Monday, April 26, 2010

Your connection to the server has been terminated (pt. 2)

Welcome to Hell, party of one?

Yes please, could I get to sit close in the 'helplessness and agonizing' section please?

Right this way

Twenty minutes before my raid started on Sunday, I got a connection. I logged in, and prepped and went to the raid. I was happy. I had already mentally scrapped my (pt 1) of this two part series, in order to just make a "look what I got" -post.
But alas. I should learn to never take my joys beforehand.

It started great

Raid logged in, people started gathering, some where still not online. One of them that was not online, is someone who is rather... Known for being late.
She’s been playing WoW for five years and has never been at a raid on time in her life. Since the beginning of recorded statistics she’s been summoned into instances over 1000 times and always after raid start time. This distinctly female concept of time extends to her understanding of what exactly a five minute raid break means. To you and me it means five minutes. To her it means however long it takes to powder her nose, make tea, see what’s on TV and call her mother. Civilisations have risen and fallen in the time it takes her to answer a /readycheck.

So that was alright :)
She did not, however, turn up. Luckily one of our raid-leaders (same guy who stepped in to take my place when I dc'ed on Saturday) was online, just in case I'd get the same problems again. So he took her place. His alt, could not heal though, so we where on two healers only. That excluded a lot of hardmodes, but since it was not hardmodes I needed in order to get my mount, I was not too bothered. And we quickly started to chip away at the last needed achievements in the group.

Before long all I needed was the Lich Kings achievement.

Things got hectic

Before long, however we reach a standstill. Sindragosa. Two healers and her on hardmode, does not match, and one of the people needing that Achievement was the Paladin that was mia, still.

So we posponed that desicion and took a break. After that break, we realised there was still no sign of her, so we decided messed around with the achievement for a couple of tries, and ended up killing the big bad Dragon on normal.
And I swear to God, we had just finished looting Sindragosa and had taken the teleport to the Lich King, when she came back online.

Thing is, if we had stayed cool and not downed the dragon, or her on call duty had ended sooner, we would have killed that dragon for achievement, and next week we could start working on LK hardmode.
You see, you need to have killed the 3 endbosses in each wing on hard mode, in the same raid-lock *before* you can engage LK in hardmode.
So that dreadded day (it looks insane) will have to be postponed.
Anyway, she came online, got the summon, we started killing The Lich King for my final achievement.

Before we get to that

Lets rewind to the break we had earlier. In that break, I started lagging. I used a bit of my break to browse blogs, and suddenly I could not open Pinkpigtailinn. Panic.
I switched back to the game, and lo and behold, I was running but not moving. Then TS said something

Your connection to the server has been Terminated

Mrs Dwism got involved. At least she got awoken from my cries of agony. I may have awoken the little boy living in the apartment upstairs from us too.
I may have cussed a bit too.
Resetting my router did nothing, but after 5 minutes I got a connection and logged back in. And I had no problems in the Sindragosa fight.

Guess what happens next

Back to the fight. We engage the Lich king and start nuking. Diseases get counted up, and at excactly 30, we move to transition phase. p2 goes off without a hitch and we smoothly move into the second transition phase. This transistion is handled the best we've done yet. Hardly any raging spirits are left alive. I run in, taunt Arthas and move him into position for the first "vile spirits"
Everything seems to be going smoothly. Our other tank takes him after a bit and I run headfirst into the vile spirits and take a hit from them (so those standing in the back in their sissy robes don't have to), I hear the RL over teamspeak "Redux taunt at next soul reaper that is comming in 5" I change target to LK.... Then don't move.
"Redux taunt NOW"
"Shieldwalling, Ill need extra attention"
At this time I'm yelling over TS that my screen has frozen, but I can still hear them. They do not, however, hear me.
WoW goes back into the log-in screen.
I make the best impression of XT-002's tantrum

NO... no no no no no

And tell my pc that it is a bad toy, and I'm done playing with it now.
I can still hear TS however.

"Redux is offline... and is standing in the next defile"
- Craptastic.
"Okay that vile, got really big, can we avoid it?"

At this time I am franticly trying to log back in, and failing. Then I hear two sentences over Teamspeak, the first make me very happy, the second, scares me:

Okay he is down, don't release now [hahahaha]
Allright, taking bets, will the achievement count for Redux if he dies before the lazy dwarf gets back in?

Holy crap!
A wipe, I could handle, we would do it again, but if the raid kills him... dammit.

Just hold damage on him...Your connection to the server has been terminated

TS dies again. I log out of the game. I try and get TS up.

Years and years later
(or what feels like it)

I get a connection again. I log in, I get on TS, they are still taking bets, but have stopped damage on 3%.
While the loading screen is loading I hear over TS

Okay nuke

And I get in, see my dead body, see Lk on 2% and then... my screen freezes again.

I am about to lose the last bit of sanity left in me, untill I realise its the kill-movie that has started.
I did it. We got the achievement and I got my mount!


And a bit of lore too:

My first 310% mount, and its a beaut. Even if some looser human lost an arm taming it!!

So not only did we beat the Lich King, but I also beat my internet connection. At least for one raid.


  1. omg.. I held my breath through your whole post.. be more succinct next time dammit! :D

    Whee! Congratulations :)

    Brilliant posts :D

  2. That was quite an exciting story! And I'm such a sucker for happy ends. Big grats!

  3. @issy: NEVER!! I'll drag out the wait as long as I possibly can
    @lar: Do you remember the nerdgasm vid from Paragon? I topped that... alone, after that kill. I got picked on a bit after that too :D