Friday, June 18, 2010

*sigh* if only [Intermssion]

*move along people nothing to see here, just somebody bored at work working on the late late shift on a friday*

Do you ever have one of those days where you see something and go
Maaaan, if only life was like this!

Usually it is in the movies people encounter this. So is my little story.
The first movie was/is a sleeper hit
The second was generic 
The third one I have not seen... yet.

I am of course talking about
You boook, it must be baaack

Ehm, no! Not that one

If you have seen any of these you would know that it is... well reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies.
And it is not that I wish for a world where a secret order keeps all the cool stuff for themselves in the name of good.
But I would wish that sometimes people look at my profession with something other than
Dude, it took you 3.5 years to train? Just how long does it take to learn the alphabet?

*sigh* If only....

BONUS INFO: In the very very first movie, someone did their research! When he gets asked if he can even fufill the task of a librarian, our hero yammers of a bunch of real words, in a real sentence, with technical terms that makes sense. He is talking the real librarian talk, and not just the Hollywood: "we need hyperspace conducters or the rectimstearrrm contium won't reach full flexitivity". That is soo cool :)


  1. I get a kick out of these Librarian movies. They're a bit quirky but fun. An Excaliber sword that likes to play hide and seek, brilliant!

  2. I've seen bits of the third one while zapping around. Only good thing I found was Bruce Davison, who's been in a ton of movies and series (last ones I remember was he playing Senator Kelly in X-Men and also appearing in Lost)
    Btw, I'm curious to know if in your contries happens the same: during decades telefilms were from USA, but since 3 or 4 years ago most of them come from Germany... maybe they're cheaper, I don't know, but every saturday and sunday afternoon I only see telefilms from Germany while before all of them where american.

  3. @Gronthe: Dont get me wrong, i love the movies too, they are great when you don't want a good movie, but a fun movie!

    @kurnak: We do not see many German movies around these parts. Maybe it's because they are our neighbors?
    And bruce is sooo underrated