Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I will get Cataclysm

I've slowly started to realize just how much I love WoW.
As with everything else in my life, I just need someone to disagree with me to make me wake up.
This time around its Wolfshead (by way of the pinkpigtailinn)
reading his post on why he has fallen out of love with mmo's the first thought that struck me, was "He can't be a real game developer, they aren't that stupid on how games work"
There are just so many stupid things, i'm not even going to go into that, this is supposed to be a happy post dammit!

Now then. That post, catapulted me into finally posting yesterdays post about how awsome the little details are in this game. These are details you do not see anywhere (maybe apart from back to the future -movies), and one of the building blocks of greatness!

Another is the unwavering work to perfect the system.

Time to admit it
Now is just about the time where I admit that this post is nothing more than a "I read something cool, you should too" -post.

But bare with me, I do not do this often, and I'd like to think that my critical view of everything should mean something.
So when I say, this post blew my eyes wide open and made me so excited for Cataclysm and the game that we have.
And made me think a lot about what type of player I am, what sort of game I play, and why - Hopefully this will get you excited and want to follow the link.

Its from the good people at escapist-magazine, and its about stat-changes in wow.



  1. Hehe! Simple link love in disguise! Sneaky!
    But it's a good article. I loved the ending of it: "We do not play WoW to solve algebra problems".
    I suppose the think tank at EJ won't agree on that, but 99 percent of the players will.

    I too got annoyed at Wolfshead's article. What made me write my rant was that every single comment and link to it that I saw initially seemed to worship him. I felt someone had to disagree with his eloquent hate speach against WoW. I did. Eventually Tobold did and I think the debate is slightly more balanced now.

  2. sneaky? I'm a blogging ninja, I am! :)

    Maybe ill get grumpy and write a post about why I think he is so stupid, a part of me knows its not very fair to leave it so vaguely as i have, but -for now- im trying to avoid purely negative posts.

  3. "He can't be a real game developer, they aren't that stupid on how games work"

    Or, maybe, he is from an older generation of gamers that haven't succumbed to the mass produced dogma that modern MMOs and games tend to be?

    Make no mistake, I love World of Warcraft. But I utterly despise it's design and how other games are now following the repeat/reward type mechanisms in the name of "content" and "fun".

    It has created a whole generation of gamers who will only play content to get epics, instead of playing content for fun.

  4. I'm sure he is from an older generation of gamers. What I question is his ability to see what WoW has done *for* mmo's. Just like I said.

    How can you love a game and despise it's design?

  5. It's curious, I know. Insane even. I love World of Warcraft and as a game I enjoy every moment of it. However, I also believe it's design is flawed in that it emphasises gear and the achievement of gear over more meaningful content. It's almost as if it could be better.

    Look at Age of Conan as a prime example. Gaute was brilliant in his concepts, but crap in his execution. He created a game that had a focus on content and players, while putting gear in the background. Craig took over, fixed the bugs and turned the game into yet another grind. He removed the content, the cool concepts and created a repetitive gear grind.

    Great game. Crap design. Same with World of Warcraft. It could be so much better!