Sunday, May 30, 2010

This just in: LK hardmode, is hard

Maybe this should have been a twitter tweet

Surprise!! Lich King Hardmode is very very hard
That pretty much sums everything up, doesn't it?
It is weird having a fight like LK-HM exist in wrath of the Lich king. Because all the cool people agree:

WoW is so frikking easy these days, why do we keep playing this kiddy game?
Yes why do you?
Oh right, that was a (as i remembered him saying it type of) qoute from Total-Biscuit a guy who has not even killed the Lich-king in normal mode (at least not when he started this rant).
But everyone is saying it. All the little lemmings troupe up on forums yelling at how incredible easy every instance is.
Yes it is easy. That is why they call it non-heroic mode. I'll give this to Total-buscuit, the game needs a real "normal mode" and not just an easy and a hard-mode version of the dungeons.

So anyway these last couple of weeks, my little raid-group have been banging our heads at the concrete wall, that is otherwise known as "Lich King likes it rough".
And boy does he.
By now, we are fairly (only fairly) comfortably coming out of phase 1 and the transition also, but then things will start go bad. Thing is, hardmode of this fight, was tuned so hard that all it takes (at some parts) is one tiny mistake from one player and its a wipe and start over again.
There is no saving the situation if someones announce bugs and a player misses a shadow-trap. There is very little to do if your tank has fallen low'ish on health and the disc priest is picked up.
You wipe and go again.
This is a hard fight. Harder than anything I've played in wow up until now. And i've played most of it. This is a fight that takes you and churns you, untill you cannot think straight. I am in utter awe, of those guilds that did this without the wyrm buff.
As a matter of fact, there is only one other fight that I would ever compare to this in hardness, and that is yogg zero watchers.
Funny, how that fight is also in wrath, isn't it?

Could it be, that Blizzard has managed to turn the knobs and gagdets just right, so that casual players get content, and hardcore players get hard fights?

Naaa, Wrath must be easy mode.

Only thing missing now, is the removal of gating systems and the need for players to must must must have completed a dungeon in easy-mode before they get to the fun fights.
Fingers are crossed, and Cata, I am placing all my eggs in your basket! Keep up the good work, and do get it right this time!


  1. There really IS some freaking hard content in the game right now. And yeah, I find it a bit mindboggling to listen to all those whiners who keep saying it's easy when they in fact aren't even close to beating the content for themselves. It takes away a bit of the edge from their words.
    However I dare say that the hardest boss right now is to keep people coming to raids. I hope you can get LK hc down before you'll succomb due to summer issues.

  2. For now, I am the biggest problem our raid-group has. It seems my entire family has decided to turn 80, get baptized and other things like that on the days when I have to raid. I've yelled at them, and hopefully that will work :)
    I am not confident in saying that we will get him down anytime soon. We still haven't reached the second hard bit (p3) and there really isn't any room to breathe in that fight so we all to often die in p1 over and over again.

  3. I will tweet *hard lich king is hard* for you if you like :P

    I am yet to find out if easy lich king is easy..

    *is fed up of people whining about (lack of) content difficulty since Wrath launched* :P

    Anyway, good luck with hc Lich King - sounds like a brilliant challenge, and one worth working on because it'll feel like a fantastic achievement when you get him :)