Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chromies best friend

Regular reads may find this piece shocking. Because I will not be complaining, nor will I be provocative.
This is a suggestion that will also appear on the official suggestion forums.

Added service: Chromies best friend

When a player buys this service, he will be allowed to -with the help of his new best friend- zone into dungeons with RealID friends across servers. No matter which server.

If we can talk to them via ReadID chat, we should be able to use the same instances too.
For an added 2.49$ a month, players willl also be able to use Chromies special abilities ( to be transformed into a compatible faction/race as the RealID friend who invited.

Example time: I have 3 realID friends, they all play horde, and they play on two different servers. Thats a grand total of 3 servers and two factions. And We would love to be able to play together. But we all have a base of online friends that we prefer to guild with. (For me, being a dwarf is a big thing, I'd rather not not be a dwarf. For one of the others, he has a pvp partner he wouldn't want to leave ect ect)
So if readID friend undead-priest invites me for a dungeon run, I'd be in queue with him as horde on his normal realmgroup. When we enter the dungeon, I'd be my chosen corresponding race/class combo (so no blood-elf druids).
Any faction specific reputation gain, would be given to the corresponding faction.

The reasoning behind
In the past, we have all rerolled, server transfered and various other things, to be able to play together when our schedules did fit each-other. However different priorities always led to a split. And with the risk falling straight into Larisas trap, of "if it is important for me, it must be important for everyone else", I do not think we are alone in wanting this.
I've even set a price, that i'd be willing to pay for this service that pretty much would not cost blizzard anything to run (granted I know diddly about running an mmo, but if crossserver instances, bg's and chat can be added, running dungeons together shoulnd't be a huge next step.

Maybe you should be granted a special emblem to put on your shirts, or a special tabard or pet for being special BFF with Chromie, I'll let the smart boys sort that out :)

So what do you think of this? I'm very curious to know.

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  1. I'd love that feature, but I don't see it coming in any near (or far) future. Technically is complicated, even LFD is limited by Battelgroups, so i don't think Blizz will invest on this anytime soon, even if it's a feature you have to pay for. I'd like to see first how much money makes Blizz from server transfers. Unless this feature is going to provide more money than the amount provided by existing character transfers I doubt they will even consider it, even if it's a complement to transfer's money.
    Also the added "difficulty" of coping with diferent factions is another limiting faction, not only technically, but to game lore, even if there're already factions where Horde and Alliance coexist (Shattered Sun Offensive, Cenarion Circle, Argent Dawn), allowing "normal" players to band together to defeat raid bosses would be too much.

  2. Well for the latter part: I am able to /w them now, since they are my real-friends. and not just wow-friends. So working together with them shouldn't be all that hard.
    Lore-wise I do not see this being an issue.

    I would think that a monthly fee would surpass whatever server transfers are making them. Remember, it is not the same people that server-transfer that want to use this service (necessarily). It would also be a great tool for guilds to check out cross-server applicants.

  3. Such a system might get quite big consequences if you're thinking of enabling x-ream raids, but I don't think that was the idea. You were talking about 5-mans,right?

    I too wonder if the faction changing thing back and forward would make it a bit unrealistic to pull off. I'm not a technician though...

    I suppose that the same rules would apply as to LFD X-realm pugging: you couldn't exchange goods that you've gotten outside of the instance.

    Anyway: even if you could only group up with RL friends of your own faction in a 5-man, I think it's a nice idea and something people would be prepared to pay for.

  4. You are right, I wasn't talking about raids. Just instances.

    Changing back and forward? Not so much different than running a durnholde 5-man in caverns of time.

  5. I think in principle it is a very nice idea.. and I would bet there would be a market for it.

    It wouldn't stop me from constantly rolling and rerolling on other servers though :) and as I will not be using RealID it wouldn't work for me.

  6. It most likely would not stop me either :D

  7. Finally your prayers will be answered in Cata. Dwarves (and trolls) will be able to roll a warlock. Do you still have free slots for your upcoming "Dwarf From Hell"?

  8. Damn you!!
    I was right in the middle of writing a post about this :D