Sunday, May 30, 2010

This just in: LK hardmode, is hard

Maybe this should have been a twitter tweet

Surprise!! Lich King Hardmode is very very hard
That pretty much sums everything up, doesn't it?
It is weird having a fight like LK-HM exist in wrath of the Lich king. Because all the cool people agree:

WoW is so frikking easy these days, why do we keep playing this kiddy game?
Yes why do you?
Oh right, that was a (as i remembered him saying it type of) qoute from Total-Biscuit a guy who has not even killed the Lich-king in normal mode (at least not when he started this rant).
But everyone is saying it. All the little lemmings troupe up on forums yelling at how incredible easy every instance is.
Yes it is easy. That is why they call it non-heroic mode. I'll give this to Total-buscuit, the game needs a real "normal mode" and not just an easy and a hard-mode version of the dungeons.

So anyway these last couple of weeks, my little raid-group have been banging our heads at the concrete wall, that is otherwise known as "Lich King likes it rough".
And boy does he.
By now, we are fairly (only fairly) comfortably coming out of phase 1 and the transition also, but then things will start go bad. Thing is, hardmode of this fight, was tuned so hard that all it takes (at some parts) is one tiny mistake from one player and its a wipe and start over again.
There is no saving the situation if someones announce bugs and a player misses a shadow-trap. There is very little to do if your tank has fallen low'ish on health and the disc priest is picked up.
You wipe and go again.
This is a hard fight. Harder than anything I've played in wow up until now. And i've played most of it. This is a fight that takes you and churns you, untill you cannot think straight. I am in utter awe, of those guilds that did this without the wyrm buff.
As a matter of fact, there is only one other fight that I would ever compare to this in hardness, and that is yogg zero watchers.
Funny, how that fight is also in wrath, isn't it?

Could it be, that Blizzard has managed to turn the knobs and gagdets just right, so that casual players get content, and hardcore players get hard fights?

Naaa, Wrath must be easy mode.

Only thing missing now, is the removal of gating systems and the need for players to must must must have completed a dungeon in easy-mode before they get to the fun fights.
Fingers are crossed, and Cata, I am placing all my eggs in your basket! Keep up the good work, and do get it right this time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I will get Cataclysm

I've slowly started to realize just how much I love WoW.
As with everything else in my life, I just need someone to disagree with me to make me wake up.
This time around its Wolfshead (by way of the pinkpigtailinn)
reading his post on why he has fallen out of love with mmo's the first thought that struck me, was "He can't be a real game developer, they aren't that stupid on how games work"
There are just so many stupid things, i'm not even going to go into that, this is supposed to be a happy post dammit!

Now then. That post, catapulted me into finally posting yesterdays post about how awsome the little details are in this game. These are details you do not see anywhere (maybe apart from back to the future -movies), and one of the building blocks of greatness!

Another is the unwavering work to perfect the system.

Time to admit it
Now is just about the time where I admit that this post is nothing more than a "I read something cool, you should too" -post.

But bare with me, I do not do this often, and I'd like to think that my critical view of everything should mean something.
So when I say, this post blew my eyes wide open and made me so excited for Cataclysm and the game that we have.
And made me think a lot about what type of player I am, what sort of game I play, and why - Hopefully this will get you excited and want to follow the link.

Its from the good people at escapist-magazine, and its about stat-changes in wow.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There is still amazing things in WoW

Ever since I moved here to, I've been a big bad meanie about how and why Blizzard does... Anything really.
I've been an old grumpy gamer, because, well I am an old grumpy gamer.
But sometimes it is nice to be reminded of just how amazing World of Warcraft is. And this is one of those times.

The people who *run* this game, are still, in my humble opinion, money-loving-publicity-retarded-people (and I think I've said way too much about this subject). But the people who made this game, are incredible.
Case in point: New Hearthglen.
You know, the little city in Dragonblight, run by the good people of the Scarlet onslaught. Lovely nice and chatty bunch, they is.
So anyway, the hottest thing on eart -That would be my rogue, Starshred- took a little ehm, look around town.

She was not picking their pockets to improve her lockpicking skill or anything like that, she just prefers the shadow, because everyone gets so flustered around her, when she is out in the open. Yes, thats why.

Anyways, Starshred (here she is now)
Get out you tall perv, Im rearranging my closetgnome!!

