Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting my affairs in order

So the world is soon to be shook by an Cataclysmic sized event.

This is the world of warcraft, of course, and the event, is the expansion.

With a new expansion, comes a brand new world, with this world comes a armor-reset, and pretty much the only thing you use now, that you will still be able to use next expansion, is your mounts, pets and your titles. In other words, the fluff.
Some go insane over this.
Others buy pretty sprakly horses.

Me, im killing barons.

One baron in particular has felt my wrath. Baron Rivendare. If you look at my statistics site, you will see that I have allready killed him 29 times. With the speed it takes me to get to him, thats a solid 5 hours I've spend killing him. For what?
For two of the 3 everlasting things. He has a pretty pretty mount, that only death knights should use!! And if I kill him (and the town he lives in) enough times, ill also get my redemption, in form of a title. When I get this title my own little roleplaying will be complete.

I used to play a dwarf priest. I makebelieve that he got himself killed by the Lich King and returned as one of his proudest warriors, the Death Knight known as Redux (thats why I picked that name). Very recently the Death Knight known as Redux, got his revenge. He is now "the kingslayer" And as further proof of his hard kicking of the evul that once was Arthas, he even got a special mount as a reward from the leaders of the alliance!

(should I post it again??)

yes I should!!

The mount was a gentle nod at Redux saying "we know you did sort of very horrible things, when you where under the Imperious Curse of Voldemo... ehhm Arthas. But you are sort of allright now".

During the argent tournament I spend bucketloads of gold for runecloth to get my Ironforge reputation at exalted, so that Redux now claims the title of Ironforge, meaning that the Dwarves have forgiven him.

So now there are the argent people left. The new school, the Crusade, already thinks he is A-okay, but the old guarde, the Argent dawn, are not so much digging the Death Knights, so there is still a lot baron slaying to be done, before that title is in place.

So that is where I will be spending a lot of my free hours in WoW. Running frogger in outdated content, scrambling for an undead guys mount, and some level 60 morons love. Aint WoW great?


  1. Haha, this is awesome :) Keep the killing the bastard, soon they'll love you again.

  2. If I kill stuff, will you love me?

    I had a weird experience last night while farming. I got a message saying that i've entered too many instances and was not able to enter anymore. What that turned out to mean, was that I had to spend 1 hour doing non-scholomance stuff since instancing on Redux was not permitted.
    I wonder if that is some trick to prevent botting)

  3. Ooh. That's old. I haven't heard about that since (well since my own Baron runs, but that's beside the point).

    It was introduced just before Molten Core became active territory (that is, before people dared go in there). Lower Blackrock Spire had a chest and a rare elite (Bannok Grimaxe) who could be soloed by rogues at that time. People would enter an instance, check if he was there (over the bridge, drop down behind the patrol, stealth to the ramp, distract, drop on the ledge on the right over the lava, run to the edge ... err.. not that I did that or anything) and reset the instance if he was not.

    That lead to a lot (a LOT) of empty Lower Blackrock Spires being kept open. The amount of instances now should limit you to 6 per one-hour period, and they decay at the time you entered them. Technically that probably means all current heroics can be chain-run forever.

  4. Guess that shows just how much of a farmer I was back in the day :)