Friday, July 30, 2010

Yes, ill be a prot worgen in Cata


I saw this
Over at mmo-champion.
I was torn, as to whether I should keep going with my Dwarf-setting. Then I saw this, and that was the decider!

(also: yes short posts with a picture in them, make for great blog-posts!!)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is why SI:7 screws so much up in Cataclysm

"Hey guy, you should totally kidnap the only calm leader of the horde, that will leave Garrosh in charge... What could possibly go wrong with that?"

Se here for more info. Never trust ANY kind of goblin.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What makes for interesting class-mechanics?

After having re-watched the fantastic EA-Multiplayer video from SWTOR, I was left feeling a little sad. The perspective of the video, was from a councilor.
And even if it was rough alfa, even if it looked great, even if I watched that damned thing 15 times. Something struck me: The mechanics looked so 2002. Boring and un-inventive. You did some healing by pushing a button. Then you did some melee tricks while mana regenerated and then you healed some more.
This was pretty much how priests worked in Molten Core. (and, i'm told, that is how paladins still work ZING).

And it is weird, because every game is struggling to outdo themselves in interesting and unique ways that a character class works.
Back in the day you had 3 types of mechanics:
rage that generated as you fought
Mana that got depleted as you fought
and energy that came back at steady rate.

To be honest, I am not sure who did what first, but I first discovered changes in this, when Lord of the rings online, came out. And a class like Champions came, where you both build up rage-like powers and spend sort of a combo buildup too. That is the best way to describe it. You would deplete your "power" and build up this secondary energy to unleash special powers.
You can see it in this vid: Notice the blue power depleting in the top corner (below the health) and in the bottom you can see a little bar with 5 red squares (above the round yellow icon with a sword in it).

maybe you have to play it to get it. Regardless it was a mechanic I really loved, and one that is sort of copied in Death Knights.
And if you thought LotRo was nuts, then stay away from war. That game was booming with interesting class mechanics. My favorite there where the High elf Swordmasters. Where you would dance into better battlestances. There where 3 and each stance had different abilites you could use. You could always use the stance below. (and yes I know that Destruction had a duplicate one, but i cannot remember its name). You can see that class at work here
I've earlier written about how cool I thought that the star wars class of Troopers mechanics sounded, in short: The mechanic got copied by WoW for hunters in Cata.
One of the main reasons why I'll be very very active on my hunter in Cataslysm.

I know mages (at least arcane) for a while where a procc class, where you kept looking out for different abilities to procc.

I guess these abundances of interesting mechanics or class-resources, got the better of me, and my hopes for star wars was, that every class would have some magnificently interesting mechanics (like pretty much every single class in Warhammer has), so I got myself pretty disapointed over councilars. Maybe I cannot see the interesting bit in that video. Maybe it is a very cool new intuative way, that this class works for healing (don't even get me started on healers in Warhammer. If only that game had the community that wow did...), but I for one, cannot see it.

Maybe there are players out there that breathe a sigh of relief? "Phew, thank god, a normal class that works how they are supposed to, now I can focus on playing the game".

What do ya'll think? Are there mechanics you look forward to? Are you allready sick and tired of new ways to skim the 3 mechanics from above (rage, mana, energy)?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why using addons is required when you want to heal and not be a burden

I really wanted to leave this behind on the reply I gave here, but... Like always, I seem to be unable to stfu. So here is my reply. 

I can heal while I move. I just run and click with my mouse. ONE click with my mouse. Then theres a shield, or a renew or a PoM.
Oh right you are a paladin. (but I'll bet your priest can benefit)

Well, how do you heal people? Ill tell you: you click on the portait of the raider who is in need of a heal and then you click on the heal you want to cast.
Me, I click on the portait of the raider I want to heal.

Notice how I didnt do half the stuff you did? On each frikking cast? That shit adds up.

Want to squeeze as much healing out of yourself as you can? Use an addon, it is faster. Personally I use healbot.
And yes, I've healed with no addons, and it makes you a bad healer.
Let me offer a comparison:
You want to go from point A to point B. Using no addons is like running there, using an addon is taking the bike. And your argument is this: "sometimes there is a patch and the wheel falls of". (then you put the wheel back on an ride the bike again) and your other argument is: "a good healer I know performed worse when he used a bike, he fell over and stuff." That just means he has to learn to ride said bike.

Using an addon makes sure that your heals come out whenever you want them to. Using addons makes sure that you can worry about your class mechanics and the fight mechanics. Using an addon makes you learn the game better, because your teammates will not die due to your heals being slower.

If you want to be carried through content by your raid-group, that is fine. Go ahead enjoy. If you like being a worse player because of some self-imposed rules, be my guest.
I can't say I blame you. I tank in leather. You see, when I tank in leather I am at the same level as druids, and it makes me understand the game a lot better.

AAAAAAnd if someone uses macros that they have cpoied/pasted from the interweb, and then claims that addons are destroying healers understanding of their class mechanics... I do not know what to say other than: THAT IS JUST LIKE A FRIKKIN ADDON. you are using tools you did not create (and are just as much a part of the 1s and 0s that makes wow... Just like addons are.), to do the job you want to do. If you are using “target=mouseover" types of addons, you are frikking using a non-pretty UI-addon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Redux has Gone fishing

This idea is in NO WAY stolen from anyone!

