Monday, June 28, 2010

Bane of the fallen King ( or Vampire Penguin land pt.2 )

So if my next post is all about the dunking bananas from vampire-penguin-land, you will know why.

 This was how I ended my post asking what would reach zero first; My sanity or the Lich Kings health. It was originally taken from (don't buy their shit, just read the site, its fun), and I liked it so very much as a picture of someones sanity on the very brink of collapsing. So I used it, and naturally after having downed the big guy, I felt it would only be natural to name the follow-up after this one :)

Data: Funny thing about a lot of this. I think most of this is only funny for me or people in my raid-group. But do bare with me, there is one very important point at the end. I swear.
And I promise.

So we killed him. We where happy.
Logs where taken  ( I like how our mental retardin out-damages "total damage done" at one point) Pictures where taken. Here is another.

To be slightly unfair to a couple of my raiders, two of them didn't "earn" this. Well they did of course. They did very well, they got their title. But due to summer we had two guys come in this weekend, that wasn't here for the whole grueling wipe-fest that was my spring. I don't think I'm being a douche here, they where making jokes about it too. Allright, maybe a bit of a douche-bag, because a part of me wishes that two of our long term members who where not able to join in, had been there. They had helped on the wipes for so long, being patient, adding notes ect ect. And it isn't like the two we *did* bring along, hustled their way into the raid. We begged them, so we would have 10 players. I guess what I'm saying is, that sometimes you wish your raid-group could hold 15 people :)

We also made our first real dent into the top raiders of the world!

And now I am nearing my point.
Here is my guilds 10 manned progress
As you can see, we have made it to a world 891st kill of the lich king heroic. That is something I am really proud of. Honestly. somewhere along the lines of 10'000 players got this kill before me. Or toons, possibly even less players. I think that is really cool.
And here is the kicker, the point, the punchline.
Our last recorded achievement in there where the Heroic killling of Professor putricide on..

Wait for it

April 10th.
Yes that is fucking almost 3 months of nothing but one fight. One...fight.
So now we get Ruby Sanctum with 1 boss, and Cataclysm in what 4 months?
Oh boy, is my calender going to be filled with wow.

Going of on a tangent 
And I am not saying this to be elitist. We raid two days a week for a combined 7-8 hours. That is not a whole lot of raiding. We are not an elite group, at least not in the E-leeet sort of way. And we finished all the content.
I know that whenever I write something like this. (or comments on something like this) some idiot is going to say: "yea well we only started raiding in december, so we got plenty of content left, stop whining".
Thing is, if I started playing Everquest, I'd have a full 5 years of contest. But I don't play wow, and I do not pay for wow, so that people who are behind can catch up.
I never minded that we did not get through SunWell before the gigantic nerf. We where not good enough, it was that simple. We got to see the fights, and that was great. Sort of the same way, that nerfed content always works. You get to see content on easy mode, and get inspired to try it when it is hard. So that for the next tier, you will be working at hard content.
But I'm derailing myself here. My point is, that if there is no new content for 7 months and only one challenging boss for 3-4 months, someone in Blizzard is doing something wrong. Or right, you decide. point is, There aren't any content, for a time-span that is getting ridiculous.

Why am I so pissed at this? Because they did the same in Wrath with Sunwell, and back then the promised that they would never ever let players get caught for this long without new content again, "we have learned our lesson" They proclaimed. Players wouldn't be caught at the end of expansion without stuff to do. And yet here we are again.
With two things to do:
Ruby sanctum and spending one day liberating gnomeregan/echo isles.

Fluffing us
That is not content, that is fluff. Do you know what a fluffler does for a living? (do not google that, please). Is this how wrath will end, trying to keep players flu... Allright that image just turned very nasty.
Sre they just trying to get us excit-.. dammit.

Trying to get us to hang on untill Cataclysm comes? with small meaningless teasers? Seems like it.
Will it work? It just might. *sigh*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vampire penguin land

So today we had our last attempts at Lich King heroic 10 manned fight.

