Monday, July 19, 2010

Gone fishing

Title says it all doesn't it?

Last week I cancelled my WoW-account.

 I've payed the month out, so I will keep logging in a bit, help my 10 manned group out, and play around, but effectively I am no longer a WoW-player.
This is something that weirds me out. For 5 years I have been a wow-player. All the time I've lived with my wife, I have played wow. When my gaming was at it's most time-consuming we almost lived seperate lives in the evenings. She would watch her shows, and read her books. And I would play. I have made life-long friendships through wow. Some of our closest friends are people we bumped into in wow. They stopped playing years ago, but the friendship lasted.
WoW has been a major part of my adult life, and now it is over. Officially until Cataclysm lands.

Mrs DWism is thrilled. "We are getting our weekends back". She said with a hint of glee in her voice.
For the past three years I have been raiding on weekends, in my 10 manned group. In the last year weekends where the only time I raided. We played mornings, but effectively weekends where off-limits, unless it was stuff planned ahead. This bugged her. What bugged me, and ultimately lead to me leaving, is as follows. these are not in any prioritized order

          1. The whole real ID thing
          2. Lack of content
          3. Lich King hard mode
          4. burning out.

I think the most important one of these are number 2. But the reason I gave Blizzard, was number 1.

1. The whole real-ID thing.
Below is the reason I gave Blizzard for me cancelling my account. (for some reason my cancellation lead me to a German menu thus the first line)
Why is this in German?
I am leaving this game because I no longer feel comfortable leaving my personal information in the hands of Blizzard-Activision, after the proposed Real-ID changes. I will closely monitor the game, and hope that I will one day return. To me wow has been one of the best games ever made, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Hoping to return
- Dwism
So many people have said this before. But I do not know how much of an actual impact this has made on the owners as a whole. All of the "people I knew before wow, who also plays wow"-group have now left the game. The last 3 with me, over this exact issue. But I do not know if they told Blizzard this. I did, in the vain hope, that this would have some sort of impact.

2. Lack of content.
I was bored with ICC in May. When players got bored with content in TBC they launched the Sunwell. When players got bored with content in Wrath, they introduces gating, and then much much much much too late, they introduced 1 freakking measly little tiny boss in Ruby Sanctum.
We would have killed him in hardmode last week, if the bore of the game combined with summer AND login servers fucking with European players for a whole Saturday. But we got him this week in HM.
It is a fun little gimmicky fight. But it is a short one. Even if some bloggers would claim that the trash there, are in fact bosses of their own. (we killed bosses in RS, we are great players!!) Sorry Goblin, there is only one boss.
And apart from bosses, there has not happened anything. ANYTHING. Sure, they have talked about Gnomeregan and troll isles... but only talked. Content-wise, wow has been like old milk left out in the summer heat.
For me, paying for an online game via monthly fee's, I pay for ongoing development.

 In the whole of 2010 I have gotten no new content, except for Halion, and somethings that makes the ground shake. That is not good enough. And if anyone says I am paying for servers... They have free servers on Left for dead 2. I don't pay to play that online. I payed for that when I bought the game.

3. Lich King Hard mode
Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch; marry, 'tis enough.
Where is my page? Go, villain, fetch a surgeon.
Exit Page
Courage, man; the hurt cannot be much.
No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a
church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for
me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man.
(Thats right, Tam, I can qoute fancy stuff too!!)
Lich King Hard Mode, did in fact very much so, left me feeling like Mercutio. It was a draining fight. I was ecstatic when we pulled it off and killed him. But I fear his hammering us down for months on end, did something to my raiding spirit. The wounds I got in that fight, where not deadly... At first, But come back tomorrow, and you shall find me, a grave man.
I just lost my lust for raiding. Lich King felt like the pinnacle of raiding. ICC as a whole was as good as a raiding instance goes. Once it was unlocked, and once you got to hard mode. The fights there, where complex and demanding, in a good way.
But the Lich King, was perhaps more than we could chew. Or at least more than I could. Having done that dance that the fight is, for months on end. With only 1 tiny mistake in a 15 minute long fight, to force a re-do. Drained my spirit.
At the end, it was only pure unadulterated hatred of the Lich King, that got me to log in at fight him. And now  I feel like I need some rest. Which leads me to