[muffled voice] [more muffled voice] [heal me] [mumbling] [Control your damn aggro][even more muffled voicing] [taunt damn you]

/takes off helm

Right, helm off, then talk.
Where was I? Oh Hi there, didn't see ye standing over there.  My name is Redux. I am a tank. Dwism though,t it would be a good idea to tell ye all about what I be doing.

As ye may have herd, I have taken a leave of absence.
In case you do not know me, well... It's about damned time. I've saved these lands more times than I care to remember.
I found a nice little picture of me, Twa's taken by a fan
Oh you noticed my big muscles there, did ye? Well, I am really strong, so no wonder!

I've saved these lands by killing them big evils that be stirring; I killed an old god. I killed this starman who was waiting in the sky, I killed the lich kings entire frikking fortress of doom, known as Naxramas, *and* I frikking killed the Lich king himself. Twice! Both when he was a sleepy, and another time, when I called him poppa, a wuzzy little soppy-princess. That got him really angry I'll tell ye.
And I even won a justing tournament on a horse! And with frikking wobbly floors an everything, why bring them scrawny looking horses to anything, when there be fine bears or goat to be ridden?

And Dragons! did I ever tell you about all the dragons I killed?
And not like this wuzz
Real dragons. Black dragons, dead dragons, blue dragons, pink/purple dragons, fiery dragons, magical dragons. it's a wonder people know me as starcaller, and not Dragons layer. Erhm Dragon slayer.

So after Me last killing spree (I did have 9 other adoring fans following me around, but none of them are normal-sized. They are either untrust-worthy tall elfs or humans, or very untrustworthy-short gnomes. some of them even come from space, and ye cannot trust them!)
So really. I did all the work. That is why I get the black plate-armor and the spiky maces! (I've lend my axe out to this pink-dressed guy. He needs all the help he can get).

But really, I be not much of a fighter. I love the quiet life. I love relaxing with a pint o' Ale near my fire-place.
And I love fishing!

So I went to Magni, and I said: MagniKing Bronzebeard. Even if ye be a Bronzebeard, ye be allright. But if it's all the same to ye, I'd like to go home now. To me cottage, on the outskirts of me family home, of the Wildhammers. I got some barrels of ale, and some fine art hanging on the walls. And I'd like to drink me ale, and look at the fireplace and reminisce about the old days.
And what I'd really love is to do that every night, and spend every day fishing with mah little angel-friend.
Now, unless something big happens. I'd like to be left alone. So should the proud leaders of the alliance (thats us dwarfs, Magni) need help with dealing with something big. And I mean really big. Like an event of cataclysmic proportions. Then, but only then, can ye call on me.

So Magni said something like: "Who the bleedin 'ell do ye think ye are Redux?" And then he got really angry like and said:
I be wanting to make this cut out in stone: Redux, ye have done well, and earned ye title of Ironforge. I be wanting to tell ye, that all of us dwarfes are in debt to ye. But even if ye has redeemed ye-self in teh eyes of our gran-fatters, and We be very apriciative on behalf of the entire region of Khaz Modan. havin said that, Ye still have not invited me or me kin to drink ale with ya. And now ye be leaving us to clean up ye mess. Who do ye think ye are? a bleeding elf? Just waltzing in here making a big mess and then returning to ye homelands? Go on, see if we Bronzebeards care, always leaving us to cleen up ye mess, because ye has tamed the griffins. piss off. 

Here I be, fishing and enjoying fine arts and ale. and a fireplace.

That be fine art, that be

So long folks. Thank you for following me. I think DWism will still post now and again, but me. I am taking the year off. I think I've earned it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gone fishing

Title says it all doesn't it?

Last week I cancelled my WoW-account.

 I've payed the month out, so I will keep logging in a bit, help my 10 manned group out, and play around, but effectively I am no longer a WoW-player.
This is something that weirds me out. For 5 years I have been a wow-player. All the time I've lived with my wife, I have played wow. When my gaming was at it's most time-consuming we almost lived seperate lives in the evenings. She would watch her shows, and read her books. And I would play. I have made life-long friendships through wow. Some of our closest friends are people we bumped into in wow. They stopped playing years ago, but the friendship lasted.
WoW has been a major part of my adult life, and now it is over. Officially until Cataclysm lands.

Mrs DWism is thrilled. "We are getting our weekends back". She said with a hint of glee in her voice.
For the past three years I have been raiding on weekends, in my 10 manned group. In the last year weekends where the only time I raided. We played mornings, but effectively weekends where off-limits, unless it was stuff planned ahead. This bugged her. What bugged me, and ultimately lead to me leaving, is as follows. these are not in any prioritized order

          1. The whole real ID thing
          2. Lack of content
          3. Lich King hard mode
          4. burning out.

I think the most important one of these are number 2. But the reason I gave Blizzard, was number 1.

1. The whole real-ID thing.
Below is the reason I gave Blizzard for me cancelling my account. (for some reason my cancellation lead me to a German menu thus the first line)
Why is this in German?
I am leaving this game because I no longer feel comfortable leaving my personal information in the hands of Blizzard-Activision, after the proposed Real-ID changes. I will closely monitor the game, and hope that I will one day return. To me wow has been one of the best games ever made, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Hoping to return
- Dwism
So many people have said this before. But I do not know how much of an actual impact this has made on the owners as a whole. All of the "people I knew before wow, who also plays wow"-group have now left the game. The last 3 with me, over this exact issue. But I do not know if they told Blizzard this. I did, in the vain hope, that this would have some sort of impact.