Oh, ehm We will just stick to the photos she took of her victi-- trip to Hearthglen
I should write home more often

 The first time she stopped mindlessly pick... looking around, was in this gentleman's room. Here is some random guy wondering why he signed up with the onslaught. Where his mother right, maybe the Scarlet Onslaught are just as bad as the people they hunt?

Then she ran into capt. Shely A guy who has a special name and absolutely no active part in Dragonblight other than to remind Death Knigths of their introduction area
Edit: And some Horde quest too
Edit: I'll be quiet now, sorry
Where was I?

The best part
I was getting to the best part. When the NPC's around this area thinks that noone is watching, they live their little lives in quiet and peace. In the onslaught that means two things: Staying true to the mission, never wavering, and killing any threat without remorse!
I shall prove this by showing a little slideshow of what they are up to

Here is a forsaken prisoner on his way to the gallows

And then she was.


Another soldier's faith starts wavering. 'Is this right for me' He wonders.
And his Sergent calls him on it (unfortunately I did not take a screen shot and the two times I returned to capture this, some robot-like hunter was chain-ganking him). He is then sent to moral-rebuilding
And the brainwashing of young impressionable souls, was redone, and him thankful, was sent back on duty.

Wrapping up, and with a "song to a picture sort of" 

What I am getting at with all of this, is that there are still a lot of work and talent and Love, being put into the game we lovingly know as WoW. There is a huge workforce putting in these little tiny gems all over the place, for none to see, but the bored, or lucky.
All of a sudden the Onslaught stopped being quests, mobs and drops, and started becoming real people. Messed-up angry sad people, but still people.
This is where the magic is, in these brilliant details, that we aren't really "meant to see", but that we really are meant to see. You see?

Lastly, I'll leave you with this tree, and the Strange fruit that grows on it

Friday, May 21, 2010

How best to sell WoW to players and non-players alike?

This post from the lovely Larisa at the pinkpigtaill-inn (whom I owe a round after making so much fun of her questionmarks) sparked a long discussion (her posts always do), about how Blizzard is handling their brand.

This is a pet-peeve of mine, and one that Larisa has dug into, a lot also.
The premise of this post of hers is how do players feel about spending 150$ on a convention where all they do is pay to get advertisement thrown in their faces (My phrasing, not hers, Im cynical, Larisa is loving).
Kurnak asked how players that have been to Blizzcon feel about the price (he compared it to paying 6euros to enter a comic-con in Spain). And since I've been to the Worldwide invitational (WoWi) back in 08. That one was the last worldwide invitational, and it was held in Paris.
Now, why they would stop their worldwide invitationals considering the audience in the pacific, the east (especially in Korea) and in Europe, is beyond me. But then, this is no new trend from US companies. They don't like money that much I guess.

Anyway that is not what I wanted to discuss. Point is, I've been to one, it was great. I'd love to go again if the chance was there, but I would never ever ever ever pay 150$ to enter.
My last trip was part of my summer holiday. Me and the missus, went to Paris, sat at small restaurants, held hands, drank wine, kissed, and tried to speak french. It was a great trip, and on the last two days I'd gotten my old boss convinced to pay the entry fee for the both of us, to go to WoWi. So there was something in Paris for me to look forward to :)

It was an incredible experience. The thing I remember most vividly was the reveal of Diablo 3. When that guitar started playing that theme, I was ecstatic, I was in the 7th heaven.
But I know that my experience would have been greatly soured if I had payed 150$ to get in. The panel discussions where bland, and filled with well-rehearsed speeches, and hype. They where not so much discussions as they where advertisement. None of the developers I saw, seemed to care very much for taking the fans question or comments to heart. They where there, so they could see Paris, and say that they had listened to the fans. Without actually having to listen to the fans.

I don't blame them, fans aren't game developers, they don't know shit. Fans will cry about nerfs, and not give a damn about the overall picture. And Blizz games are good enough, without them having to listen to anyone other than themselves.
But it does sound good to have said that you have panels where you listen to the fans.

Just like it sounds good to say that you have a twitter-feed, where fans can connect and really get close to their prefered games. (again, they do not listen to what the fans comment on their twitter account, it is used as a cheap way to get small press-releases out).

Larisa argues that Blizzard has succeeded in convincing us that they are not like an airplane company, trying to make profit, but that they are nerds like us.
I'd argue that this is not true at all.
They should never be like a airplane company. Because we do not need to care about the product of an airplane company. If Stephanie Meyer had made a press release stating that "breaking dawn" would contain Edward with his shirt off 33 % more of the time, since that is what the target audience wanted, her books would not sell as much.