I say last, because next week there will be a Ruby Sanctum luring us, and I'll be damned if I ever fight against the Lich king again.
I had already almost sort of decided that I was burned out. That I'd call it a day and just never raid again. Not even in Cata. If we didn't get him.
And it did not start out great.
3 priests (two of which where disc) and two locks. No druids, no hunters, no rogues. So that meant that the big guys that enrage, gets to stay enraged, and I'd have no help with MDs against our aggro-happy retardin.

Oh joy.

Also no druids, meant no battle-resses.

the start
Struggeling at Sindragosa, was not a brilliant way to start the day. And I felt a headache pounding at me aswel. Things sure was looking up.

(sod it, no more build up)
20 tries later and this happened

I am seriously too happy over something that happened in a game.
When we first started wiping on this, I thought "We are never ever going to do this"
I still believed that 3 weeks ago to be honest. It is a horrible fight. But with the buff raised we managed to get that hard-earned server second.
And this is the ONE fight in IC that I did not felt even the slightest bit carried. All the others I've always had a pang of guilt for being the only one in our group that did not gather gear in 25s.

Yea us!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who will break first? My sanity or Arthas health?

At the moment it is too close to call.

For new readers (or those of you with short-term memory... Hai Calli)
I have been spending... An eternity combatting Arthas (thats the Lich king) on heroic mode.

For the time being I do not consider myself very heroic. As a matter of fact I feel very much like a little baby. Who hasn't had any sleep and who has not yet been fed.

That is how this fight is making me feel.

This is me
(if this is a baby you know, or it is you, I am sorry, but don't leave pictures on the web, unless big corps will steal them, and then dwarf bloggers will reuse them)

And let me tell you, Arthas must be one evil arse mo-fo if he enjoys taking a big sword and slashing it into the above.
And boy does he love it.

I tried to add our attempts together with the 1 minute his speech at the start of the fight takes. I got very depressed. And that is just the heroic mode times. Im not going to tell again. I might cry.

I am starting to feel very tired with this fight. And I am not the only one. I think 9 of our groups regular 11 members are hating it. (there is one of those who does not hate the fight that has a neat title "the insane" -nuff said?)

At the moment, we do not have more than a solid 2 hours a raid-day that can be spent on him. After that our attempts just gets wasted because we start slipping up. Or the game breaks on us.
I think my killed-from list now has Arthas as number one followed by "death by combat-log breaking down so that you get no warnings" as a close second. With Alganon as a possible distant third. Unfortunelty the statistics page is very poorly done, so it only counts the time I've died by Arthas hand, and not the times that so and such ability killed me IN the Lich King fight.

The clouds are breaking
But I can see glimps of light in the distance. We do have phase one and mostly phase two down. We are now battling with phase 3 (thats the last one) and we did get him as far down as 38% at one time.
(Remember he only needs to reach 10% for it to be a win.) Only thing is. We cannot seem to find the save-points.
So whenever we wipe, the fight resets, and we are back at the very beginning. With the intro-speech and everything.
So if anyone knows where the save-points are, please let me know. maybe if I hit the right combo of XXYYOOXXXYYYYY [UP][RIGHT][LEFT]XXX  We will get invincible mode unlocked. It has not seemed to work yet, and Mrs Dwism keeps yelling at me to put my Xbox controller down when playing WoW.

As you might be able to gather from this, I am grasping at straws to remain just a little bit sane. But the sands of my sanity-well is dribbling out, and to me it does not look like Lich kings health is going down fast enough to keep up.
So if my next post is all about the dunking bananas from vampire-penguin-land, you will know why.

 At least we will get the 25% buff this week.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

holiday boss, great fun! Thought through? NO

So there he is, the brand-spanking new holiday boss.
And as says: Great that insta-portal takes you straight to him!
And he is easy. At least easy for anything but brand new level 80s.

Oh and except if you are me.

You see, Blizzard -in their infinite wisdom- has decided to make a boss that is against Summer. That is his whole point. What is against summer? winter. So he is a frosty ice cold winter boss.
Do you know what guys, because he is frosty, lets make him immune to frost attacks!!

Yeaaa briiliant boss, you are so smart and sexy. It is lore how can anyone complain?