2. Lack of content.
I was bored with ICC in May. When players got bored with content in TBC they launched the Sunwell. When players got bored with content in Wrath, they introduces gating, and then much much much much too late, they introduced 1 freakking measly little tiny boss in Ruby Sanctum.
We would have killed him in hardmode last week, if the bore of the game combined with summer AND login servers fucking with European players for a whole Saturday. But we got him this week in HM.
It is a fun little gimmicky fight. But it is a short one. Even if some bloggers would claim that the trash there, are in fact bosses of their own. (we killed bosses in RS, we are great players!!) Sorry Goblin, there is only one boss.
And apart from bosses, there has not happened anything. ANYTHING. Sure, they have talked about Gnomeregan and troll isles... but only talked. Content-wise, wow has been like old milk left out in the summer heat.
For me, paying for an online game via monthly fee's, I pay for ongoing development.

 In the whole of 2010 I have gotten no new content, except for Halion, and somethings that makes the ground shake. That is not good enough. And if anyone says I am paying for servers... They have free servers on Left for dead 2. I don't pay to play that online. I payed for that when I bought the game.

3. Lich King Hard mode
Ay, ay, a scratch, a scratch; marry, 'tis enough.
Where is my page? Go, villain, fetch a surgeon.
Exit Page
Courage, man; the hurt cannot be much.
No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a
church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for
me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man.
(Thats right, Tam, I can qoute fancy stuff too!!)
Lich King Hard Mode, did in fact very much so, left me feeling like Mercutio. It was a draining fight. I was ecstatic when we pulled it off and killed him. But I fear his hammering us down for months on end, did something to my raiding spirit. The wounds I got in that fight, where not deadly... At first, But come back tomorrow, and you shall find me, a grave man.
I just lost my lust for raiding. Lich King felt like the pinnacle of raiding. ICC as a whole was as good as a raiding instance goes. Once it was unlocked, and once you got to hard mode. The fights there, where complex and demanding, in a good way.
But the Lich King, was perhaps more than we could chew. Or at least more than I could. Having done that dance that the fight is, for months on end. With only 1 tiny mistake in a 15 minute long fight, to force a re-do. Drained my spirit.
At the end, it was only pure unadulterated hatred of the Lich King, that got me to log in at fight him. And now  I feel like I need some rest. Which leads me to

4. Burning out
Last time I ran out of content, I turned my disc priest into an arena-monster (you know, the type of monsters that die a lot). Then I leveled a warrior, then I leveled a hunter, then a paladin, then a rogue, then i *deleted* my warrior because I didnt want a human female, and rolled a dwarf male warrior. Then they introduced race-change, and I died a little inside.
Right now I have a mage, a lock and a warrior (orc) watitng to become max-level. I have a DK who needs 40 more points in fishing. I have a priest that wants to both heal as holy again, and pvp. And I have a hunter I want to fall in love with before Cata comes.
And I cannot be bothered with any of em. I reinstalled Hellgate london.
Then I bought PuzzleQuest2 and recently I have bought Deathspank I am even watching entire days of tour de France. (and that is booooring). I go frikking running. Anything. That is how bored and burned out I am.

At least having canceled my account has awoken my love for the game. I enjoy raiding again altough when we tried to duplicate Lich king HM with new people, and we had to take em through every single bloody phase again, I think that love died again. But now I enjoy readin quest-text again. I enjoy fishing.

Hopefully this break will do me loads of good. So much so, that I can return in Cataclysm and enjoy that too. Fingers crossed!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh gosh

I am not sure how this ever happened.

If you where to name 3 Death Knight blogs, who would you name?

No wait, let me go another way around this:

I was looking at my google-stats for this little blog. It is a great fun thing to do once in a while (I tripled my readers during the real-ID thing... whoa), then I noticed something weird. A very large percentage of my readers come from other blogs. Nothing unusual with that, half my readers come from Righteous Orbs and Pinkpigtailinn. I am used to this. (maybe I should throw some sponsorship money their way?)

Anyways, on my third highest traffic source was tankspot. "How", I wondered, "did anyone from tankspot ever think to log on to my rants?".
I found out.

This incredibly brilliant post about priesting. (allright, more precisely: Char management at the top of your game, as seen from a priest pov) had a long list of class-specific blogs.
He mentioned 3 DK blogs. The in-depth pwnwear, the magnificent Deathgodess and... me.

Seeing my blog next to those two, was a frightening experience. First I clicked my link to make sure it was the right blog. It was. Then I felt confused, then scared, then proud, then weired out. Then pressure. Lots and lots of pressure.

If you came here because you where told this was a DK blog. I don't want to disappoint. But I think people would be. So sorry.

