Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New talent trees for Cataclysm. DK's look HOT

This is the sh*t that gets me riled up for an expansion!
When you get to feel where the design is going. When you try the talents out and feel you actually have to make a *choice* in your build.
But first:
player1: GC, do you work the Blizzard graveyard shift, or do you just love these forums so much that you read them while you live in your sandcastle under the sea?  
player 2:  He's on a yacht in the tropics, sitting on his THRONE OF LIES (complete with cup holder), drinking gin from a picture of all ten classes wailing and gnashing their teeth), all while watching his pony peacefully wander the deck. 
GC: (quotes the above) This

Even the Good folks at Blizzard development seem to be in a sunny mood whenever they present these new gifts to us. These promises of golden times and fun.

Even if they are slaving their summers away grinding at a never-ending job, for a boss, who likes to keep them as miserable as possible, while their kids grow older and their significant other(s) grow more and more estranged to them. All the while players (and bloggers) are giving them shit about some shit that their bosses told them to send out.

Ah yes, summertime, and the living is indeed easy.

Anyway, here is the link to the first new 31-talent builds from mmo

And some smart DK has some smart things to say about Death Knights new build. I cannot say I agree on everything he says, but I think that is largely due to me not understanding everything he says.
Something I find very interesting is the fact that (as I understand it) have to chose if we want to aoe tank with DnD or with blood boil (primarily) - and note how much they both SUCK at helping us deal with CC.

And one thing I so very very much agree with: Why are our new "stop enemies from hitting too hard" -ability tied in with an aoe dmg ability?

I can see it now
Duuude, why did you break my sheep, duuude, Dont tase mah sheeps
Duuuuuuude, I was liek getting crap from the healer cuz I was liek taking a lol amount of damage from the mobs so I had to totally make them not hit as hard duuuuude
WTF duuuuude, are you saying mah healing is weak? I've been a healer since level 10 duuuude.
 Dont break mah sheeps again or I am out of here duuuude.
Lol, don't call mah healing weak or die duuuude or I am out of here main.
*sigh* dude.  


  1. haha.. Duuuude I can just see it now :P
    I am sure there was a serious message in there, but now I will just spend the rest of the day giggling :D

  2. The "serious" message was that CC is hard on a tank, especially one where most of our tanking abilities hit more than one mob. (Blood boil, DnD, Heart strike, even spreading diseases)

  3. yep, but DK is OP duuuude, you don't need cc if you have a DK tank :P
    I haven't been reading Cata stuff in all honesty. There is usually a solution though :) Shame cc isn't done by levitating the NPC up 30ft or something :)

  4. So far: No solution. But like I linked: Smart DK's have already pointed this out in cata-beta forums, so the developers should be aware.

  5. Aww.. that's no fun.. I had visions of a screaming mage running hell for leather miles away from the rest of the party so she could sheep her mob.

  6. Perhaps Crowd Control has changed since I last used it, but don't you normally CC the mob, then pull the rest back, so you shouldn't have too much touble getting away from the sheep. Particularly with Death Grip.

    I'm pleased they're making some effort to keep two-handed Frost. I hope it works.

    But yeah, I'm cautiously optimistic about DK trees. I might even tank again.

  7. Sheep tend to walk.
    But yea, in an ideal world pulls would happen just like you described. But I cannot remember the last time I did an instance where everything went according to plan, and unlike warriors stomp or paladins shields, your aoe (most of it) stays on the mobs.
    Maybe its because I am too liberal with spreading diseases, I am not saying that I haven't got things to learn too :)

    Being a dw-loving type o dorf, I could not care less, but it is nice that there is a 2h options for those dps that hate pets.