Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why using addons is required when you want to heal and not be a burden

I really wanted to leave this behind on the reply I gave here, but... Like always, I seem to be unable to stfu. So here is my reply. 

I can heal while I move. I just run and click with my mouse. ONE click with my mouse. Then theres a shield, or a renew or a PoM.
Oh right you are a paladin. (but I'll bet your priest can benefit)

Well, how do you heal people? Ill tell you: you click on the portait of the raider who is in need of a heal and then you click on the heal you want to cast.
Me, I click on the portait of the raider I want to heal.

Notice how I didnt do half the stuff you did? On each frikking cast? That shit adds up.

Want to squeeze as much healing out of yourself as you can? Use an addon, it is faster. Personally I use healbot.
And yes, I've healed with no addons, and it makes you a bad healer.
Let me offer a comparison:
You want to go from point A to point B. Using no addons is like running there, using an addon is taking the bike. And your argument is this: "sometimes there is a patch and the wheel falls of". (then you put the wheel back on an ride the bike again) and your other argument is: "a good healer I know performed worse when he used a bike, he fell over and stuff." That just means he has to learn to ride said bike.

Using an addon makes sure that your heals come out whenever you want them to. Using addons makes sure that you can worry about your class mechanics and the fight mechanics. Using an addon makes you learn the game better, because your teammates will not die due to your heals being slower.

If you want to be carried through content by your raid-group, that is fine. Go ahead enjoy. If you like being a worse player because of some self-imposed rules, be my guest.
I can't say I blame you. I tank in leather. You see, when I tank in leather I am at the same level as druids, and it makes me understand the game a lot better.

AAAAAAnd if someone uses macros that they have cpoied/pasted from the interweb, and then claims that addons are destroying healers understanding of their class mechanics... I do not know what to say other than: THAT IS JUST LIKE A FRIKKIN ADDON. you are using tools you did not create (and are just as much a part of the 1s and 0s that makes wow... Just like addons are.), to do the job you want to do. If you are using “target=mouseover" types of addons, you are frikking using a non-pretty UI-addon.


  1. I've always felt that it was, yea. Can't say it's ever done me any good. But in the long run im sure it will save me a heart-attack from not having pent up rage

  2. Faster is a relative term... if you push 1 button in one gcd... and I target someone and then push a button in one gcd... the end result is exactly the same. When I heal (without addons mind you) I do so by thinking 1-2 gcd's ahead. So I select the target... push my hotkey for the heal and then select the next target while the first spell is casting, after the spell is complete (according to quartz not default ui) I cast the next spell.

    What is the difference in overall effectiveness? 0. The only difference is I push 2 buttons to your 1. But i also play a warrior tank so pushing 2 buttons at once is second nature.

    So... yeah my heals aren't slower and I'm not holding up the raid because I have fast enough reaction time to click 2 buttons in less than a second from each other.

    I've also healed as every class/spec capable of doing so in wotlk in a raiding environment, and have never used healbot, click or any other "healing" addon. Never once was I a "burden"

  3. Keep telling yourself that.

    Less buttons to push will always give you more time to decide what to heal next, it will always make your heals land faster and it will always give you more time for situational awareness.

    But don't worry, when I tank in leather, I know I am not holding my raidgroup back either, because all that spellpower adds to my DnD's aggro and all that agility makes me superfast!!
    I know this is an unfair comparison, but trust me, when I tell you that once you learn to ride that bike, that is a healing addon, you will look at wonder at all those people who insist on running and claim that running *is* faster.

  4. I'm not saying its faster... I'm saying its exactly the same. I'm casting the same number of spells and selecting my targets just as well... this comparison of yours is better placed looking at cars.

    Your healing addon is this super charged race car... no addons is like driving a crappy car. Yes yours is faster... but it doesn't make a tiny bit of difference because we have this set speed limit in wow that is the gcd. You aren't allowed to go faster than that so in the long run they perform the same.

    If they removed the gcd... I would agree that using a healing addon and one button mouse pressing would be better, but as long as you can push 2 buttons in the same time it takes to push 1 it won't matter. I mean your statement that your heals will land faster... how can you prove that? You can't heal more than you have gcd's available and no healing addon can change that.