So Oddly, thank you for the vote of support! I will try and live up to it

I guess my premade post about how Faxion onlines zone previews looks like a complete rip-off from wow's zones, is pretty much out of the window.
Ironforge, what is Ironforge? Ours is black

This is not the elf village you are looking for, this is evul, you see

I do have some DK things. I tried out frost tanking. And both it and I sucked at it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New talent trees for Cataclysm. DK's look HOT

This is the sh*t that gets me riled up for an expansion!
When you get to feel where the design is going. When you try the talents out and feel you actually have to make a *choice* in your build.
But first:
player1: GC, do you work the Blizzard graveyard shift, or do you just love these forums so much that you read them while you live in your sandcastle under the sea?  
player 2:  He's on a yacht in the tropics, sitting on his THRONE OF LIES (complete with cup holder), drinking gin from a picture of all ten classes wailing and gnashing their teeth), all while watching his pony peacefully wander the deck. 
GC: (quotes the above) This

Even the Good folks at Blizzard development seem to be in a sunny mood whenever they present these new gifts to us. These promises of golden times and fun.

Even if they are slaving their summers away grinding at a never-ending job, for a boss, who likes to keep them as miserable as possible, while their kids grow older and their significant other(s) grow more and more estranged to them. All the while players (and bloggers) are giving them shit about some shit that their bosses told them to send out.

Ah yes, summertime, and the living is indeed easy.

Anyway, here is the link to the first new 31-talent builds from mmo

And some smart DK has some smart things to say about Death Knights new build. I cannot say I agree on everything he says, but I think that is largely due to me not understanding everything he says.
Something I find very interesting is the fact that (as I understand it) have to chose if we want to aoe tank with DnD or with blood boil (primarily) - and note how much they both SUCK at helping us deal with CC.

And one thing I so very very much agree with: Why are our new "stop enemies from hitting too hard" -ability tied in with an aoe dmg ability?

I can see it now
Duuude, why did you break my sheep, duuude, Dont tase mah sheeps
Duuuuuuude, I was liek getting crap from the healer cuz I was liek taking a lol amount of damage from the mobs so I had to totally make them not hit as hard duuuuude
WTF duuuuude, are you saying mah healing is weak? I've been a healer since level 10 duuuude.
 Dont break mah sheeps again or I am out of here duuuude.
Lol, don't call mah healing weak or die duuuude or I am out of here main.
*sigh* dude.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost at the bottom of the world

This weekends raids had two clear goals:

1.) Re-kill sindragosa Hard-Mode (saved from last week) and LichKing Hard-Mode
2.) Ruby Sanctum Hard-Mode

Saturday started just perfectly: At invite time, we had 3 raiders online. And one was afk. A quick tab'ing to our guild web-site made it clear that a ton of people where struggling to get online (and blizzard has removed this link) on the official website, under technical there was an admission that loggin in, might be hard, but would be reparied shortly.
An hour and a half later, we where still missing three players. There where plenty of other raiders online with capable alts, but since our goals where anything to alt-content. We cancelled the raid and went outside to look at the big yellow thing that makes skin burn.

When I logged on (after having been on an early morning run, brag brag) everything looked way more positive. Two raiders where *not* online. One of which is quite famous for always beeing late. (and always needing summons, and always taking just a little too long on breaks... But she makes up for it, by being so damn enthustiastic about hard content and is just the best damned healer I've met. don't tell her, but anxiety of trying to compare with her, was one of the reasons I feared staying as a healer.)
The other one missing, was our raid-leader. And that guy has never been late. So I was happy.
I made a little fun note on our guild-forum telling them both to stop outbidding eachother on hello-kitty online, or something along those lines, and we waited.
15 minutes after starting time, and our paladin turned up. Still no sign of our trusted raid-leader. I have a small job in our 10 manned guild, but one i take pride in: when our raid-leader and second in command are not there, I'm in charge. Think this has happened 3 times in 2010, but still. So I called the troupes together and tried to figure out what we could do if our raid-leader did not turn up.
I got one reply:

Wait a little longer

So we waited. 30 minutes past starting time, and 45 minutes past invite time. Still no sign of him anywhere.
So once again I asked; "What should we do?"

Wait a little longer, he probably set his alarm one hour late 

At this time, I had contacted our other 10 manned-guild-groups-co-leader ( I don't think that is his official title though) and had him on standby to replace and run some Ruby sanctum heroic practice. This -however- was not well received.
This was an actual qoute I got in a whisper, when I announced this:

We can't do anything without [leader], no point in getting anyone else in. Without him, we act like headless chicken.

I was shocked. could this be true? Where we unable to do anything worthwhile without 1 guy?
No, but the rest of the team sure seemed to think so. We decided to wait, and then, if he didn't show up I suggested we cleared Ruby Sanctum on normal mode.

The raid-group cried out. We can't be bothered.
So we ended up taking alts and spending 1.5 hours clearing Ruby sanctum.

To some, this might prove the point, that we where indeed, headless chicken without our trusted leader (who btw had an... okay'ish excuse: It seems the interweb for his entire area code, had died). I'll argue that we only took so long, because we where on alts. And that we, as soon as I stopped being the tank in the shadow-realm, one-shotted the big internet dragon.