Oh gosh i dunno, how about every single Death Knight tank? NONE of my threat building attacks did anything except blood boil and Death and decay.
Brilliant. I cannot even build diseases on his mobs either because everything is immune is immune is immune. When will they make a boss that is immune to holy? or physical attacks? then let them other tanks while and bitch and moan for a while.

Fekk this i'm out of here. Please think things through Blizzard

Wrath is still selling copies, and group dynamics

I do not get this.
In my country's top selling game charts, Wrath of the lich king is still holding strong in a top 20 spot over the most sold games for this week, and that is over all formats. So it is batteling it out with wii-fit, Red dead redemption, super mario and the latest Sims 3 addition. And it is still selling.

It is amazing imo. So maybe Larisas prediction about WoW dying out isn't as accurate as it might seem (I know she only said that people are not logging on, or are retiring, but isn't that sort of almost the same thing?) and maybe we are meeting more new players, just like Spinks claims - That would sure as fekk explain some of the pugs i've been into lately.

I thought Horde where supposed to be civilized. Both on my level 62'ish lock and my mid 30's warrior, have I managed to get into some horrid horde pugs.
One where the healer lead the other two dps into mocking the (very good) death knight tank, into leaving.
You see, not being able to write in english without spelling errors, makes you a sucky tank.

And being a blood tank? what a scrub!!

Oh and the motherfucker didn't pull enough packs, but those he pulled he took too much damage, so that the Disc priest

Lol, I must be the only Disc priest in history to go oom

Yea moron, yet you keep telling him to pull more packs at a time...

Second reason was that the "STUPID PIECE OF SHIT" tank didn't use DnD  That would indeed make for a stupid tank, except, he was level 59 and you do not get that untill level 60.
When I told them to back of the poor orc, and let them know this fact the brainy healer said:
LOL he is 62, oh wait i looked wrong.

No shit. Then all of a sudden it was once again the tanks fault. Because Death Knights aren't supposed to tank at all. Stupid him for rolling a tank and helping us out. It was a weird lesson in group dynamics for me, because the healer had clearly established himself as someone who knew the game, and thus made the two followers group up behind him in an combined effort against their mutual enemy. And this was dispite my efforts to tell them otherwise.
Silly woman, you don't know about endgame, now let the grown-ups trash talk the foreigner.

If everything went great it was dispite the tank, if something failed it was because of the tank.

So they could later log onto one of the hate-blogs filled with green people and post "morons of the week" and be told that they are smart little unique snowflakes that are smarter than everyone else, and do not follow mindlessly, as long as they keep following and commenting on his blog.
Group dynamics, its so fascinating. I'm going to go into this a little bit more later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

When blizzard calculates on delays

*this post has an opdate, see bottom*

I'll just come out and say it: Blizzard is purposely delaying both the Ruby Sanctum and the Cataclysm expansion.

Why? -you may wonder.

'To earn more money' - I'd say.

If you release content in the middle of summer (despite the weather outside, it is the middle of summer), where noone is online, you won't get people to stay in game.
If you release content in august, you will get people to stay online for it.

 If you release a major expansion pack without the hype your very own Convention to help build it up, you are playing the game like an idealist.
So Cata won't come untill november.

Spend stupid money on stupid stuff. 
So how does this make Blizzard money now?
Bored gamers do what bored gamers do. They get bored and try something new. If they are not too attached to WoW, they will try out Starcraft, if they are too attached to WoW, they will do like I do.

In the last two months I've spend more money on tranfers, cutumizations, race-change, faction change you name it!
It may be possible that me, as a bored player, have given Blizzard more money in these last two months, than I have in my 5 years of being a content player, playing their content, and not being bored.
This is what you can do, when you have a stable product, that people are just so used to hang on to.
I had a 6month sub, that I didn't even think about whether I was paying for nor not. It was just part of my expense-calculations:
Rent -check
car payments -check
midget strippers-check
wow-sub - check.

So now they can go for 10 months (not 10 months yet, I know, but we will get there) without releasing anything but Icecrown, and players still pay their sub.
AND combine that with players being bored, and you get money!
Whenever my schedule is 'normal' I have certain days where I know I have free time to play (ie. tueday afternoons/evenings where tv always only shows crap-chick-shows.) so I pretty much log on there as a force of habbit. In the last couple of months, however, there really hasn't been anything to do.
I've levelled my warrior tanking, My lock pew'ing and my main has maxed out fishing and cooking. These really are not things a gamer that has plenty to do, in a game, would do.

