Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting psyched for Cataclysm

Thought i'd finish the post I had originally planned on writing before that whole real-ID info came and blew me away.
ironically it is about how I am getting so extremely pumped for Cataclysm. Because I was.

So, open beta has ehm.. opened.
And its open!!
It looks and sounds and feels amazing. I've been watching some vids from my favorite pod-caster (okay, so he is the only podcaster I listen to, anyways). He even got me sort of excited to try out the Goblin startezone.
I've deliberatly skipped the Worgen zone because, well, I really want to play it myself.

When I played the Wrath beta, I was blown away with how much stuff that kept changing in the Death Knight starting area, every time I logged on and played that zone. But for cata, I want to play it when it is polished, pretty and lovely.

And after I've done that. Leadbelly (thats my hunter) will go to Gilneas and get himself one of these:

Gaaaaaawd, is that not the BEST PET EVER??

He will be named "raindog" (if you do not get this reference, i am not sure you are allowed to read here any more.. okay here)

And that is another thing I am looking so incredibly much forward to:

The changes proposed for hunters sounds incredible. Just incredible. I am so much in love with the direction they are taking. And BRK's hunter videos of cata so far, does nothing to deter me from feeling that way.
Hunters; they are my new second most favorite class!

My favorite class will ofc remain the DEATH KNIGHT
We get one tree for tanking, one tree for damage and one tree for weirdoes (unholy). Yaaa, we get balanced!

This will ensure that we are not being constantly fucked over by warriors claiming that we are overpowered, and demanding nerfs because they don't understand how Death Knights work. (funny thing is, we also get told we are sucky players by healers because we take so much damage. Fun innit? either your class is overpowered, or you suck at playing your class. Death knights can never be underpowered)
So I am very much looking forward to tanking the new zones.

Which brings me to: The new dungeons
Seeing TB wiping in the first dungeon, was a blast. I looked great - The dungeon, not the wiping.

Filled with exciting new abilities (yaa those look great for DKs too), and new and exciting lore

My gawd. The lore. So much cool stuff happening. Me and a lazoring mage from my guild almost got in a fistfight over the doings of SI:7 (them cun... stupid people)

And besides the lore, there is the whole change of the world!!


There are so many fantastically things happening with Cata. How can you NOT get excited? oh yea that.. This post is not about the stalkers.

Then there is the proposed changes to how talents will work. NOM
Fewer talent points does really equal more choice. And I like choice. I like flavour. I want to be just as capable of taking big blows to the head as the other tanks, but with some flavour of my own. And the medium glyphs are also going to help on this. By the looks of it.
There is so much win over Cata, it really looks like the expansion we longed for.
And I didnt even mention the guild-perks, the re-tweaking of gear and instances (so you get blues from dungeons, and you need to have cleared some dungeons before you can take the first raids on. You know, the proper way).

I long for Cataclysm.
I longed? I'm not sure anymore.


  1. I've watched it just a little... A glimpse of Stormwind, but that's all. It seems to be of excellent quality, but I don't want to take out everything in advance as you know.

    I'm not 100 percent sure if I'll play Cata now. Probably I will, but it's not written in stone. For known reasons.

    Good job though trying to write about something else! I did an effort too today. Now I'll just forget about wow for the weekend.

  2. You should give some of the things a look. I think you will like cynical-brits walkthrough of the Goblin area (unless you plan to level one?)