But here is my point to all of this: Are we this lost without this one man for support? Is my solid, progressive, super-fantastic raid-groups fundation build on the one pole, that is *that guy* being online?

don't get me wrong here, he is what I would call awsome sauce. He maintanks, calls out everything, knows almost every class-extremely well (except certain inner mechanics of all the manna-manna classes), and leads us calmly and steadily all the time. Did I mention he does this while main-tanking? Not only does he lead our group, but he is almost always our 25 manned raid-leader too. That is a lot of guild-stuff resting on one mans shoulders.
He has done this for a long time, though. But it hasn't been untill late TBC, that he became the *only* one doing it. Regardless, ever since I first took my baby-steps in Molten core, he has been there guiding us.

But what happens if he one day wakes up to realise that he cannot be bothered with WoW? Or if his interweb dies for a longer time that one day?

what then? Will we be lost at the bottom of the world? Doomed to forever stay hancuffed to the bishop and that barbershop liar?

Are all guilds like this? I mean, it's worked for almost 3 years now. I must admit, I suddenly felt very vulnerable. I might just have to suggest we train some more people in raid-leading.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


You've all read this.

I am very happy. I know that in a week, I'll be back to my normal self and agree with what Gevlon said:
For some reason I'm not in a romantic mood. I think they planned it all along. They made mandatory and also introduced RealID with friend of friend.

It's bad enough alone. So they made something worse and backed off. It's like when a guy wants 20$, he asks for 30 and bargain at 20

But I have learned to live with the fact that Blizzard is not Blizzard anymore. Blizzard used to be a company that made Diablo and warcraft and Starcraft. Games I spend hundres of hours on. When I look back at my youth, one of my fondes memories where playing Diablo with my little brother. This is how our weekend would go:
You have played for 3 hours now, its my turn

3 hour shifts playing Diablo while the other one patiently sat in the chair next to our shared computer and patiently waited. And when WoW was released was about the same time I moved together with Mrs dwism. I remember the first appartment we had together, with our two computers next to each-other and playing together.

This was Blizzard I loved. This was the reason I went to blizzcon.
Now I play a game created by Blizzard. A game company. I have no longer any feeling of loyalty towards them. If the game starts slipping, or something better comes along, i'll leave. I will not spend one single extra euro on any in game feature like I've done up till now. I might love this game. And I really really do. But I do not feel like the game loves me.

For now, ITs Ruby Sanctum HM, later it will be Cata. I hope they have learned their lesson, and won't try to sneak another feauture in on us. And I hope Bashiok thought it was worth it.  

Friday, July 9, 2010

Getting psyched for Cataclysm

Thought i'd finish the post I had originally planned on writing before that whole real-ID info came and blew me away.
ironically it is about how I am getting so extremely pumped for Cataclysm. Because I was.

So, open beta has ehm.. opened.
And its open!!
It looks and sounds and feels amazing. I've been watching some vids from my favorite pod-caster (okay, so he is the only podcaster I listen to, anyways). He even got me sort of excited to try out the Goblin startezone.
I've deliberatly skipped the Worgen zone because, well, I really want to play it myself.

When I played the Wrath beta, I was blown away with how much stuff that kept changing in the Death Knight starting area, every time I logged on and played that zone. But for cata, I want to play it when it is polished, pretty and lovely.

And after I've done that. Leadbelly (thats my hunter) will go to Gilneas and get himself one of these:

Gaaaaaawd, is that not the BEST PET EVER??

He will be named "raindog" (if you do not get this reference, i am not sure you are allowed to read here any more.. okay here)

And that is another thing I am looking so incredibly much forward to:

The changes proposed for hunters sounds incredible. Just incredible. I am so much in love with the direction they are taking. And BRK's hunter videos of cata so far, does nothing to deter me from feeling that way.
Hunters; they are my new second most favorite class!

My favorite class will ofc remain the DEATH KNIGHT
We get one tree for tanking, one tree for damage and one tree for weirdoes (unholy). Yaaa, we get balanced!

This will ensure that we are not being constantly fucked over by warriors claiming that we are overpowered, and demanding nerfs because they don't understand how Death Knights work. (funny thing is, we also get told we are sucky players by healers because we take so much damage. Fun innit? either your class is overpowered, or you suck at playing your class. Death knights can never be underpowered)
So I am very much looking forward to tanking the new zones.

Which brings me to: The new dungeons
Seeing TB wiping in the first dungeon, was a blast. I looked great - The dungeon, not the wiping.

Filled with exciting new abilities (yaa those look great for DKs too), and new and exciting lore

My gawd. The lore. So much cool stuff happening. Me and a lazoring mage from my guild almost got in a fistfight over the doings of SI:7 (them cun... stupid people)

And besides the lore, there is the whole change of the world!!


There are so many fantastically things happening with Cata. How can you NOT get excited? oh yea that.. This post is not about the stalkers.

Then there is the proposed changes to how talents will work. NOM
Fewer talent points does really equal more choice. And I like choice. I like flavour. I want to be just as capable of taking big blows to the head as the other tanks, but with some flavour of my own. And the medium glyphs are also going to help on this. By the looks of it.
There is so much win over Cata, it really looks like the expansion we longed for.
And I didnt even mention the guild-perks, the re-tweaking of gear and instances (so you get blues from dungeons, and you need to have cleared some dungeons before you can take the first raids on. You know, the proper way).

