Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goals before Cataclysm launches ( or I get an open beta invite)

- Get Redux (that is my main, check out the box to the right) 's fishing skill to max

- Same with cooking

- Get horde warlock to 80, and see Wrath from the other side

- Kill Lich King Heroic before my sanity well runs dry.

The 3 above seems doable over a slow summer.

The optional one... I might have failed already. At the moment, due to a work-schedule that crashes with my raiding schedule, I am only raiding one day a week, and that is on the 30-45 wipes on LK hero. That is all I do in raiding. I used to love raiding, I used to love wipe-nights. I used to love a lot of things. Now... Not so much.

The fight is ridiculously overturned, the need for at least 3 specific classes and specs, *and* good synergy, means that we often have a sub-par group going, and thus have to struggle harder on parts that are hard enough as it is.

To top it all off, we had a lot of bugs to deal with. 3 times on 3 separate occasions we had combat-logs bug out on us and thus no announce on shadow traps.
That sort of thing does wonders for your morale. Then there are the screwup. When you engage someone for the umpthienth time, you start to slip a little. It seems like
nothing's real. Everything's far away, everything's a copy of a copy of a copy [fight club]

And you make silly mistakes. People move too slowly on their disease, dispels are slow. New mobs aren't picked up properly, you lose threat on Arthas... stupid things. We never got really comfortably into phase two. And when we occasionally got there, we wiped because it was our healers that got picked up. Or people didn't move out of Defile due to lag. And then you went back to 3-5 phase one wipes. Every once in a while we even wiped on the transition phase.
 At one point our raid-leader said that if we didn't do well next try he would call it, and we would extend to next week.
What scared me about that, was that a part of me was hoping that someone would screw up.

Right now I think I'll make good use of the week to unwind, and hopefully get psyched about engaging him again on Sunday, but boy do I need to do something other than tank LK and his adds... Soon.

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