Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 part 1: Xbox releveal

Hello, posting some first thought while the big xbox releveal is being shown:

- Natal (ehm sorry) KINECT, is not creepy at all! Hi little gurl, enjoy that big kitty licking your face?
No Skittles!! (Thats really the tigers name), that tickles

I'll bet it does, not creepy at all.

Neither is this: Kinectic can see wherever you are in the room, so the camera will follow you when you move. And when you give orders like: "xbox replay" It gives you an instant replay.
But hey, it gives you all those nifty program-access like Pandora, that all the US users get, even while in europe... So I guess im going to give Microsoft access to my living-room.

The dance studio and the Star wars bit, does look really promising though... Raw, but promising. And the workout bit, flat out kicked wii-fits arse

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