Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Redux has Gone fishing

This idea is in NO WAY stolen from anyone!

[muffled voice] [more muffled voice] [heal me] [mumbling] [Control your damn aggro][even more muffled voicing] [taunt damn you]

/takes off helm

Right, helm off, then talk.
Where was I? Oh Hi there, didn't see ye standing over there.  My name is Redux. I am a tank. Dwism though,t it would be a good idea to tell ye all about what I be doing.

As ye may have herd, I have taken a leave of absence.
In case you do not know me, well... It's about damned time. I've saved these lands more times than I care to remember.
I found a nice little picture of me, Twa's taken by a fan
Oh you noticed my big muscles there, did ye? Well, I am really strong, so no wonder!

I've saved these lands by killing them big evils that be stirring; I killed an old god. I killed this starman who was waiting in the sky, I killed the lich kings entire frikking fortress of doom, known as Naxramas, *and* I frikking killed the Lich king himself. Twice! Both when he was a sleepy, and another time, when I called him poppa, a wuzzy little soppy-princess. That got him really angry I'll tell ye.
And I even won a justing tournament on a horse! And with frikking wobbly floors an everything, why bring them scrawny looking horses to anything, when there be fine bears or goat to be ridden?

And Dragons! did I ever tell you about all the dragons I killed?
And not like this wuzz
Real dragons. Black dragons, dead dragons, blue dragons, pink/purple dragons, fiery dragons, magical dragons. it's a wonder people know me as starcaller, and not Dragons layer. Erhm Dragon slayer.

So after Me last killing spree (I did have 9 other adoring fans following me around, but none of them are normal-sized. They are either untrust-worthy tall elfs or humans, or very untrustworthy-short gnomes. some of them even come from space, and ye cannot trust them!)
So really. I did all the work. That is why I get the black plate-armor and the spiky maces! (I've lend my axe out to this pink-dressed guy. He needs all the help he can get).

But really, I be not much of a fighter. I love the quiet life. I love relaxing with a pint o' Ale near my fire-place.
And I love fishing!

So I went to Magni, and I said: MagniKing Bronzebeard. Even if ye be a Bronzebeard, ye be allright. But if it's all the same to ye, I'd like to go home now. To me cottage, on the outskirts of me family home, of the Wildhammers. I got some barrels of ale, and some fine art hanging on the walls. And I'd like to drink me ale, and look at the fireplace and reminisce about the old days.
And what I'd really love is to do that every night, and spend every day fishing with mah little angel-friend.
Now, unless something big happens. I'd like to be left alone. So should the proud leaders of the alliance (thats us dwarfs, Magni) need help with dealing with something big. And I mean really big. Like an event of cataclysmic proportions. Then, but only then, can ye call on me.

So Magni said something like: "Who the bleedin 'ell do ye think ye are Redux?" And then he got really angry like and said:
I be wanting to make this cut out in stone: Redux, ye have done well, and earned ye title of Ironforge. I be wanting to tell ye, that all of us dwarfes are in debt to ye. But even if ye has redeemed ye-self in teh eyes of our gran-fatters, and We be very apriciative on behalf of the entire region of Khaz Modan. havin said that, Ye still have not invited me or me kin to drink ale with ya. And now ye be leaving us to clean up ye mess. Who do ye think ye are? a bleeding elf? Just waltzing in here making a big mess and then returning to ye homelands? Go on, see if we Bronzebeards care, always leaving us to cleen up ye mess, because ye has tamed the griffins. piss off. 

Here I be, fishing and enjoying fine arts and ale. and a fireplace.

That be fine art, that be

So long folks. Thank you for following me. I think DWism will still post now and again, but me. I am taking the year off. I think I've earned it!


  1. Deathdorf with a jewelled fishing rod looks ... err ... yes. Special.

  2. Oh I know, i love it :D (I even forgot the hat on purpose)
    I think I have an old picture of him in everything deathdorf and the nurse-gown. *That* was a precious moment.

  3. He has a VIP armchair waiting for him at PPI. Just so you know. Think he deserves it.

  4. On behalf of Redux, I thank yo very kindly.

    He talked about it being "about damned time". But I know, that is dwarven for: 'This is considered a great honor, and i thank you eternally.'

  5. So what's Dwism doing while Redux chills by the seaside?

  6. Like I said in my previous post: i'll be reading, running, playing various x-box games (and possibly some other mmos) anmd ofc being a husband and sitting dutifully by her side, as she watches csi and whatever else is on :D

    While i calmy wait for cataclysm and SWTOR

  7. A well-earned and deserved rest is yours pip-squeak. Rest and fish well knowing that it is only a matter of time for us morally superior, yet woefully incompetent, night elves to screw something up and need your vertically challenged assistance.



  8. Thank you kindly! First step to recovery is through admittance :)