These are things you do, when you are bored!
As much as I enjoy playing a warrior, I really do not need a 4th tank at max level, nor do I need another dps alt.
So what do I do? I move them around to where I have some friends playing, and join up with them.
I race-change one of my neglected mains (more on that later) and I faction change like there was no tomorrow.
Because I am hoping against hope, that at some point, I'll hit something that will make it worth my time.

So far nothing has.

Then I realized something.
If everything goes well, I'll have done *something in game next weekend, that will be something something something. (a later post, plus I  don't want to jinx it :D) And then I think i'll spend my summer elsewhere.
I've changed my sub to 1month payments, and its running out on like the 12th.

I think I've gotten so used to paying for my sub, that I didn't even stop to wonder what I was paying for in the first place. New stuff.
I am not paying for them to finance new games. Other companies do not have WoW, and they somehow manage to make new games. I am not paying them to develop Cataclysm. Me buying the Cata-package, should pay for that. I know I've payed a lot less than the 20£ for a lot bigger games than an expansion.

So what I am paying for, is content within the expansion-packs. And in the WHOLE OF 2010 THERE HAS BEEN NO CONTENT RELEASED.
No really. Icecrown was in december '09.

Fuck this.

Just as I write that they never release new shit, they read MY BLOG, just like I told larisa in comments, GC started to cry, and to keep me playing, Ruby sanctum is very very soon to be released, and so it open beta... maybe

Friday, June 18, 2010

*sigh* if only [Intermssion]

*move along people nothing to see here, just somebody bored at work working on the late late shift on a friday*

Do you ever have one of those days where you see something and go
Maaaan, if only life was like this!

Usually it is in the movies people encounter this. So is my little story.
The first movie was/is a sleeper hit
The second was generic 
The third one I have not seen... yet.

I am of course talking about
You boook, it must be baaack

Ehm, no! Not that one

If you have seen any of these you would know that it is... well reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies.
And it is not that I wish for a world where a secret order keeps all the cool stuff for themselves in the name of good.
But I would wish that sometimes people look at my profession with something other than
Dude, it took you 3.5 years to train? Just how long does it take to learn the alphabet?

*sigh* If only....

BONUS INFO: In the very very first movie, someone did their research! When he gets asked if he can even fufill the task of a librarian, our hero yammers of a bunch of real words, in a real sentence, with technical terms that makes sense. He is talking the real librarian talk, and not just the Hollywood: "we need hyperspace conducters or the rectimstearrrm contium won't reach full flexitivity". That is soo cool :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in a main?

(yes, I am very proud of that title)

Yesterday I was in a PuG with my warlock of many pretty curves. The tank was a complete piece of scrub-wheed. He was inappropriately geared, specced and used the wrong abilities. He also happended to have chosen to play a Death Knight. 
CLEARLY he was *not* a death Knight tank. He was a moron who was leveling an alt.

For some reason a lot of idiots have gotten the idea that Death Knights are an overpowered class (hello there wolfshead), and they have also figured out that the fastest way to get into dungeons is queuing as a tank. They know that you tank in frost, but they think that this is all you need to know. They have a misguided idea that every. single. pull. in. every. single. instance. is. an. aoe. pull. everything. then. let. healers. and. aoe-dps. handle. the- rest.
And when they fail at this, they yell at the tree-druid. (there are a lot of trees in my pugs for some reason). 

So my class, gets a bad reputation, because YOUR class has people who rolled a Death Knight alt. 
Thank you for this. 

Between his failing and swearing, and the healer leaving, I had a look at recount, and saw that he was not using his tanking abilities to the fullest. In fact there was one ability that he was not using. I was going to tell him, but then I realised that I do not remember what this ability is called. In my world its the "[shift] R". You know, the tanking ability...
So I didn't say anything to him, and just left as the group fell apart. 

