Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who will break first? My sanity or Arthas health?

At the moment it is too close to call.

For new readers (or those of you with short-term memory... Hai Calli)
I have been spending... An eternity combatting Arthas (thats the Lich king) on heroic mode.

For the time being I do not consider myself very heroic. As a matter of fact I feel very much like a little baby. Who hasn't had any sleep and who has not yet been fed.

That is how this fight is making me feel.

This is me
(if this is a baby you know, or it is you, I am sorry, but don't leave pictures on the web, unless big corps will steal them, and then dwarf bloggers will reuse them)

And let me tell you, Arthas must be one evil arse mo-fo if he enjoys taking a big sword and slashing it into the above.
And boy does he love it.

I tried to add our attempts together with the 1 minute his speech at the start of the fight takes. I got very depressed. And that is just the heroic mode times. Im not going to tell again. I might cry.

I am starting to feel very tired with this fight. And I am not the only one. I think 9 of our groups regular 11 members are hating it. (there is one of those who does not hate the fight that has a neat title "the insane" -nuff said?)

At the moment, we do not have more than a solid 2 hours a raid-day that can be spent on him. After that our attempts just gets wasted because we start slipping up. Or the game breaks on us.
I think my killed-from list now has Arthas as number one followed by "death by combat-log breaking down so that you get no warnings" as a close second. With Alganon as a possible distant third. Unfortunelty the statistics page is very poorly done, so it only counts the time I've died by Arthas hand, and not the times that so and such ability killed me IN the Lich King fight.

The clouds are breaking
But I can see glimps of light in the distance. We do have phase one and mostly phase two down. We are now battling with phase 3 (thats the last one) and we did get him as far down as 38% at one time.
(Remember he only needs to reach 10% for it to be a win.) Only thing is. We cannot seem to find the save-points.
So whenever we wipe, the fight resets, and we are back at the very beginning. With the intro-speech and everything.
So if anyone knows where the save-points are, please let me know. maybe if I hit the right combo of XXYYOOXXXYYYYY [UP][RIGHT][LEFT]XXX  We will get invincible mode unlocked. It has not seemed to work yet, and Mrs Dwism keeps yelling at me to put my Xbox controller down when playing WoW.

As you might be able to gather from this, I am grasping at straws to remain just a little bit sane. But the sands of my sanity-well is dribbling out, and to me it does not look like Lich kings health is going down fast enough to keep up.
So if my next post is all about the dunking bananas from vampire-penguin-land, you will know why.

 At least we will get the 25% buff this week.


  1. *hands Dwism a dummy* (one of those things that shuts the baby up, not a target dummy.. i don't think that'd help you much).
    /stops self from going off on a tangent about how I burned my dummy with FIYAH

    *hugs* I know it must be frustrating as hell :(

    I can be of no help at all sorry, I have no suggestions except that a cocktail always improves my performance :P

    But, on the bright side - at least you have a full raid group who has stuck it out long enough to get that far!

    *more hugs* and I will cross my fingers that you get him down soon

  2. Its weird, because you know that somebody who has not raided, will ask "why are you putting yourself through this if you hate it this much? you could be spending that time making money of the AH"

    I guess you'd had to raid endgame (this is still endgame, 1.3% is endgame to me) to understand its lure.
    I think athletes can relate. However much I hate the fight now, I know just how frikking sweet it will feel once we get him to keel over.
    God I long for that :D

  3. The difficulty gap seems to be so huge on this one. Yesterday we did LK 10 man normal, since we only could get a 10-man raid going and LK was all that was up in the instance. We had only one proper tank - the other one was a ret pala who changed his offspec, so this was his so-to-say third-spec and his gear was thereafter. We added the stack-debuff-to-30 to make it more fun. And guess what? We one-shotted it easily. That's... disappointing. On the other hand from what I've read about LK hc it seems insanely hard. So it's a huge difference. Either super-easy or super-hard. Nothing in between. Oh well... maybe there is... I suppose if we click away the +damage buff... But that takes quite a special mindset to do.

  4. I lost sanity just reading this... *wibble*

  5. @lar: I think the step from normal mode to arthas is a step and a half up, and that suits the figths importance fine imo (where the other hardmodes are 'only' one step up). Similarly LK hm is a step and a half up from the other hardmodes.
    Only thing that bothers me, is that I think they have tuned him wrong, plus they have forgotten how awsome disc priests are. I've talked about how you have to have a disc priest healing and a holydin healing, otherwise you won't make it, and that still holds true. sadly. And I think that is because Blizzard did not think that discs shield could stop thte infest debuff like they did.
    oh well.

    @tam: I hope you aren't saying that it was because it was poorly written? (tips are most welcome)

  6. Ye Gods, no, Dwism - I was saying it because even *reading* about that fight blows my tiny mind. I do enjoying hearing about it though :)

  7. My first thought was "is Tam kicking me while I'm down?" :)
    I hoped that was what you meant. Ayways hopefully my pathetic crying that hardmode is hard, will be over and done with after this weekend. Jinx!