White Wolf would never claim that their New World of Darkness setting was made, to re-release the Old world of Darkness books, so they could sell them all again. Because that is not what they did, and that is not something that their fans would consider purchasing. Why do Blizzard then, seem to think that they are an airplane company, and not creators of a creative interactive product, where their customers buy into the world surrounding them, just as much as they buy into the games themselves?

They where not always this daft.

Blizzard was once a company that would go out and brag about a game the cancelled, they where infamous for giving release dates of "when it is ready".
Nowadays, things are different. Nowadays they shut down Worldwide invitational because it is too expensive, and the tickets won't cover those expenses. (my words, not blizzards though).
They hire a vast array of quasi-celebrities to ask people "whats your game". A commercial that I loved, and so did others. So much so, that in certain circles, Night-elf-mohawk, became the class description for nelf warriors.

Blizzard took note. Those internet memes are a great and cheap way to bolster our publicity. So they launched the mohawk grenades.

They where a fanstasticly fun thing.

For 30 seconds.
Then they not used. People in game stopped using an advertisement gimmick, because it was not fun, and it ruined their gaming experience.

What did Blizzard do? They repeated the whole thing once more. Same in game item, same commercials on TV, same same same same. Everything became all about the Benjamin's, baby. (Its almost poetic that hiphops biggest sellout made that song.)
I've not met a single player who was psyched about this addition to the game (at least not having it again). Its like that creepy uncle that keeps adding "thats what she said, last night.. IN BED" to everything, at the family reunion. When you are 7 its funny.. The first time.
Now its just sad.

Same with the mohawk grenades. There will be a couple of level 3 toons running up to the AH's and tossing grenades, everyone else, just /sigh at them.

What they should do
Forget they ever made those commercials (or redo them with new people), and leave the night elf mohawk alone. Let it get a nostalgic shine, instead of having it go down in flames, with players hating your game over their failed understanding of what an internet meme can be.
Those money they save on not paying royalties to MR T, could be used for this:
My suggestion: make Blizzcon free. Make the vid-cast from it free, and raffle of the tickets.
Make the commercial that a -con is, worth going to.
Half the tickets could get raffled of, as prices for those who enter. The other half should be handed out to random fans, and to enthustiastic fans.
You know the type, the players that make the WoW-cakes, the Murloc costumes, the Orc-tribal tatoos. Hell even the kid that made the "Don't blame me, I voted for fire" banners, those kinds of fans.
That is what you want your other gamers to see. Players enthused about Blizzard games. Because lets face it, there are no new players for wow, only former players and present players. And to keep them playing Blizzard would need this sort of hype going.

Why won't they do this? Because an expense for BlizzCon, does not look as good for the investors, as a sparkly pony's profit. And this is why their credit at the moral-savings and loans is going so low these days.

ps. Not all is lost, my next post will show that there are still creativity and heart in Blizzard games. I've found a little gem in Wrath that 'd like to share :)

Cultural differences. (non-WoW)

There will be a "real" wow-post later today (hopefully), thanks to the combined efforts of Kurnak and his many Urnaks and Larisa-always-add-questionmarks-pink-pigtaill-innkeeper (that one never gets old.. at least not yet)

But right now, I want to add a long rant-like comment to my post from yesterday. Because the response on it was amazing, and shocking, and surprising. Very surprising.

When I launch a post, I always have a pretty good idea what the comments on it will be, but this time I was very wrong in my assumptions. (you know what happens when you are assuming? Something about the emperor ming, I can't remember it)
Anyway, I think the reason why I got surprised, was based on a cultural differences.
Right when I came out of High school, I took a year off, and went to the amazingly lovely town of Henley-on-themes to work as a waiter. Henley, is a tiny British city known for two things: the huge % of old money that lives nearby and their country club in city. And then it is known for the royal regatta. Thats where some people on  row-boats race each other and then  Borat turns up and kisses you.
Anyway, that was a huge cultural shock for me. I didn't understand a thing anyone was saying. And I was way to concerned about my phrasing and grammar to ever give an answer in any shape of form, which lead to my bosses thinking I was a bit.. slow.
What I am getting to is that even though I thought I knew English, I didn't know shit. And working in a kitchen did not help at all.
When you prep the Flabberlushi you must remember to preheat the winkleberry before you serve the shit, got it? GO, SERVICE PLEASE.
Say what?