    I'm not going to claim that healing with no addons is faster than with... but that doesn't suddenly make you a hindrance to the raid.0

  5. Alright ill try and re-explain then.
    Imagine you are a healer. And you are wanting to hot a couple of people in your raid. then you click, then you press a button. When you are pressing that button, I am allready moving to heal the next one. With gcd's being so short, as they are, I will land my hots a lot faster and be moving one to the next target. If you are casting 3 sec heals on one tank, then no, it doesnt make a difference. But as soon as you switch targets, you are going to be slower, to start casting, because you have to click+press a button, and I only have to click before my heal is away. That means that my heals will land on the target faster, than yours.

    - Provided that we both have equally fast reactions. If you are a better healer, you will do better. But if you are a better healer WITH addons, you will do even better. Because you do not have to have that extra click before your heals start to cast.

  6. You are missing what I'm saying... I've already clicked on the next target before my spell has finished.

    The ONLY time you will ever be faster is on the very first heal... and even that isn't the case because I'm always going to be targeting the tank first anyway so you clicking a mouse and me pushing a hotkey is the same speed.

    In fact... I'd almost say that it is faster. You have to hover over a target and click a button and then move to the next target and wait till the gcd is up before casting and moving your mouse to the next target. But I can already have the next target selected while my last gcd/spell is cooking and can have my mouse waiting over the next target when I cast the spell.

    Even with a haste capped resto druid with a 1 sec gcd... I can cast as fast as anyone else can with addons.

    Ok that seems confusing... lets say jimmy, john and james are taking damage.

    You mouse over and heal jimmy, I click on jimmy and cast my heal.

    You mouse over john and wait for the gcd, I click on john and then mouse over to james also waiting for the gcd.

    You heal john and then move over to james, I heal john and select james who I already have under my mouse and then hover over to the next target.

    This is what I mean by thinking about healing 1 step ahead. The fact that I already know who I'm going to heal next, and have the person after that under my mouse means I can focus on situational awareness without having to worry about my healing.

  7. I'm sure that works just fine... in 5 mans.
    In a raid you'll a) have other people healing and b) have more people taking sudden bursts of damage. If you are set on healing James, after john, but the shaman already healed him up to full, whereas Adam took a huge dip in health. You will be healing a guy with full health, and ill be saving someone from dying.
    So you go ahead and think ahead, ill be adopting to the situation. And i'll be doing it much faster than you.

    I also have an addon that tells me when someone else is throwing a heal on James, so to skip that first heal entirely.

    You are slow, you are rigid, you are a great healer, I am sure, but you are not doing all you could do, and you are not being all that you could be.
    Get an addon.

  8. What??? I seriously wonder where you come up with this idea of how a healer not using addons play. You must have played with some pretty terrible healers in the past that showed great improvement with an addon.

    If you think that when I'm healing I'm not casting a spell every gcd you are mistaken. I mean seriously... how many times are you really healing a target with one click? If you are... you likely aren't taking latency into account in your casting and could be casting sooner. Do you hover over a target and spam a button till the heal goes off? How is that any faster than me pushing 2 buttons?

    This game is about reflexes, adapting, hand eye coordination and hyper awareness. Right now... I'm limited by the confines of the gcd and latency... if you need an addon to keep up that's fine but not everyone does. If they lowered the gcd or made other changes to the game that pushing 2 buttons within a tenth of a second from each other is going to make a difference then I'll use an addon. Right now... having 100 ping slows me down more than pushing 2 buttons.

    And making smart choices and adapting on a fly is what makes a great healer, you don't need an addon for that.

  9. My point was, that if you have to preselect who to heal next, you will be more rigid and slower to adapt and react, than you would, if you used addons.

