Friday, May 21, 2010

Cultural differences. (non-WoW)

There will be a "real" wow-post later today (hopefully), thanks to the combined efforts of Kurnak and his many Urnaks and Larisa-always-add-questionmarks-pink-pigtaill-innkeeper (that one never gets old.. at least not yet)

But right now, I want to add a long rant-like comment to my post from yesterday. Because the response on it was amazing, and shocking, and surprising. Very surprising.

When I launch a post, I always have a pretty good idea what the comments on it will be, but this time I was very wrong in my assumptions. (you know what happens when you are assuming? Something about the emperor ming, I can't remember it)
Anyway, I think the reason why I got surprised, was based on a cultural differences.
Right when I came out of High school, I took a year off, and went to the amazingly lovely town of Henley-on-themes to work as a waiter. Henley, is a tiny British city known for two things: the huge % of old money that lives nearby and their country club in city. And then it is known for the royal regatta. Thats where some people on  row-boats race each other and then  Borat turns up and kisses you.
Anyway, that was a huge cultural shock for me. I didn't understand a thing anyone was saying. And I was way to concerned about my phrasing and grammar to ever give an answer in any shape of form, which lead to my bosses thinking I was a bit.. slow.
What I am getting to is that even though I thought I knew English, I didn't know shit. And working in a kitchen did not help at all.
When you prep the Flabberlushi you must remember to preheat the winkleberry before you serve the shit, got it? GO, SERVICE PLEASE.
Say what?

Knowing a language and knowing a very specialized sub-catagory (in this example its the food-industrys sub-language), are two very different things. That and the customs British people have a weird. It took me 3 months to get used to the fact that when people asked you "heyhowareyoutoday" and ran on, your reply was "finecheersyou" and not expecting an answer.
Some of us, never got it. I remember one of the female waitresses was having a shit-day and felt like crap so when one of the chefs ran by and asked the above, she graped a hold on him for 15 minutes talking about how she was really not doing okay at the moment. Ahh memories.

The point
There was a point to all of this? Oh right. Yesterdays blog-post.
I was expecting some very different comments than the ones I got. And that is the first time that has happened to me. I found this very interesting, mainly because the comments took this to a very different new and exciting direction.
You see, this post was meant to be a very provocative post. Unfortunately the part that was meant to piss people off, got lost in translation (or maybe subtlety just ain't my thing.. nah, ill blame translation, otherwise all of the above has been wasted).
Where I come from we have an old joke about "us human beings" and on the other side those woman (and sometimes children). So when I wrote a long post complaining about how my female toons where not being taken seriously and ended it with
But I do feel sorry for those players who are women on the other side of the screen, and play women, have the gear, and the talent, and the insight, almost as much as we human beings do, and yet, are not being taken seriously. 

I was not expecting comments like
I love playing female dwarfs

I don't think this post has any point to it, other than me being flabbergasted at how great it is, that the comments turned this little stupid post into something more.

I guess I can hope that Larissa will start a male chauvinistic Orc and ill tank on my warrior cow "udderly". And we will all grow as human beings, and understand the world better.

PS. I realize that the quote above looks like I am making fun of Issy. I am not. If anything, I am making fun of myself


  1. I suspect for many women this:

    "But I do feel sorry for those players who are women on the other side of the screen, and play women, have the gear, and the talent, and the insight, almost as much as we human beings do, and yet, are not being taken seriously"

    is something they're so used to grappling with, fighting against and over-coming that the only possible response is "yes, yes, Dwism, and by the way I love female dorfs."

    Also it's obvious you're not making fun of Issy - one makes fun of Issy at your peril ;)

  2. You may be right. Next time i'll try some racial slurs and see if that grabs the attention of my readers.
    Dem dumb green-eyes.

  3. *giggles* I can't believe I missed this post til now :P

    What Tam said :)


    You can make fun of me all you like :) I has thick skin and I will just hex you over the internet :)

    I think I read something wrong again though.. You want me to be provocative? Like by putting my female dorf in the black mageweave set? ;)

  4. I... ehhh... sometimes it is not all that horrible to be misunderstood!

    [puts on serious face] I like to provoke people. Provoking forces people to stop and think. And since I cannot write like you or tam can, I'll settle for forcing people to think

  5. Arghh.. you want me to think?? Give me some warning next time dammit :P