Friday, July 30, 2010

Yes, ill be a prot worgen in Cata


I saw this
Over at mmo-champion.
I was torn, as to whether I should keep going with my Dwarf-setting. Then I saw this, and that was the decider!

(also: yes short posts with a picture in them, make for great blog-posts!!)


  1. good picture *nodnod*
    mine is better. mine is *real* :P

    Worgen does look very cool *wants lots*

  2. Bulwark shield from BT and King's Defender from Kara? tsk tsk... shield still looks good, but the sword doesn't go well with worgen aesthetics.
    If Blizz finally adds an extra slot (paying) I'll create a balance druid or an elemental shammy worgen.

  3. @issy: all I see on your blog is the lich king *not* dead!! No worgen warriors with big fu**** shields! :p
    Thats what you get for bragging about being in beta!!

    @kur: I play with the toys I'm given. this is something I found on the web, not something I made myself (found it in some thread on mmo-champions forums, that I cannot find again :( )

  4. @Dwism I don't do betas! I get bored too easily :P It is totally not my fault the Lich King still lives.. ok ok.. I have a secret crush on Arthas.. tis why I hate Jaina so much.

  5. guess I misunderstood your "mine is real" comment :D

  6. @dwism haha, yes, i just meant the picture on my blog is of something *real*. erm. i don't have a real worgen! cartoon version or otherwise ;) sadly..

  7. That's worgen's got some nice footwork. Good balance, maintains good center of gravity. Yes, very sound battle stance...or is it defensive? Yup, definitely defensive.