Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost at the bottom of the world

This weekends raids had two clear goals:

1.) Re-kill sindragosa Hard-Mode (saved from last week) and LichKing Hard-Mode
2.) Ruby Sanctum Hard-Mode

Saturday started just perfectly: At invite time, we had 3 raiders online. And one was afk. A quick tab'ing to our guild web-site made it clear that a ton of people where struggling to get online (and blizzard has removed this link) on the official website, under technical there was an admission that loggin in, might be hard, but would be reparied shortly.
An hour and a half later, we where still missing three players. There where plenty of other raiders online with capable alts, but since our goals where anything to alt-content. We cancelled the raid and went outside to look at the big yellow thing that makes skin burn.

When I logged on (after having been on an early morning run, brag brag) everything looked way more positive. Two raiders where *not* online. One of which is quite famous for always beeing late. (and always needing summons, and always taking just a little too long on breaks... But she makes up for it, by being so damn enthustiastic about hard content and is just the best damned healer I've met. don't tell her, but anxiety of trying to compare with her, was one of the reasons I feared staying as a healer.)
The other one missing, was our raid-leader. And that guy has never been late. So I was happy.
I made a little fun note on our guild-forum telling them both to stop outbidding eachother on hello-kitty online, or something along those lines, and we waited.
15 minutes after starting time, and our paladin turned up. Still no sign of our trusted raid-leader. I have a small job in our 10 manned guild, but one i take pride in: when our raid-leader and second in command are not there, I'm in charge. Think this has happened 3 times in 2010, but still. So I called the troupes together and tried to figure out what we could do if our raid-leader did not turn up.
I got one reply:

Wait a little longer

So we waited. 30 minutes past starting time, and 45 minutes past invite time. Still no sign of him anywhere.
So once again I asked; "What should we do?"

Wait a little longer, he probably set his alarm one hour late 

At this time, I had contacted our other 10 manned-guild-groups-co-leader ( I don't think that is his official title though) and had him on standby to replace and run some Ruby sanctum heroic practice. This -however- was not well received.
This was an actual qoute I got in a whisper, when I announced this:

We can't do anything without [leader], no point in getting anyone else in. Without him, we act like headless chicken.

I was shocked. could this be true? Where we unable to do anything worthwhile without 1 guy?
No, but the rest of the team sure seemed to think so. We decided to wait, and then, if he didn't show up I suggested we cleared Ruby Sanctum on normal mode.

The raid-group cried out. We can't be bothered.
So we ended up taking alts and spending 1.5 hours clearing Ruby sanctum.

To some, this might prove the point, that we where indeed, headless chicken without our trusted leader (who btw had an... okay'ish excuse: It seems the interweb for his entire area code, had died). I'll argue that we only took so long, because we where on alts. And that we, as soon as I stopped being the tank in the shadow-realm, one-shotted the big internet dragon.

But here is my point to all of this: Are we this lost without this one man for support? Is my solid, progressive, super-fantastic raid-groups fundation build on the one pole, that is *that guy* being online?

don't get me wrong here, he is what I would call awsome sauce. He maintanks, calls out everything, knows almost every class-extremely well (except certain inner mechanics of all the manna-manna classes), and leads us calmly and steadily all the time. Did I mention he does this while main-tanking? Not only does he lead our group, but he is almost always our 25 manned raid-leader too. That is a lot of guild-stuff resting on one mans shoulders.
He has done this for a long time, though. But it hasn't been untill late TBC, that he became the *only* one doing it. Regardless, ever since I first took my baby-steps in Molten core, he has been there guiding us.

But what happens if he one day wakes up to realise that he cannot be bothered with WoW? Or if his interweb dies for a longer time that one day?

what then? Will we be lost at the bottom of the world? Doomed to forever stay hancuffed to the bishop and that barbershop liar?

Are all guilds like this? I mean, it's worked for almost 3 years now. I must admit, I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I might just have to suggest we train some more people in raid-leading.


  1. I'd be horrified if I were in a guild that was dependent on one person to lead the raids..
    Both because, you know, what if he gets run over by a bus, and also because.. what a burden on one person's shoulders.
    Noone should be indispensable.

  2. There is always more to a story than one blogpost could ever explain: for example that we had 4 other raid-leaders who for various reasons (namely kids and job) has since left us, or cut back on their raid-leading.
    New recruits that I think where aimed at helping out at this, has not -yet- stepped up to give it a go (this is me thinking back to the last 6 months).
    So it definetly was not something that happened intentionally. Also note, that since he was always the best raid-leader we had (imo), and that he never missed a raid, it was always just easier to have him lead, since he was there, and we like to get new content down.
    But you are right. It just hit me, how all of a sudden all the responsibility in raid-leading has been pushed his way.

  3. Well I made the comment about us being headless chickens without him and it was true! However, there should be some backup rl's and something we don't have yet. Most guilds I believe usually have a prominent rl though but a couple that can take over if need be, but there's always one that stands out.

  4. You did, and you where. I'd still like to believe that we could have done *something* in HM on him for learning purposes, if we had stayed on our mains.
    And we are very much agreeing on the needing a backup RL part. I nominate you!

  5. I dont think being late, afk most of the time and being a sheep make good qualities for a rl.

  6. at the risk of sounding sentimental, I do not think these are the words anyone would use to describe you as a raider. Only kiddingly and lovingly. allow me to quote myself:
    "damn enthustiastic about hard content and is just the best damned healer I've met."
    Now that makes for a great raid-leader! But this is a discussion for another time :)