What is a main?
This got me thinking. I've played a Death Knight for two years now, almost. Since beta started, so that is around 2 years. And I cannot remember half of my abilities, names. 
There are my two diseases, Icy touch and that green one, number 4. And I have a blood boil, that one at least makes sense in the name-ability-look-and-effect, scale.
But half of my Death Knights abilities are stuff i click on, not stuff I know the names of. I know what buttons to press to get the effects, I know what they do when I click em. I know what the various talents do what affect them. But I cannot for all the money in the world, tell you what half of them are *named*. 

On my old main (the priest) it is an entirely different playing field. Apart from some talented shadow-abilites, I know what everything is called. I know my renews from my penance, my shadow word: death from my shadow word: pain (and they are almost named the same!!!). I know my priests abilities, and I know how to use them, but unlike my Death Knight, I know what they are called too.
Does this make my Death Knight a lesser main? A sort of second runner up, main?

It is the same problems I have in other MMOs, I never remember what the spells and abilities are called. At least not when I am not playing them.
I played Warhammer for a fair amount of time, and I doubt I could tell you one single ability from that game. 

The first love
I think part of this is stems from the fact that no character I've ever played, has ever felt so much like an extension of me in any world, than my priest. It was on him I discovered raids, pvp, mounts, my guild. Everything I love about WoW, I discovered with him. I've said earlier that I make-believe that my DK *is* my priest who had been resurrected as a Death Knight. That is how attached I feel to him. And I think I will carry the spirit of Dreamweaver over to any other game I would play later (how a dwarf would work in SW:TOR, I've yet to figure out, but i'm sure that bioware would introduce dwarfs in that game, just for me).

Because of this strong attachment, any other character feels like... not him. Don't get me wrong, Redux is much more fun to play. Much much more. So it is not the class in itself, it is my love of this cluster of pixels that makes my main. 
Something I do not expect someone like Tobold to ever understand. Because rationale thoughts are not the answer. 
Just like real love, you invest a part of yourself into something (or someone) and get so much more in return. 
Like any hobby, you invest your time and your love and your thoughts into it, and (hopefully) you get it back tenfold. That is why people love their hobbies, some love their jobs, some love their cats (although, we all know, that you cannot really love cats). It is in a very basic way, the same reason why we love other people. And it is really hard to love someone else. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is
Your first love sticks with you, and my first love is a dwarf with greying hair, who wears a dress and stands in the back and heal people. I love my tanking Death knight much much more, but he is not my first love. He is not my first MMO-toon. 
And I guess in that sense, he will always remain a secondary main, even if I do not really play my first main anymore. 

That is, what is in a main, to me. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sailing the sea of cheese(y wow sites)

So with Blizzards NDA lawyers going ban-a-bonanza over leaked Cataclysm material (you know, all that stuff that gets us excited about their game... Well that gets me excited)

Stopping the enormous datamined material that MMo-champion had dug out (and it seems they took away his alpha invite too, for doing what he always does, go figure).

Anyway, just like Lariassa over at the Pinkpigtaininn predicted, (edit: FOUND IT) all this amounted to was that those of us interested enough in what Cata will bring, will just sail further east on the glorious map over WoW-sites (although it is a bit outdated, i mean, wheres my blog on all of this?

Yarr, rarrr me maties, lets go sailing!

So I've been sailing. trying to stay out of murky waters, and away from the worst islands, and in my search I've found a land, a safe heaven.
I cannot promise, it will be just as grand to you, but for me, this is a great fun place:

(and by linking it, I know my days as a beta tester is at long last, dead and gone)
They have cool stuff like
This nifty Death Knight closed beta talent-calc
I am sure that noone has disclosed anything they where not allowed to, in this, but it is only datamined obtained through very legal methods.
If not....
Well that is what you get when you take away the tid-bits that mmo-champions where able to grand us.

Monday, June 14, 2010

E3 part 1: Xbox releveal

Hello, posting some first thought while the big xbox releveal is being shown:

- Natal (ehm sorry) KINECT, is not creepy at all! Hi little gurl, enjoy that big kitty licking your face?
No Skittles!! (Thats really the tigers name), that tickles

I'll bet it does, not creepy at all.