Knowing a language and knowing a very specialized sub-catagory (in this example its the food-industrys sub-language), are two very different things. That and the customs British people have a weird. It took me 3 months to get used to the fact that when people asked you "heyhowareyoutoday" and ran on, your reply was "finecheersyou" and not expecting an answer.
Some of us, never got it. I remember one of the female waitresses was having a shit-day and felt like crap so when one of the chefs ran by and asked the above, she graped a hold on him for 15 minutes talking about how she was really not doing okay at the moment. Ahh memories.

The point
There was a point to all of this? Oh right. Yesterdays blog-post.
I was expecting some very different comments than the ones I got. And that is the first time that has happened to me. I found this very interesting, mainly because the comments took this to a very different new and exciting direction.
You see, this post was meant to be a very provocative post. Unfortunately the part that was meant to piss people off, got lost in translation (or maybe subtlety just ain't my thing.. nah, ill blame translation, otherwise all of the above has been wasted).
Where I come from we have an old joke about "us human beings" and on the other side those woman (and sometimes children). So when I wrote a long post complaining about how my female toons where not being taken seriously and ended it with
But I do feel sorry for those players who are women on the other side of the screen, and play women, have the gear, and the talent, and the insight, almost as much as we human beings do, and yet, are not being taken seriously. 

I was not expecting comments like
I love playing female dwarfs

I don't think this post has any point to it, other than me being flabbergasted at how great it is, that the comments turned this little stupid post into something more.

I guess I can hope that Larissa will start a male chauvinistic Orc and ill tank on my warrior cow "udderly". And we will all grow as human beings, and understand the world better.

PS. I realize that the quote above looks like I am making fun of Issy. I am not. If anything, I am making fun of myself

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Genders in MMO's, how being a hot girl helps.

I have a dirty secret to reveal. It is a horrible horrible thing to do, it is one of the great big mmo-taboos.

When I group for dungeons on my alts, I pretend im a chick. 

I am not at Snottydin's hights at all. I do not even *say* that I am a gurl in real life. I just play a female toon (on the characters in question) that is undergeared, plays well, and is very very non-masculine in their approach to everything group-wise.

It is a strange dynamic, where I would type and do the same things in both my overgeared Death Knight tank, my undergeared protadin and my female dwarf rogue. And the 3 things will be recieved very differently.

On the (male and overgeared) DK
 Usually, my DKs words will be taken in one of two ways:

You are the tank, are the tank in gear, your word is law, sorry that I dared mention that you should have been in frost specc

- This, I might add, would be after me telling a dps off for not getting out of the stuff, or for pulling when I was in my dps talents. The other reaction was from when I did a run with a guildies alt. He got an [this achievement used to be hard, but now we outgear everything so we did it without trying] -achievement. Where I replied with an "grz nab".
Then all hell broke loose. The unguilded hunter went into a pent up-ive-have-enough-of-elitist-pricks-rage. Froth spewing out of every orifice he managed to spell out

Just because you are the tank and you have gear and this is easy for you, you should get of your high horse and effing effing [blank] a horse [blank] while wearing that hat inside [blank] [blank] [blank] on mother day. 

 Whereas both me and my guildie pointed out the similarities in our guild-tag, and everything and everyone calmed down. (I might add that I congratulated "all you nabs" after we successfully had cleared the place, to many /lol's).

On the (male and undergeared) Protadin
On my paladin, the world is a different place. A hostile place. A place filled with snickering bickering mean words and lots of "playing the blame game (much more than playing the dungeon-crawling game)" at my expense. Usually this is how things will play out
/enter dungeon 
/p Hai everybody
/[random] is that your tanking gear?
/[me] yes
Next instance

/enter dungeon 
/p Hai everybody
/[random] is that your tanking gear?
/[me] yes it is
/[random] I have more hp than you on my main, and he is a mage
/[me] 32k health is plenty for non-heroic Pit of Saron
/[random] we are going to wipe because of you, ill tank in my ret-gear and ret-talents
And then I am forced into a 15 minute wow-cock comparison contest, trying to explain to random male huge ego-no-gameplay-understanding that hp is not all that matters, threat, dmg reduction and being able to take hits counts too. (and I've never wiped on my paladin, when tanking. Ever. I still wipe people on my DK). 

