Saturday, July 10, 2010


You've all read this.

I am very happy. I know that in a week, I'll be back to my normal self and agree with what Gevlon said:
For some reason I'm not in a romantic mood. I think they planned it all along. They made mandatory and also introduced RealID with friend of friend.

It's bad enough alone. So they made something worse and backed off. It's like when a guy wants 20$, he asks for 30 and bargain at 20

But I have learned to live with the fact that Blizzard is not Blizzard anymore. Blizzard used to be a company that made Diablo and warcraft and Starcraft. Games I spend hundres of hours on. When I look back at my youth, one of my fondes memories where playing Diablo with my little brother. This is how our weekend would go:
You have played for 3 hours now, its my turn

3 hour shifts playing Diablo while the other one patiently sat in the chair next to our shared computer and patiently waited. And when WoW was released was about the same time I moved together with Mrs dwism. I remember the first appartment we had together, with our two computers next to each-other and playing together.

This was Blizzard I loved. This was the reason I went to blizzcon.
Now I play a game created by Blizzard. A game company. I have no longer any feeling of loyalty towards them. If the game starts slipping, or something better comes along, i'll leave. I will not spend one single extra euro on any in game feature like I've done up till now. I might love this game. And I really really do. But I do not feel like the game loves me.

For now, ITs Ruby Sanctum HM, later it will be Cata. I hope they have learned their lesson, and won't try to sneak another feauture in on us. And I hope Bashiok thought it was worth it.  

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if it's unfair of us to think of Blizzard as one unit. There are probably employees there who still deserve our admiration and fan love. See my next post.

    But yeah. My relation to WoW is definitely more fragile than it used to be. I guess that's pretty clear by my writings.