Neither is this: Kinectic can see wherever you are in the room, so the camera will follow you when you move. And when you give orders like: "xbox replay" It gives you an instant replay.
But hey, it gives you all those nifty program-access like Pandora, that all the US users get, even while in europe... So I guess im going to give Microsoft access to my living-room.

The dance studio and the Star wars bit, does look really promising though... Raw, but promising. And the workout bit, flat out kicked wii-fits arse

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what class should I roll? stereotypical class descriptions

You know the type, loud as a motorbike, but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight... Ever met a class/race combo in an instance and thought:

"I know you, I know just how you'll react you piece of complete and utter sh**t co**monkey with an @#%¤$ up in ¤T&@$ untill the nosebleeds will make you get the banana too"

The reason why you think this, is because you are a human being. Human beings are not capable of coping, understanding and interacting with more than a very small amount of people. So we stereotype. It is okay, we all do it. The pittfalls is not being aware of this. This usually makes you a racist. When you are unaware of your brains need to put everyone into tiny boxes, you end up using terms like: "dem niggers" "halfbreeds" or "M&S".

In a game like WoW you could fall into the same traps, and call other players, morons for rolling a night elf hunter and liking Tolkiens books, because you once ran into a complete tosser nelf hunter named "legolollz" that ganked and teabagged you very hard.

This doesn't mean that we can't play around with these stereotypes. There must (MUST) be some generel common points between me, and everyone else who knows that Dorfs are the bestest race in game (especially when we get to roll Warlocks).... Besides -you know- brains.

Why do pinkheaded mage-gnome-gurrrls all seem to be the same type? (Oh yes you do!!)
Yet, human male mages act completly different?

Im not being stereotypical, this is facts!

Let us look at some class/race combos*:

Gnome warrior (they are always female):
"Tehihihihi I am a cute little innocent guuurl, If you can't see me, its because I am so little and innocent and hiding beneath the bosses toenail. Yet, whenever I talk over TS, I sound just like a NFL Lineman". 

Female Nelf Priests:

These guys fall into two groups, those who want to heal, and those who want to shadow-pewpew
The wanting to be shadowpriests are:
Men, who want to have something cute to look at, yet still melt faces. I dare you to pug with one of these and say the following: "Just heal preist, that is all you can do" (use their class-description, not their name)

Those who just want to heal
Gurls who's emo-phase in life is not just quite over (if it was they would have rolled human), and thus their names are "eternalsorrow" "wintersdread" or "twilightsdawn"

Same difference can be found within male/female gender choices with paladins: any female paladins greatest joy, is to heal, any males, is anything BUT heal.

Dwarf Death Knight:
Just awesome. But if they are tanking, they might seem a bit grumpy. This might be that the highest praise they can ever achieve from anyone is: "that was amazing, for a DK" or "You guys are just overpowered, thats why you did X"

Gnome mages:
Didn't realise there was an option to roll hunter or warlock (you know, a REAL ranged class) so now they have drowned their sorrows in too much soda-pop-liquor, which makes them seem bubblegum cheerfull and happy with everything. 

Human anything:
What they lack in imagination, they make up for in bad excuses like: "We get more rep this way".

Human mages:
Male: Enjoy loud techno music, only, they do not call it techno, they call it things like: trance-urban-industrial-roll-drum-base-lo-fi.
Female: Lord only knows. They are not normal thats for sure.  

 Night elf hunters:
 Both dumb and slackers, and if they gank you, they are also bots. Have stupid names. 

Dwarf Warlocks:
Where in early beta, but their awsomeness, caused Blizzard to remove them from game. Somehow players achieved a "summon Ragnaros" spell, when they played this class. (he was the bomb back then)

 Undead Rogues:
They only had one thing smaller than their IQ, that was the size of their....

Anything Tauren:
If their name did NOT have some form of cow-joke in them, they are hippies and possibly communists.

Trolls (again, any class):
High, enough said

And finally: any player that ever used the term
"This nerf/dungeon/player/ability/anything is so gay"

 Are themselves struggling with their sexuality. Get to terms with it, and stop pestering the rest of with your insecurities, this is the internet, not the interweb of the 90's.

*Only one of these generalizations is true, so do not get your panties in a twist.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cataclysm release date + going to America

How are these things connected, you might ask.