I long for Cataclysm.
I longed? I'm not sure anymore.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

There all better

Don't we all feel better now? (no, you sicko, its sleeping)

Yes, the last blog had a bait in it. Blizzard has not yet posted anything about in-game chat and real-ID.
I had one of my most cynical RL friends call me after reading this, telling me that *now* he is deffinetly leaving the game over this real-ID shit, if they force you to use it in-game.

Sorry. That was not really my intent. To scare people into quitting. That would be kindda cruel and Blizzard-like-evul of me, to trick someone else leaving a game I still play.
My point was, sort of the same I think Tobold is trying to make.
Well sort of smarter then him (who would have thunk it)... Yes Tobold, I dare you to post here proving me wrong! (hey, its worked before).

Where was I?
Oh right. My point.
My point with this bait post, was to ask this question;

If trolling and spammings and threat and disck'ish behavior is SUCH a huge threat to Blizzard, why have they not implemented any form of real-ID into generel chat? Or whispers?
Just like the official forum, no-one is required to use trade/lfg/generel chat in game. You can still log on and play your game.
But those channels are *at least* as bad as anything on the forums. If they implemented this in order to cut back the workload of the moderators, why are they not doing the same for the in-game GM?

Because it is bull. Because Real-ID is created to suck as much personal information out of you, that they can resell, as possible. It is how farmville and facebook got so God-dammed rich, making cheap forums and browser games. By finding out patterns of you, and your social circles. What makes consumers tick, and how can this best be used to make more targetable adverticing?

Remember when armory came out?
Lum does
Can I “opt-out” of the Armory?
No; this particular option is currently unavailable. While we do not possess any present intention to allow our players to opt-out of basic Armory features (character display, talent build, arena teams, and reputation), we do plan to introduce more complex functionalities; these upcoming functionalities will be “opt-in”/”opt-out,” thus granting our players the opportunity to display or omit correlated information as desired.
 He also reminded me of how people who complained back then was treated:


We’ve just released a new preview of our upcoming Real ID feature, ( ) a new, optional way to connect with your friends on the revamped When you and a friend agree to become Real ID friends, you’ll have access to a number of options designed to enrich your social gaming experience, including cross-game chat, broadcast messages, the ability to keep in contact with your friends without having to keep track of their different characters across realms or across games, and much more. Check out our new Real ID pagehere.
  And this one is a real post:
Also on the real-ID page:
Real ID is a completely voluntary and optional level of identity that keeps players connected across all of

Well, in my opinion, it is not so much anymore. Especcially since it seems to have made it into the EULA that this may be used to collect info on you. Super!
And remember, the only way to opt out, in a completely voluntary and optional way, is to pretend you are a minor and your own parent.

edit to add:
Before "what do you have to hide" (although i've explained that earlier) posts come... because so many people post here. Shut up

Before someone anon posts: "real id is not a problem, unless you got something to hide", here is what you say:
Your invisible now you've got no secrets to conceal.

Real ID to be mandatory in game

It seems the forums where not the only place that trolling happens in wow. Blizzard (it seems) are so upset with the [dirge] jokes in trade channels, that they are now adding all channels in game, to be mandatory.

The first and most significant change to the in-game chat (this including, but not limited to, various city and world channels, guild-chat, whispers, group- and raid-chat and 'say') is that in the near future these chats will be doing so using their Real ID -- that is, their real-life first and last name -- with the option to also display the name of their primary in-game character alongside it. These changes will go into effect  near the launch of Cataclysm. Certain chats, including special pay-for-channels, will remain unchanged.
 I am not sure how I feel about this. Since, like the forums, it is not really mandatory to use any of these chats.

Or as Wryxian explains it
There's a lot of scare-mongering going on about the change, but there seems a need to make something very clear. The in game Chats have always been an optional extra -- something you can choose to participate in if you wish to. With our Real ID changes for the in game Chats ,this is still the case. The only difference will be, if you do choose to participate in the in game Chats, then you will do so by using your real name. But only after you've been warned and accepted this in advance.
Like I said, This isn't really anything new. At this point I am feeling very numb about this whole ID change.

The real post.
I am -as of yet- undecided, whether or not I will cancel my account. What I *do* know, is that I will not be posting about Real-ID anymore. It is litterally ruining my day, thinking about this.

I know I hate the implications and the future aspects this eral-ID brings with it.

I know that the company I loved, is not the same any longer.I now know, that the years and years I have spend playing Blizzard games, are not the same companies games I am playing any longer. I know that I am beginning to hate everything Blizzard stands for OUTSIDE of their games.

The fake charities, used to test the waters, to see if we would buy their in-game crap.
The fake implementations of Real-ID to only be so that we could chat with our friends cross-games and cross-servers.
The sneaky ways they keep adding stuff to make us pay more for less content.

It sickens me, that Blizzard could not handle the success of their game. the old saying of "more wanting more" certainly holds true.

Unfortunately I also know, that if I would be given the powers to create a game that was the perfect game for me. I'd make WoW with more class-differences. In the way they seem to be doing it for Cataclysm. I've never played a game, that fits what I love about video-games, more than WoW.
I've never hung out with such cool and fun people as I do in my guild. I am weighing those two things against eachother every day.

Why I hate real-ID

For now, I'll go online and pretend I am under the age of consent, and turn real-ID off.

