Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cataclysm release date + going to America

How are these things connected, you might ask.

I'll tell you.
But first the fun stuff. Just for you Larisa:
Cataclysm will be released on Wedensday the 8th of september 2010

How do I know? Because it fits very well with my prediction that open beta will start in the middle of June.
Also I know that Blizzard has tapped into my google-calender, and found out that I am going on holiday on the 11th of september to get my first whiff of what the US of A has to offer!

Thats right, they hate me this much. I just *know* it.

For all you US readers
If you live in the US (or have been there) I'd love to hear some tips of places to see and stuff to do. We will be in Boston and New York, and everything in between. One of the things I am looking most forward to, is seeing Patriots play live. Not that they are my favorite team, but MRs Dwism is a huge fan.
We are also planning on visiting a little old lady in NY that holds jazz concerts in her little appartment in Harlem. Guess that shows the range of stuff we are looking into. So any tips or ideas or inspiration is very much welcome


  1. Boston in September? Oooh, boy. That's the month all the new freshmen start college, and Boston is the College Town. If you want parties, you will find parties. Many, many parties.

  2. I didn't even think of college parties. How old are college students? 18? I might be too old to party *with* them, but it is fun to party near them young folks :D

  3. The Boston area has over 200 institutes of higher learning - 18 for the freshmen, as high as mid-30s for the grad students, med students and law students. And then there's teh continuing education folks, you're never too old to return to college. The MIT dorms are always hopping on weekends, and Harvard Square, and the BU area...

    Maybe I should return to Boston sometime soon.

  4. While you're in Boston, try out the food market at Fanueil Hall, there's some delicious yummies there. After that travel south of Mass to the island of Marth's Vinyard, rent a scooter (you'll understand when you get there) and visit the beautiful beaches of the divine island.

    Of course if you're going north take a trip into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The foliage won't be at it's Autumn peak, but there is still so much to see.

    If you want theatre there are large and small ones all over New England and of course there's New York. All you got to do is talk to locals, they're all very friendly.

    I was born and raised a New Englander, and there's a lot more I could suggest. Have fun, party hard, and take the train into New York - don't drive.

  5. @anon: I see, well then... :D

    @gronthe: We did plan to rent a car and do a roadmovie sort of thing. But its being taken into consideration :)
    Fanueil hall sounds great, thanks a lot!