I'll tell you.
But first the fun stuff. Just for you Larisa:
Cataclysm will be released on Wedensday the 8th of september 2010

How do I know? Because it fits very well with my prediction that open beta will start in the middle of June.
Also I know that Blizzard has tapped into my google-calender, and found out that I am going on holiday on the 11th of september to get my first whiff of what the US of A has to offer!

Thats right, they hate me this much. I just *know* it.

For all you US readers
If you live in the US (or have been there) I'd love to hear some tips of places to see and stuff to do. We will be in Boston and New York, and everything in between. One of the things I am looking most forward to, is seeing Patriots play live. Not that they are my favorite team, but MRs Dwism is a huge fan.
We are also planning on visiting a little old lady in NY that holds jazz concerts in her little appartment in Harlem. Guess that shows the range of stuff we are looking into. So any tips or ideas or inspiration is very much welcome

Goals before Cataclysm launches ( or I get an open beta invite)

- Get Redux (that is my main, check out the box to the right) 's fishing skill to max

- Same with cooking

- Get horde warlock to 80, and see Wrath from the other side

- Kill Lich King Heroic before my sanity well runs dry.

The 3 above seems doable over a slow summer.

The optional one... I might have failed already. At the moment, due to a work-schedule that crashes with my raiding schedule, I am only raiding one day a week, and that is on the 30-45 wipes on LK hero. That is all I do in raiding. I used to love raiding, I used to love wipe-nights. I used to love a lot of things. Now... Not so much.

The fight is ridiculously overturned, the need for at least 3 specific classes and specs, *and* good synergy, means that we often have a sub-par group going, and thus have to struggle harder on parts that are hard enough as it is.

To top it all off, we had a lot of bugs to deal with. 3 times on 3 separate occasions we had combat-logs bug out on us and thus no announce on shadow traps.
That sort of thing does wonders for your morale. Then there are the screwup. When you engage someone for the umpthienth time, you start to slip a little. It seems like
nothing's real. Everything's far away, everything's a copy of a copy of a copy [fight club]

And you make silly mistakes. People move too slowly on their disease, dispels are slow. New mobs aren't picked up properly, you lose threat on Arthas... stupid things. We never got really comfortably into phase two. And when we occasionally got there, we wiped because it was our healers that got picked up. Or people didn't move out of Defile due to lag. And then you went back to 3-5 phase one wipes. Every once in a while we even wiped on the transition phase.
 At one point our raid-leader said that if we didn't do well next try he would call it, and we would extend to next week.
What scared me about that, was that a part of me was hoping that someone would screw up.

Right now I think I'll make good use of the week to unwind, and hopefully get psyched about engaging him again on Sunday, but boy do I need to do something other than tank LK and his adds... Soon.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sticking my neck out! Cataclysm beta starts on the...

This'll be a blast.

Since All I do these days in WoW is fish n wipe on heroic Lich king, my need to write blog-posts about my wow-endeavours, is somewhat lacking.

Although my big mace-wielding dark-purple-metal-plate-wearing-death-knight on his fishing trips, is quite a disturbing sight.... hmmm


Lets look at facts!

Fact1: E3 starts June 15th

non-fact1: Blizzard won't release a release date of Cataclysm untill their own -con starts, so how will they keep players focused on anything but what great news the competition has to offer??

Fact2: According to mmo-champion, there is a Korean competition for entry to Cata beta, that ends on the 12th and winners will be announced on the 15th (see a trend here?)

Fact3: More from mmo-champ:

  • As far as I know, there is a WoW Press Tour @ Blizzard HQ this week for official fansites.
  • 5 Screenshots on the Day have been uploaded on Blizzard's site before the week-end. (= until Tuesday)

Fact4: Tuesday is the 15th!!


I was with Boubouville, when he announced that worgen and Goblins would be the next race. I even promised to run through paris naked with the guy, if he was wrong. This time, he won't commit to the date being the 15th.

This time I'll do one better: Open beta will start the 15th, or at the very least the NDA willl be lifted.
(mostly I'm basing this of fact 4 of course)

Good luck getting any press now Star Wars!