Monday, June 28, 2010

Bane of the fallen King ( or Vampire Penguin land pt.2 )

So if my next post is all about the dunking bananas from vampire-penguin-land, you will know why.

 This was how I ended my post asking what would reach zero first; My sanity or the Lich Kings health. It was originally taken from (don't buy their shit, just read the site, its fun), and I liked it so very much as a picture of someones sanity on the very brink of collapsing. So I used it, and naturally after having downed the big guy, I felt it would only be natural to name the follow-up after this one :)

Data: Funny thing about a lot of this. I think most of this is only funny for me or people in my raid-group. But do bare with me, there is one very important point at the end. I swear.
And I promise.

So we killed him. We where happy.
Logs where taken  ( I like how our mental retardin out-damages "total damage done" at one point) Pictures where taken. Here is another.

To be slightly unfair to a couple of my raiders, two of them didn't "earn" this. Well they did of course. They did very well, they got their title. But due to summer we had two guys come in this weekend, that wasn't here for the whole grueling wipe-fest that was my spring. I don't think I'm being a douche here, they where making jokes about it too. Allright, maybe a bit of a douche-bag, because a part of me wishes that two of our long term members who where not able to join in, had been there. They had helped on the wipes for so long, being patient, adding notes ect ect. And it isn't like the two we *did* bring along, hustled their way into the raid. We begged them, so we would have 10 players. I guess what I'm saying is, that sometimes you wish your raid-group could hold 15 people :)

We also made our first real dent into the top raiders of the world!

And now I am nearing my point.
Here is my guilds 10 manned progress
As you can see, we have made it to a world 891st kill of the lich king heroic. That is something I am really proud of. Honestly. somewhere along the lines of 10'000 players got this kill before me. Or toons, possibly even less players. I think that is really cool.
And here is the kicker, the point, the punchline.
Our last recorded achievement in there where the Heroic killling of Professor putricide on..

Wait for it

April 10th.
Yes that is fucking almost 3 months of nothing but one fight. One...fight.
So now we get Ruby Sanctum with 1 boss, and Cataclysm in what 4 months?
Oh boy, is my calender going to be filled with wow.

Going of on a tangent 
And I am not saying this to be elitist. We raid two days a week for a combined 7-8 hours. That is not a whole lot of raiding. We are not an elite group, at least not in the E-leeet sort of way. And we finished all the content.
I know that whenever I write something like this. (or comments on something like this) some idiot is going to say: "yea well we only started raiding in december, so we got plenty of content left, stop whining".
Thing is, if I started playing Everquest, I'd have a full 5 years of contest. But I don't play wow, and I do not pay for wow, so that people who are behind can catch up.
I never minded that we did not get through SunWell before the gigantic nerf. We where not good enough, it was that simple. We got to see the fights, and that was great. Sort of the same way, that nerfed content always works. You get to see content on easy mode, and get inspired to try it when it is hard. So that for the next tier, you will be working at hard content.
But I'm derailing myself here. My point is, that if there is no new content for 7 months and only one challenging boss for 3-4 months, someone in Blizzard is doing something wrong. Or right, you decide. point is, There aren't any content, for a time-span that is getting ridiculous.

Why am I so pissed at this? Because they did the same in Wrath with Sunwell, and back then the promised that they would never ever let players get caught for this long without new content again, "we have learned our lesson" They proclaimed. Players wouldn't be caught at the end of expansion without stuff to do. And yet here we are again.
With two things to do:
Ruby sanctum and spending one day liberating gnomeregan/echo isles.

Fluffing us
That is not content, that is fluff. Do you know what a fluffler does for a living? (do not google that, please). Is this how wrath will end, trying to keep players flu... Allright that image just turned very nasty.
Sre they just trying to get us excit-.. dammit.

Trying to get us to hang on untill Cataclysm comes? with small meaningless teasers? Seems like it.
Will it work? It just might. *sigh*


  1. So "vampire penguins" makes reference to these two members who joined the raid? Another post coming to finally explain it or you want to end it a la Lost-style? ;)

  2. what? No!

    Like I said in the begining of this post, it was a funny quoete I had read, and thought it made the perfect mental image of someone whom's mentally on the brink of a collapse.

    What I tried to say with the two members who joined late, was that I wished those that had spend 3 months wiping with us, had also been there.