4. Burning out
Last time I ran out of content, I turned my disc priest into an arena-monster (you know, the type of monsters that die a lot). Then I leveled a warrior, then I leveled a hunter, then a paladin, then a rogue, then i *deleted* my warrior because I didnt want a human female, and rolled a dwarf male warrior. Then they introduced race-change, and I died a little inside.
Right now I have a mage, a lock and a warrior (orc) watitng to become max-level. I have a DK who needs 40 more points in fishing. I have a priest that wants to both heal as holy again, and pvp. And I have a hunter I want to fall in love with before Cata comes.
And I cannot be bothered with any of em. I reinstalled Hellgate london.
Then I bought PuzzleQuest2 and recently I have bought Deathspank I am even watching entire days of tour de France. (and that is booooring). I go frikking running. Anything. That is how bored and burned out I am.

At least having canceled my account has awoken my love for the game. I enjoy raiding again altough when we tried to duplicate Lich king HM with new people, and we had to take em through every single bloody phase again, I think that love died again. But now I enjoy readin quest-text again. I enjoy fishing.

Hopefully this break will do me loads of good. So much so, that I can return in Cataclysm and enjoy that too. Fingers crossed!


  1. Funny that you're getting the love back for the game after cancelling your sub. So that's the trick? Maybe you should have cancelled every month this spring to keep the love alive, just to re-subscribe towards the end of the month... But I suppose you can't trick yourself in the long run.

    I hope you'll keep in touch with the wow blogosphere even if you're not currently playing. And if not... well... have a nice fishing trip and hopefully we'll see each other in Cataclysm!

  2. I am -as always- unable to stfu, so i'd be shocked to see myself not blogging :)

  3. It's a pity see you go, but I understand the causes. I'm also burned out, but now I'm just grinding instances to gear up all the alts I can. About the RealID I know it was a very shitty move by Blizz, but I could foresee they'd be forced to rollback. They've also announced cancelling "friends of friends" seeing you. Privacy nowadays is very dangerous to play with and several big companies have already been "spanked" by courts (Facebook the last one).
    I hope to see you back in Cata. Have fun running, fishing and watching movies with Mrs. Dwism, but make sure you return when Cata comes.

  4. I'm quite looking forward to PQ2, at least when they finally release it on the PC. (Hopefully they'll release any expansion(s) on the pc as well this time - I'm still bitter that they never did so for PQ1)

  5. @kurnak: how could I dare not to return :)
    And yea, I like where real-id seems to be going too

    @kiwi: I got it for xbl, and it is addictive as hell! But i still prefer deathspank!

  6. *hugs*, sorry as I am to hear it, I seriously think you've done the right thing if you feel like that, see you in Cata (or better still SW:TOR ;) )

  7. Thanks, Well it sure does *feel* like a good thing. A weird thing. But a good thing.
    The first weekend with no raiding will... Well I dunno how it will feel, hopefully I won't mind too much.
    Perhaps a sigh of relief, with a sting of privation.

  8. Oooh, check out you with your big fancy quotes. I understand your reasons, actually - I feel the same sort of ambivalence, love of the game versus genuine concerns and a sort of burnout.

    I, too, recently invested in Deathspank - it's awesome. FOR JUSTICE!

  9. It could not have helped on my feelings towards the stale-ness of the game, that I just adore every single change comming for classes in Cata: Paladins holy-powa! Priests (even holy), hunters!!
    Death Knights, warriors, oh my. I just want to play the changed versions... And well, like I said that just makes the current game seem even more stale than it already is. And it is. It is awful that we put up with this little content for this long. Damn them for making such a sweet game

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