Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sailing the sea of cheese(y wow sites)

So with Blizzards NDA lawyers going ban-a-bonanza over leaked Cataclysm material (you know, all that stuff that gets us excited about their game... Well that gets me excited)

Stopping the enormous datamined material that MMo-champion had dug out (and it seems they took away his alpha invite too, for doing what he always does, go figure).

Anyway, just like Lariassa over at the Pinkpigtaininn predicted, (edit: FOUND IT) all this amounted to was that those of us interested enough in what Cata will bring, will just sail further east on the glorious map over WoW-sites (although it is a bit outdated, i mean, wheres my blog on all of this?

Yarr, rarrr me maties, lets go sailing!

So I've been sailing. trying to stay out of murky waters, and away from the worst islands, and in my search I've found a land, a safe heaven.
I cannot promise, it will be just as grand to you, but for me, this is a great fun place:

(and by linking it, I know my days as a beta tester is at long last, dead and gone)
They have cool stuff like
This nifty Death Knight closed beta talent-calc
I am sure that noone has disclosed anything they where not allowed to, in this, but it is only datamined obtained through very legal methods.
If not....
Well that is what you get when you take away the tid-bits that mmo-champions where able to grand us.


  1. Who wants to be in the beta anyway? Unpayed software-testing and all you get for it is getting bored with Cataclysm far quicker since you've already done the content once. No thanks.

    And here's the post you were looking for!

  2. OH LOOK http://www.raevyn.net/wiki/files/talent/mage.html
    Its the mage talents. I wonder how many minutes it takes before a certain gnome inn-keeper is checking those out wondering just how the different new stuff would work and look and feel.
    After all, it is a mage-blog you are running, isn't it? :D

    Thats why I want to be in Beta again.
    I had so much fun the last time, trying out my new class (death knights) playing with inscription, looking at new hunter pets.
    Sure, it isn't a place you would want to spend days, but me and my wife had a great deal of fun, just the two of us, with no guild, or raid or anyone else to disturb us.
    I really miss that she isn't playing anymore