Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There is still amazing things in WoW

Ever since I moved here to DWism.com, I've been a big bad meanie about how and why Blizzard does... Anything really.
I've been an old grumpy gamer, because, well I am an old grumpy gamer.
But sometimes it is nice to be reminded of just how amazing World of Warcraft is. And this is one of those times.

The people who *run* this game, are still, in my humble opinion, money-loving-publicity-retarded-people (and I think I've said way too much about this subject). But the people who made this game, are incredible.
Case in point: New Hearthglen.
You know, the little city in Dragonblight, run by the good people of the Scarlet onslaught. Lovely nice and chatty bunch, they is.
So anyway, the hottest thing on eart -That would be my rogue, Starshred- took a little ehm, look around town.

She was not picking their pockets to improve her lockpicking skill or anything like that, she just prefers the shadow, because everyone gets so flustered around her, when she is out in the open. Yes, thats why.

Anyways, Starshred (here she is now)
Get out you tall perv, Im rearranging my closetgnome!!

Oh, ehm We will just stick to the photos she took of her victi-- trip to Hearthglen
I should write home more often

 The first time she stopped mindlessly pick... looking around, was in this gentleman's room. Here is some random guy wondering why he signed up with the onslaught. Where his mother right, maybe the Scarlet Onslaught are just as bad as the people they hunt?

Then she ran into capt. Shely A guy who has a special name and absolutely no active part in Dragonblight other than to remind Death Knigths of their introduction area
Edit: And some Horde quest too
Edit: I'll be quiet now, sorry
Where was I?

The best part
I was getting to the best part. When the NPC's around this area thinks that noone is watching, they live their little lives in quiet and peace. In the onslaught that means two things: Staying true to the mission, never wavering, and killing any threat without remorse!
I shall prove this by showing a little slideshow of what they are up to

Here is a forsaken prisoner on his way to the gallows

And then she was.


Another soldier's faith starts wavering. 'Is this right for me' He wonders.
And his Sergent calls him on it (unfortunately I did not take a screen shot and the two times I returned to capture this, some robot-like hunter was chain-ganking him). He is then sent to moral-rebuilding
And the brainwashing of young impressionable souls, was redone, and him thankful, was sent back on duty.

Wrapping up, and with a "song to a picture sort of" 

What I am getting at with all of this, is that there are still a lot of work and talent and Love, being put into the game we lovingly know as WoW. There is a huge workforce putting in these little tiny gems all over the place, for none to see, but the bored, or lucky.
All of a sudden the Onslaught stopped being quests, mobs and drops, and started becoming real people. Messed-up angry sad people, but still people.
This is where the magic is, in these brilliant details, that we aren't really "meant to see", but that we really are meant to see. You see?

Lastly, I'll leave you with this tree, and the Strange fruit that grows on it


  1. You're going to go mental if I just swoon over your cute dorf gurl, aren't you :P

    I guess it's easy to wander around *blind* rushing off doing quests and levelling as quickly as possible and completely miss these things. I used to.. I like to think my eyes are a bit more open these days :)

  2. No comments!

    I myself had fallen into that excact trap, of not really playing the game, but playing the meta-game only.