Monday, June 7, 2010

Sticking my neck out! Cataclysm beta starts on the...

This'll be a blast.

Since All I do these days in WoW is fish n wipe on heroic Lich king, my need to write blog-posts about my wow-endeavours, is somewhat lacking.

Although my big mace-wielding dark-purple-metal-plate-wearing-death-knight on his fishing trips, is quite a disturbing sight.... hmmm


Lets look at facts!

Fact1: E3 starts June 15th

non-fact1: Blizzard won't release a release date of Cataclysm untill their own -con starts, so how will they keep players focused on anything but what great news the competition has to offer??

Fact2: According to mmo-champion, there is a Korean competition for entry to Cata beta, that ends on the 12th and winners will be announced on the 15th (see a trend here?)

Fact3: More from mmo-champ:

  • As far as I know, there is a WoW Press Tour @ Blizzard HQ this week for official fansites.
  • 5 Screenshots on the Day have been uploaded on Blizzard's site before the week-end. (= until Tuesday)

Fact4: Tuesday is the 15th!!


I was with Boubouville, when he announced that worgen and Goblins would be the next race. I even promised to run through paris naked with the guy, if he was wrong. This time, he won't commit to the date being the 15th.

This time I'll do one better: Open beta will start the 15th, or at the very least the NDA willl be lifted.
(mostly I'm basing this of fact 4 of course)

Good luck getting any press now Star Wars!


  1. But what's your prediction about the Cata release?

  2. Well it is pretty obvious when the game will be released. I'll make a post later on that