And that is, ironically, why I do not want real-ID in the first place.
Where I work, and what I do, demands that there is no doubt about, absolutely NO DOUBT AT all, that I do not look at children *that way*.
Being male and working with children, is a very very dangerous job. You have to be alert at all times, about what you say, what you do and how anyone looking in from the outside, might mis-interpret this.

It is not an ideal world, but I love my job, so I am dealing with this.
However, my name being linked to -what most people consider - a kid game, is not a wise career-decision.
My boss would never fire me, for playing games. But I cannot risk ever being accused of this. Because being a young'ish male, being accused of liking small children, a little too much, is enough for me to never ever get another job.


So, my thanks go out to the good people at Activision-Blizzard for this. It is really just terrific to have your every waking hour going with this at the back of your head.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin

So now that the bloggers everywhere has once again awoken and are (rightfully so) screaming murder (yaaa Chas is back) the big question seems to be "why are they doing this?"

Several bloggers have explained that this will not cure trolls, completely. Nor will this make the forums a nicer place to be. (it will however make them much quieter.. and easier to moderate... so I guess it will make them nicer)

Noisy rogue even mentioned how he told us so (and I'll be the first to admit it, I doubted things would turn into this.)
Tobold mentions that this might be Blizzards first real Publicity blunder.

I think this was all very intentional.

Spinksville has a dreamquote that i'll start this post off with

There was a time when Blizzard was viewed as a company run by and for gamers. That time is now over. Even aside from the wrongs or rights of the proposal, no company that fails so badly in understanding gamer culture can really claim to be one of us any more.

I think this is very much in line with Tobold who claims this to be a publicity disaster. And it is. What I am saying is, that Blizzard (activision) knew this would happen, but do not give a flying fuck.
Here is why.

First we take social gaming, then we take on social gathering

First Blizz conquered the world of mmo's. There is no doubt about this. The biggest competition they have is aion with (at the most) 1/3 of their player base. This would give any company blood on their teeth. Especially a company owned by Actvision (yea I went there).
First they tried and see if we would buy some cool pets. We would.
Then they tried to see if we'd buy *anything*. We did.

Then their eyes grew wide, and the smell of gold was in the air.

This is how I see this happening:
"God, we are making a lot of money of everything people buy from us"
"yea, wouldn't it be great though, if we could get in on the crowds that are playing farmville on facebook?"
"Ha! Yea, imagine world of warcraft as a facebook game harharharhar"
"yea boss, i know, a game with this many devouted players, and this development cycle, I doubt anyone would..."
"shut up you idiot, we wont be a part of facebook, we will DESTROY facebook!!"
"eh what?"
"We did it with mmos"
"yea, technically Blizzard did, we are Activision after all"
"Did I say you could talk?"
"I mean, look at the hungry little lemmings we have playing our games. They WANT to spend money on pixels. Look at how they get all hot and bothered over achievements. My niece plays farmville, there its all about achievements too."

[end scene]

I do believe that Blizzard will outfacebook facebook. That is the real point of Real-ID. It will beat out as the way we communicate.
Will they succeed? I think they just might. Dispite what Spinksville says. I think they know very well how gamers work and think. And I highly doubt they give a flying fuck what gamers want. They do not want gamers paying or playing their games.

They want nintendo-wii-farmville-gamers playing and paying for their games.

This part of Spinksville statement still holds true: Blizzard has given up all pretence of being a gaming company by gamers, for gamers.

Perhaps we should call them the achievement-mafia of the west coast.

Why this just might work
Like I said, I think that Blizzard knows very well, that gamers are up in arms about this. But gamers are a part of the last generation. There are no teenagers that are gamers. Not in the sense that those of us born in the 70's or 80's where gamers.
kinect, PlayStation move and wii proves this. Consoles are not made for gamers anymore. They are made for consumers.
Consumers are two things in games: Bored housewives and their families and young kids.

my generation, the 25-65 gamers who are gamers as a defining characteristic, are not commercially interesting for blizzard. we are for many others (for now), but not for Blizzard.

Strangely enough I gave this response to Larisa in a forum post about being an old gamer. This was before *the news* broke. And I think these sort of kids, will not give a flying fuck about whether its Facebook they are giving all their info to, or Blizzards real ID. All that matters is, who their friends are using.

[...]what I wanted to touch on is the youth revolt. Or lack theiroff. It is part of a very long discussion that i'd rather not dive into. but in short i do think that generations since the punks in the 80's and the grunge in the early 90's have found ways to revolt in their own ways. Most of these cannot do a uniform revolt, since their parents are so different. You do not have the same upper middle class surburbia to fight, because most parents these days listened to NWA or Nirvana or AC/DC in their youth. So the way that they can revolt is by going full-fledged corporate. No bars full out "here is everything about me". They don't give a fudge about REALID, face-book info. Their phone-number. Mailing nude photos to each-other. Showing boobs for a happy-meal. 
Or go on reality tv and have sex on screen (paradise hotel for example). There are still plenty of ways for the next generation to revolt and upset us old people. 

And possibly one of the more sneaky ways of disturbing older generations is by not caring that they play their video-games, go to their concerts of facebook-friend them. 
I know I'm disturbed as fuck when my 16 year old cousin writes about how drunk she got last weekend (and who she ended up going home with), on facebook. Knowing full well that both her parents and our grandmother is reading that too.
These are the customers Blizzard care about. The kind who re-roll twice a week and use "plz" and ":)" as full and valid sentences. They will not care. I'll betcha that they are the ones who are posting positives about this change. To them (and those that are older but stupid) this is not a big deal. They are part of a generation that really do not give a fuck about their identity being used.