This is why I do not tank on my paladin. This is why there are such a huge lack of tanks. People cannot tell the difference between an apt geared/gemmed/echanted/specced tank and random moron dps with two items of tank gear and buckets of stam. There are so many loudmouthes that *prefer* the dps specced moron with loads of stam. 
These are also people who will yet at the healer a lot. 

On my lowgeared, dusty old Warlock [that is a hot looking chick]
/p hai everybody
/[everybody] hai, lets do this.

And then we do this. If there is any complication, or dickheads, I'll be the one going "calm down you two, and lets focus on the task at hand", or "dont yell at the healer, we are fine" "don't yell at the tank, if you did your job right, we would be fine" and even: "/w have you considered using defensive stance?".

And every single advice I give is ignored by the big boys. Even advice like "healing priest is OOM, mana break"  or "could we please buff up before pulling that boss that wiped us before?".
Completly ignored. 
Im the hot BE with luscous lips who are just so darn adorable when she pretends to know the game. 

And on my Rogue female dwarf it is even worse. Because only chicks would play dwarf females (they *ARE* hot), and only UGLY women would play female dwarfs. 

What? No, Calli never said anything about ugly women playing female dorfs. Calli is a good guy (who's main is a human female!!), who has unresolved issues about him being attracted to female dorfs.

True story: Everytime I log onto my rogue, calli logs off. And EVERY SINGLE TIME, I get a /w, two seconds later after he logs, from a female dwarf named "Mrslovesalot" telling me how she/he wishes I was a Dorf female IRL, and if I would pose for him/her for 1000g. Coincidence? I think not! (And I'm owed a lot of gold by now, btw).

Back on track

What I am getting at, is that I am in fact NOT pretending to be a chick, I am, however, being treated as one, and I very much prefer it over having the, "my dad could beat your dad", contests my male mains have to go through.
If I wanted to be taken seriously, I'll log onto my male main, and run a heroic or PuG voa. there, they frikking STFU and the /w I get there are more along the lines of:

/[OT] how do you make so much threat?
/[me, looking at the two rogues and 3 hunter from my guild MD'ing at me at every pull] "Its a little bit my gear, and a lot to do with talent my DK tanking friend."

So there are some things about MMO's being caught in 50 year old sexist issues, that I like, and that is when you can get them to play in your favour. But I do feel sorry for those players who are women on the other side of the screen, and play women, have the gear, and the talent, and the insight almost as much as we human beings do, and yet, are not being taken seriously. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why are we still talking about mainspecc loot?

As Larissa of the Pinkpigtaillinn has explained to me: Starting your posts with a question mark, is the best way to write a post. So I will try and do? that? more? Im not sure I understand the concept.

Todays topic was brought on by a comment over at the "morally upright round things" (some weirdos refer to it as the "righteous orbs".) Where Tam talks about this Godawful evul selfish holy-paladin, that gets forced to play ret once in a while, and then has the nerves to roll on a dps axe, when the Death Knight tank rolled on it also!

Well, thank GOD, that the paladin -dispite of winning the roll- didn't have the moral codex of a flying squirrel, to keep it, but traded it to the rightfull owner. The tanking Death Knight.
So it was a story that ended well for everyone involved. The tank got his big axe, and the paladin learned a valuable lesson in knowing her place.

I guess the story should have ended there, if it was not for one priest in need of discipline (did you know that disciplinning priests are the most used two word combo in blog-titles anywhere? only second after the "hot" and "dot" combo.) Who made a comment that sparkled my post for today.
I roll a healing/healing spec myself, but my guess would be that hybrids didn't like the idea of announcing their MS at the beginning of the raid because (1) the want to hedge their bets, as you said, and (2) they don't want to come off as greedy jerks right at the start of every raid (I like to hide my greedy jerkitude until at least the first boss is down, personally). 
 I, phew, so many things in that qouote made me stop and think. First off, why are people with multiple speccs slimy evul creatures who's only goal is to horde as much loot for themselves? Oh wait, no they are not.

If you have ever played the "3rd healer" in a 10 manned, you will know that having equally good dps and healing gear, is what will save your raid wipes, and frustration. 
so why does people hate on players that save the raid and helps progress? Why do so many players think it is a bad idea that the paladin who switches from ret to holy in a heartbeat, gets to roll equally with healers on healing gear, and the melee on melee gear?
Could it be loot jealousy?
As I posted myself on Tams blog, the answer is DKP. In my guild we have 1 loot rule (well, many, but one above the others)
DKP decides, who gets the loot
The only exception for this rule is on Orange gear, but that is because it takes a guild-effort to get those staffs and axes. And so that is awarded to dedicated loyal players (who then get a DKP cut).