    You will not know if anyone else is casting a heal on anyone. You need to preselect who you are healing next in order to even keep up with someone using an addon.

    your example said so specifically: you preselect who to heal next.
    So either you are an oracle capable of seeing into the future and deciding who will take damage next, AND is able to see who everyone else will heal. Or you are a druid spamming hots everywhere not caring for whoever dips in health. Or you are not being all you can be, as a healer.
    I doubt you are a bad healer since you seem to have put a lot of thought into this post, I doubt you can see into the future (if you can, please pm me the lottery numbers)... So I am left repeating myself:

    You are slow, you are rigid, you are a great healer, I am sure, but you are not doing all you could do, and you are not being all that you could be.
    Get an addon.

  10. Yes I preselect... but I can preselect a target right up to the point where my ability comes off gcd. On a raid healer often times I'm just rotating through. On my paladin though I often cycle through different targets while my holy light is casting until I find one that is taking enough damage to be worth it, or is in a good spot for my holy light glyph. By the time my spell has finished I have found a target to heal... and even if that target gets topped off I"m still letting the spell go off.

  11. Allright, so your method is just unnecessarily complicated, compared to what you would do, if you had an addon.
    That means you will be spending more time doing the excact same, that you would be able to do, if you had an addon to help you, only it would a) take you longer if anything unexpected happened and b) you would be using a lot of focus on selecting a target, that could be used more effectively in a variety of ways.

    Here is a blogging challenge for you: Go read Tams guide to vuhdo, install it. Give it at least 5 heroic runs, and at least 1 raid run. then post what you thought of it? I'd be very intrigued to see if you didn't end up the exact same place everyone else who has done this has.
    going "woooo" and being happy.

    Here is the link:
    or go to their site and click "the babe with the power".
    Fair warning: I don't use vuhdo, I like healbot. But that is a minor issue, and Tams guide is much better than any guide that i've seen on healbot.

  12. Rubbish. "On my paladin... I often cycle through different targets... until I find one that is taking enough damage" - you're going through multiple keypresses to find a target worthy of healing? What kind of healing is that? How is that as efficient as taking a look @ your raidframes to see what needs healing - how are you selecting ppl out of your immediate range?

    Click to target, button to heal is a ridiculous way to heal and I'm shocked and surprised ppl still do it. Sure, you accomplish that in one gcd and *sometimes* you're getting the same amount done but clearly the crappy car will be less efficient. What when you want to change target before the gcd is up, click to target, click to target then heal? in one second? Nothing is as fast as mouseover/heal or click to heal.

    Healing addons bring a lot more to the table than simply click-to-heal. Acceleration addons like snowfallkeypress are emulated by some healing addons (vuhdo has its own kind) that bring out a much faster response in your healing. Healbot/vuhdo have their own kind of buff/debuff indicators that surpass those of grid or other frames (imo) and allow you to customise what debuffs you see and don't see with audio/visual customisable effect to go with them. They also tend to have much better incoming heal displays making raid healing far more efficient. Multiple customisable range settings, greying out of target, having emergency panic indicators for ppl, threat lines, timers for your cds (in your case beacon, ss, fol hot, other ppl's ss and beacons separately). These are addons made by healers for healers and show an understanding of the things healers like to see in an addon catering for them.

    "and even if that target gets topped off I'm still letting the spell go off." - what you just said was that you just waste the heal for no reason - by seeing incoming heals on a healing addon, you'll know well in advance of that gcd that your target is in the process of being healed and you select another

    Lastly, as a paladin healing, you'll probably be using holy glyph which is one of the reasons you're happy to use holy light more than you/we probably need to. Healing addons like vuhdo can show "cluster healing" - highlights clusters of ppl (between 3-5 (you set the parameters) that are within 8yds of the originating target that will benefit from the glyph splash.. so you can see at a glance when there's a grp of ppl that'll benefit from your hl for you to prioritise

    If you're not using a healing addon, you're simply stuck in the past. Try it. I've done addons, no addons, mouseover clicks and I refuse to believe that using no healing addons isn't letting your raid down as a healer.

  13. Thank you Tinu, well put, and very concise.

    If you couldn't tell from the above, Tinuviel is one of the top healers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And most definitely the very top Paladin healer.

  14. clicking 1 button is always faster than hitting 2 no matter how you do it