Monday, June 21, 2010

When blizzard calculates on delays

*this post has an opdate, see bottom*

I'll just come out and say it: Blizzard is purposely delaying both the Ruby Sanctum and the Cataclysm expansion.

Why? -you may wonder.

'To earn more money' - I'd say.

If you release content in the middle of summer (despite the weather outside, it is the middle of summer), where noone is online, you won't get people to stay in game.
If you release content in august, you will get people to stay online for it.

 If you release a major expansion pack without the hype your very own Convention to help build it up, you are playing the game like an idealist.
So Cata won't come untill november.

Spend stupid money on stupid stuff. 
So how does this make Blizzard money now?
Bored gamers do what bored gamers do. They get bored and try something new. If they are not too attached to WoW, they will try out Starcraft, if they are too attached to WoW, they will do like I do.

In the last two months I've spend more money on tranfers, cutumizations, race-change, faction change you name it!
It may be possible that me, as a bored player, have given Blizzard more money in these last two months, than I have in my 5 years of being a content player, playing their content, and not being bored.
This is what you can do, when you have a stable product, that people are just so used to hang on to.
I had a 6month sub, that I didn't even think about whether I was paying for nor not. It was just part of my expense-calculations:
Rent -check
car payments -check
midget strippers-check
wow-sub - check.

So now they can go for 10 months (not 10 months yet, I know, but we will get there) without releasing anything but Icecrown, and players still pay their sub.
AND combine that with players being bored, and you get money!
Whenever my schedule is 'normal' I have certain days where I know I have free time to play (ie. tueday afternoons/evenings where tv always only shows crap-chick-shows.) so I pretty much log on there as a force of habbit. In the last couple of months, however, there really hasn't been anything to do.
I've levelled my warrior tanking, My lock pew'ing and my main has maxed out fishing and cooking. These really are not things a gamer that has plenty to do, in a game, would do.

These are things you do, when you are bored!
As much as I enjoy playing a warrior, I really do not need a 4th tank at max level, nor do I need another dps alt.
So what do I do? I move them around to where I have some friends playing, and join up with them.
I race-change one of my neglected mains (more on that later) and I faction change like there was no tomorrow.
Because I am hoping against hope, that at some point, I'll hit something that will make it worth my time.

So far nothing has.

Then I realized something.
If everything goes well, I'll have done *something in game next weekend, that will be something something something. (a later post, plus I  don't want to jinx it :D) And then I think i'll spend my summer elsewhere.
I've changed my sub to 1month payments, and its running out on like the 12th.

I think I've gotten so used to paying for my sub, that I didn't even stop to wonder what I was paying for in the first place. New stuff.
I am not paying for them to finance new games. Other companies do not have WoW, and they somehow manage to make new games. I am not paying them to develop Cataclysm. Me buying the Cata-package, should pay for that. I know I've payed a lot less than the 20£ for a lot bigger games than an expansion.

So what I am paying for, is content within the expansion-packs. And in the WHOLE OF 2010 THERE HAS BEEN NO CONTENT RELEASED.
No really. Icecrown was in december '09.

Fuck this.

Just as I write that they never release new shit, they read MY BLOG, just like I told larisa in comments, GC started to cry, and to keep me playing, Ruby sanctum is very very soon to be released, and so it open beta... maybe


  1. Yeah. Week after week passes and yet no sign of Ruby Sanctum or an open beta. I still hold on to my November prediction. When I did it, this date felt very far away, maybe I was too much of a pessimist after all? But I'm more and more convinced that I was absolutely right.

    I haven't concidered to cancel my subscription - after all the fee isn't that high if you've got a job. But I can share your impatience and frustration. Definitely.

    And yeah. My recent dabbling into all sorts of alts and side projects probably tells me something. It's time to look a bit further than Azeroth.

  2. My point with the cancellation was not one of me not affording it, but being a community center, I feel it is my privilege -nay my duty to show them guys at Blizzard.
    Me cancelling my sub will send tremors of shock through Irvine. I can hear GC in tears:
    "Guys, push that Expansion QUICK, a European player that has a blog is considering cancelling"

    I'm beginning to accept that you may be right about the release date.

  3. Here in the States the 6th Harry Potter movie was supposed to be released in Nov 2008, but then the Dark Knight movie made SO MUCH money in it's July'08 slot that the studio moved the movie launch date back to July'09 - and they admitted that it was to make more money.

    Blizzard can actually afford to lose money this summer, it's a financial fact, because they've done so well in the first and second quarters so far (better than expected) they will make it up in the third and 4th quarters. It's what they tell their investors ("our games are seasonal"), and we should know by now that game companies are first and foremost...COMPANIES.

    Yup, Nov sounds about perfect timing for them.

  4. You are - of course- right. I just wonder: Will their gamble work out? In all honesty, if I stopped by Juli, odds are, that I could have forgotten (well okay, not good odds) or found something else. Maybe my gaming habbits have changed. And I don't think its unrealistic to expect others to feel the same way. Even larisa is testing the waters of LOTRO, for Petes sake.