I'll take myself as an example (this is obviously also why I am so pissed at single-specc lootwhores) in my 10 manned raid I tank. I have spend all my dkp to make sure I can tank the best I possibly can. At the moment My tank gear is awsome. Apart from 1 neck piece, i am very happy with every single piece of gear I own. because when we raid in 10s I often tank.
When I backup in 25 I dps. I dps somewhere above the tanks,  around the mark of the expose armor sluts rogues. Way below all the other dps. Because I have focused my gear on tanking. Ive saved up my dkp and my frost emblems to get me as good a tanking set as possible.
So I am never a benefit for my raid-group when I dps, because I am a tier and a half behind everyone else.

You can't get dps gear, you are a tank
So I sign up for VoA, I do not need anything from VoA.. Tankwise. And this is VoA 25 we are talking about. And I do not need a single item. That is pretty good for a 10 manned raider.
And yet, I have to queue up as dps, in order to be allowed to get dps. And Im looking at a 45k DK in half n half gear, saying he will MT.
How is me pretending to be a dps only helping anyone there?
Luckily the raid-leader is a guildie of mine, so I ask if I should tank. "please" is the response. and so I have to make a big deal out of
"yes, I will tank for you, but I am here as dps, so I will be rolling on dps gear only"

I realise in a PuG raid people will roll need on any loot that isn't red.
If the hat ain't red, it belongs on your head
But in a guild? Why would you want to hold your guild back in terms of progress over loot? denying your socalled "offspeccs" decent gear, will hold you back on progress.
Within reaon of course. When you see someone who bids on gear that would make a huge difference to them, you let em win, but if its a toss up, you roll for it. For the betterment of the entire guilds progress.

Did it hurt me when I lost the bid for lord marrowgaws axe, for the second time in two weeks?
It did, but I did not have the dkp for it, and the upgrade was huge for me, but not that huge, and I did. not. have. the. dkp.

Tam; no this whole post is not aimed at your guilds practices, yes, i misread your post on purpose, and yes I do know that this is not the way things went down, and the DK needed the axe more, and the paladin wasnt forced to do anything. That post was just a catalyst for something thats bugged me for a long time.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


The hangovers are not so bad, they only show when I try and think

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting my affairs in order

So the world is soon to be shook by an Cataclysmic sized event.

This is the world of warcraft, of course, and the event, is the expansion.

With a new expansion, comes a brand new world, with this world comes a armor-reset, and pretty much the only thing you use now, that you will still be able to use next expansion, is your mounts, pets and your titles. In other words, the fluff.
Some go insane over this.
Others buy pretty sprakly horses.

Me, im killing barons.

One baron in particular has felt my wrath. Baron Rivendare. If you look at my statistics site, you will see that I have allready killed him 29 times. With the speed it takes me to get to him, thats a solid 5 hours I've spend killing him. For what?
For two of the 3 everlasting things. He has a pretty pretty mount, that only death knights should use!! And if I kill him (and the town he lives in) enough times, ill also get my redemption, in form of a title. When I get this title my own little roleplaying will be complete.

I used to play a dwarf priest. I makebelieve that he got himself killed by the Lich King and returned as one of his proudest warriors, the Death Knight known as Redux (thats why I picked that name). Very recently the Death Knight known as Redux, got his revenge. He is now "the kingslayer" And as further proof of his hard kicking of the evul that once was Arthas, he even got a special mount as a reward from the leaders of the alliance!

(should I post it again??)

yes I should!!

The mount was a gentle nod at Redux saying "we know you did sort of very horrible things, when you where under the Imperious Curse of Voldemo... ehhm Arthas. But you are sort of allright now".

During the argent tournament I spend bucketloads of gold for runecloth to get my Ironforge reputation at exalted, so that Redux now claims the title of Ironforge, meaning that the Dwarves have forgiven him.

So now there are the argent people left. The new school, the Crusade, already thinks he is A-okay, but the old guarde, the Argent dawn, are not so much digging the Death Knights, so there is still a lot baron slaying to be done, before that title is in place.

So that is where I will be spending a lot of my free hours in WoW. Running frogger in outdated content, scrambling for an undead guys mount, and some level 60 morons love. Aint WoW great?