Who are the casualties then? those ignorant enough to not understand the backlashes. And the Blizzard employees. People like Bashiok.
People who loved the Blizzard franchise. The good troopers who will defend their companies values to the very end.
People  whom this happens to:
As I understand it, they are getting so many angry phone-calls at his house now, that his family ain't picking up the phone.

This is what happens when you love your company, and defends them.
Micah, I feel for you. Hope you are getting a big fucking raise from this. You deserve it!  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So I'll never post on the BLizzard forums again.

Come cataclysm (or scII depending on your forum) the forums will change.
All posts will be made from realID accounts. broke the news for me. Funny how they aren't posting happy loving blizz thoughts on this one

This is a dumb idea.
Like Hatch has just posted: "I feel so betrayed" at least it isn't backwards compatible. So until cata hits, you will be safe from: google, hackers, phising, stalking, RL repercussion ect ect.
What will happen to the forum? People to dumb or too young to care about this, will be almost the only ones posting. Rest will be people who want it to be known that they have thoughts on WoW. People who wants in some form or another to create a gaming career.
People like me, who work in a place where there is still a lot of stigma about adults playing video-games, I will never ever post there.
I guess Blizzard have forgotten that google has deep-search now.

Full statement from blizz below: Update: Upcoming Changes to the Forums 

Recently, we introduced our new Real ID feature , a new way to stay connected with your friends on the new Today, we wanted to give you a heads up about our plans for Real ID on our official forums, discuss the design philosophy behind the changes we’re making, and give you a first look at some of the new features we’re adding to the forums to help improve the quality of conversations and make the forums an even more enjoyable place for players to visit. 

For more details read more in this thread-

Also it should be pointed out, that this will not change posts you make now! Only new ones after cata/starcraftII launch.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dwarf Warlocks!! Thats Awsome

It is indeed official.

How long have I longed for this?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
I think this is a very fitting scene for the most über relevation that has been.. ehm revealed in Cata, so far.

I might have mentioned this before, both here and in verious comments over the blog-o-sphere, but it is worth mentioning again:

I mean this is the one thing that will make a certain warlock tremble in his mighty boots.

Oh and in the middle of awsomeness I forgot this:
The official confirmation link.

But then...

In the middle of all this happy-running around yelling "awsooooommmeeee" (mrs dwism has a little film of me doing this), i stopped to think.
Don't you just hate when that happens? Thinking ruins too many awsome moments in life. This was one of those times.
Because here is the kicker: I do not think I'll ever roll a dwarf Warlock.

Ill just let that one sink in.

All my char slots are already filled out on hellscream. I do not have the space there to roll a dwarf warlock. And since my friends on other servers are all playing horde, I cannot fathom me rolling alliance on any other server. ever. Because, what would be the point? I have an ally guild that I am so very content with playing in, so the only reason to play on any server would be to play with RL friends.
Ain't that one of lifes little ironic kickers? I finally get the combo I've been yearning for, for years. And I can't play it!

The hell with it. My one Horde on hellscream is about to get preparred for a gender and race-change. More money to blizz, more dwarfs to me. Everyone is happy. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chromies best friend

Regular reads may find this piece shocking. Because I will not be complaining, nor will I be provocative.
This is a suggestion that will also appear on the official suggestion forums.

Added service: Chromies best friend

When a player buys this service, he will be allowed to -with the help of his new best friend- zone into dungeons with RealID friends across servers. No matter which server.

If we can talk to them via ReadID chat, we should be able to use the same instances too.
For an added 2.49$ a month, players willl also be able to use Chromies special abilities ( to be transformed into a compatible faction/race as the RealID friend who invited.

Example time: I have 3 realID friends, they all play horde, and they play on two different servers. Thats a grand total of 3 servers and two factions. And We would love to be able to play together. But we all have a base of online friends that we prefer to guild with. (For me, being a dwarf is a big thing, I'd rather not not be a dwarf. For one of the others, he has a pvp partner he wouldn't want to leave ect ect)
So if readID friend undead-priest invites me for a dungeon run, I'd be in queue with him as horde on his normal realmgroup. When we enter the dungeon, I'd be my chosen corresponding race/class combo (so no blood-elf druids).
Any faction specific reputation gain, would be given to the corresponding faction.

The reasoning behind
In the past, we have all rerolled, server transfered and various other things, to be able to play together when our schedules did fit each-other. However different priorities always led to a split. And with the risk falling straight into Larisas trap, of "if it is important for me, it must be important for everyone else", I do not think we are alone in wanting this.
I've even set a price, that i'd be willing to pay for this service that pretty much would not cost blizzard anything to run (granted I know diddly about running an mmo, but if crossserver instances, bg's and chat can be added, running dungeons together shoulnd't be a huge next step.

Maybe you should be granted a special emblem to put on your shirts, or a special tabard or pet for being special BFF with Chromie, I'll let the smart boys sort that out :)

So what do you think of this? I'm very curious to know.

Also forum link: