Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh gosh

I am not sure how this ever happened.

If you where to name 3 Death Knight blogs, who would you name?

No wait, let me go another way around this:

I was looking at my google-stats for this little blog. It is a great fun thing to do once in a while (I tripled my readers during the real-ID thing... whoa), then I noticed something weird. A very large percentage of my readers come from other blogs. Nothing unusual with that, half my readers come from Righteous Orbs and Pinkpigtailinn. I am used to this. (maybe I should throw some sponsorship money their way?)

Anyways, on my third highest traffic source was tankspot. "How", I wondered, "did anyone from tankspot ever think to log on to my rants?".
I found out.

This incredibly brilliant post about priesting. (allright, more precisely: Char management at the top of your game, as seen from a priest pov) had a long list of class-specific blogs.
He mentioned 3 DK blogs. The in-depth pwnwear, the magnificent Deathgodess and... me.

Seeing my blog next to those two, was a frightening experience. First I clicked my link to make sure it was the right blog. It was. Then I felt confused, then scared, then proud, then weired out. Then pressure. Lots and lots of pressure.

If you came here because you where told this was a DK blog. I don't want to disappoint. But I think people would be. So sorry.

So Oddly, thank you for the vote of support! I will try and live up to it

I guess my premade post about how Faxion onlines zone previews looks like a complete rip-off from wow's zones, is pretty much out of the window.
Ironforge, what is Ironforge? Ours is black

This is not the elf village you are looking for, this is evul, you see

I do have some DK things. I tried out frost tanking. And both it and I sucked at it.


  1. Grats! I think DK:s won't be too disappointed with your blog, you actually write about your class.

    I checked out that post and found that I'm listed under the mage blog category and it makes me a bit embarrassed. The PPI is pretty much ueseless as an information resource for mages.

  2. So what are you saying? Don't feel bad, i'm worse?

    ... Thanks? ;)

    Honestly, thank you for the vote of confidence

  3. Exactly my point! You're welcome!