Tuesday, June 22, 2010

holiday boss, great fun! Thought through? NO

So there he is, the brand-spanking new holiday boss.
And as wow.com says: Great that insta-portal takes you straight to him!
And he is easy. At least easy for anything but brand new level 80s.

Oh and except if you are me.

You see, Blizzard -in their infinite wisdom- has decided to make a boss that is against Summer. That is his whole point. What is against summer? winter. So he is a frosty ice cold winter boss.
Do you know what guys, because he is frosty, lets make him immune to frost attacks!!

Yeaaa briiliant boss, you are so smart and sexy. It is lore how can anyone complain?

Oh gosh i dunno, how about every single Death Knight tank? NONE of my threat building attacks did anything except blood boil and Death and decay.
Brilliant. I cannot even build diseases on his mobs either because everything is immune is immune is immune. When will they make a boss that is immune to holy? or physical attacks? then let them other tanks while and bitch and moan for a while.

Fekk this i'm out of here. Please think things through Blizzard


  1. Err... I'm not sure that can be held as "in their defense", but there are the shades in the top right room of the Scholomance - which are entirely immune to physical damage once they turn. And at level 70 that still happened. So every class could solo the instance _except_ for warrior tanks.

    Surprisingly - that is an issue 5 years old .. and they do it again.

  2. I haven't tanked him yet with my DK, but you shouldn't have much trouble i you use Plague Strike + Pestilence, aside the mentioned D&D and Blood Boil. True it's a pity that Howling Blast and Frost Strike are useless, but as long as you manage to get the Hailstone mob on you, you can almost forget about the little elementals. They will be delat quickly by aoe.
    I found hard to play as mage. Blizzard is useless so your only choices are Flamestrike (if they don't move too much around) or Arcane Explosion (risking your life by going melee range). Once Ahune submerges then pewpew can finally start.
    Not only the shades in Scholo are immune, you won't be able to Frost Nova trap any water elemental, so if you're a frost mage playing solo you'll find some hard places.

  3. And finally, you get a small, teeny weeny taste of what it's been like to be a mage for the last five years. HA!

  4. @koch or feral druids I assume? But still soloing content you've outgrown doesn't really compare tbh (then again, I am an elitist jerk)

    @kur: did it the second time around, and it got a lot better, maybe i am too used to use icy touch to grab mobs.

    @calli: I know the way you play your mage demands getting aggro asap, but I highly doubt that that is the way maging is supposed to be (thinks of fjr...) hmm maybe it is the way mages work :D