healing priest called Dreamweaver
A drunken pally called Duffler
A reanimated Dwarf Deathknight named Redux
A dwarf hunter named Leadbelly (and a dog named raindog)

A worgen male warrior named...

Names must be something I can live with for more than a day (worgenfreeman is out), but that doesn't mean that weird twisted jokes aren't allowed.

Now about prizes. I am assuming that readers are playing wow too. And since I will be investing in something something, and felt that well... Its only money and I get a usb drive that sounds cool.

EDIT: It seems that you cannot win anything :(    Sorry, As far as I'm told the pet will be locked to the games account after all.

You can win this:

That's right the Thor mini pet!!1



I've not really done any research on this, so I am not 100% sure that I can even give it away, since the game itself will be locked into my account. This is really a spur of the moment thing.

Deadline is friday morning european standard time at 8.00 am.
Thats around when my sub expires, and I want to get the name secured :)

note: I am kindda curious how this will even work out. My main hope is that some of my lurkers will be lured into posting :)

...If -for some really cool reason- you do not want others to see your ideas (maybe you are going of a tangent and don't want others to copy you.) you can mail me too:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't mess with dorfs, or they'll punch ya!

Theldurin (the Lost), has always been a proud member of the Dwarven race. When he discovered something was going wrong with them Twillight cult fans (most have been team Jacob kids), he spoiled their plans and went into hiding.
Even when that Deathwing guy came to bother him, he made sure that he wasn't bothered by anyone!


He punched that dragon in the face!

Edit: Me and blogger and youtube will be busy for a while, caught in a 3 man deathmatch to get the imbedded to work.
For now, follow link:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why space-combat in SWTOR scares me

No. It is not because I am afraid of flying.

Recently (comicon in San Diego) Bioware let it slip that SWTOR (star wars the old republic) would have your personalized spaceships (your portable homes) used in space-combat.

At first, I was like: "wooo!!!"
Then I was like: "whooooooo"
Then I was like: "woo?!!"
Then I was like: "wait.."
Then I was like: "dude, wait what?"
Then I remembered *that game*. Star trek online.  The game that came out in what I call 'super-open-beta-so-everyone-can-try-before-they-buy'. And failed.
I really wanted to love it. I really really did. I tried and I tried and I tried. But ultimatly it failed because it had space-combat.
Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the space-combat part. It was just to simplistic. It was like flame-leviathan in Ulduar, but for half the game. And since you had space-combat fill up half the combat system, they had the space-shooter combat dumbed down too.
So instead of some interesting character combat mechanics, like the ones that wow is getting, and WARhammer and Lord of the rings have. All players, that played Star Trek got, was two systems that where dumbed down and made as non-unique as possible.

Blizzard always had a great gaming philosophy: Easy to learn, difficult to masterBut the thinking - at least how I saw it- from Cryptic in Star Trek, seemed to be: 'we will have two different combat systems, that is hard enough for the dumb masses to cope with.' And so you got two boring combat systems.

Hopefully, this won't happen for Bioware, but for a game developer that does not have a great track record for balancing combat systems (don't play a healing char in dragon age? good luck then!), they will now have TWO combat systems to balance out.

Blizzard is having a hard time just balancing out their one combat system. Ask any PVP'er.

Hopefully Bioware, will be well aware (pure poetry) of these issues, but the past does scare me a bit. Both in regards to predecessor and biowares own history of balance.