Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your connection to the server has been terminated (pt. 1)

As I am typing this, it is now Sunday morning.
 In two hours my raid-group will meet up and clear ICC 10 and the second half of my group will get their new mounts.

In other words, everyone in my group will get their mounts, except me. As the title of this post may indicate, I've not had a great weekend. My internet connection has died out on me two times.
The first time, it died this weekend was Saturday morning; On the first pull of the last trash before Mr. "Boooonestoooorm". Like I told a guildie last night:
That meant I got to spend 3 hours calling my internet provider trying to get something out of them, while repeatedly resetting my router and trying to sell my soul off to the first bidder, that would provide me a stable connection. 
One hour and 50 minutes after my dc my internet provider had a phone message instead of a
"no-one is at work to answer your call at this time, last status reported no known issues".

There was now a squeaky male voice saying
All of our customers are without internet due to a critical error. 
That kid could not have been more than 15. And seeing that whoever else had been at work, on a Saturday, had deemed him the one with the voice that had the most authority, things did not look all too bright.

So I waited. I got annoyed, I got *annoying*. I got told to go outside for a walk.
 Now, this is not because I am addicted (isn't the first step towards getting rid of an addiction, but admit you have a problem?), but remember this: I do not play 25 manned raids any longer, my week-nights are usually too crowded with stuff, for me to be a regular big boy raider. All I have in terms of raids, is this group. I am so blessed that they are the coolest sweetest and all around great guys and gals, that I am actually looking forward to my weekends, I am looking forward to raid, with them.
And then I get pissed if my internet gets in my way of something I had planned on doing, and was looking forward to do? ADDICT!!!

Sorry I had to get that out of the way. The last time I wrote about being annoyed at not playing, I got told in no uncertain terms, that I was behaving like a child, and clearly had an addiction.

1 minute after raid has ended
I get a connection again. Lovingly and jokingly (God I hope it was ;) ) I get told by whoever is online that "You suck!!". I then log in on my shammy (Mcdreamy) and get called "mcDc". 'Yea, I didn't have a great Saturday either guys.'
And this is the important bit: My raid-leader informs me, that they got a replacement, but saved plaguewing and Sindragosa for me. Why is this important?
Because I am two achievements away from getting myself the ICC mount. One from tanking oozes and one from the Lich king.
The sucky part is, that we DID do the Lich king one, last week. However Blizzard programming sometimes has these little bugs in them, that means that certain achievements will not count as completed if you do them right.
"been waiting a long time for this" is one of them. There seems to be a known issue with the stacks of this. (you need to wait for 30 stacks of the bad stuff to build up), that if you get a jump of two stacks, which is what happened to us, so that you jump from 29 to 31, you do not get it completed. A nice chat with a GM did nothing to fix this.

So I am missing those two achievements, and they saved them for me!
My hope was renewed! There was still time this week for me to get the achievement, I could get the mount, and we could start focusing on hard mode LK next week. Everything was looking up, I was happy.

So happy that I even tried my very best to help out our "daddies group" on Saturday night, on the LK on my very dusty healer. When I say tried my very best, I do mean I tried my very best. But I was definitely not the guy boosting the rest through it.
I am a rusty healer. But it was fun. 10 minutes before their last try of the night (having gotten very cleanly into p2 at the end), my connection wobbles. I get to spend 30 seconds tryuing to apply a shield. Then I time out. Then I dc, then my internet dies out, then my teamspeak. Then I use every ounce of willpower not to yell at my monitor and waking up Mrs Dwism.
I get back in, but my connection is not stable enough for me to accept a res, and I log out. I try and open some sites, and 5 reloads later wowhead pops up. This is not looking great. I go to bed.

And here I am, on a Sunday morning, there is two hours before Sundays raid and I have no connection. In two hours my raid-group will meet up and clear ICC 10 and the second half of my group will get their new mounts. Everyone in my group will get their mounts, except me.
I know from before, that my (soon to be old) provider does not have anyone at work after 7 pm on weekdays, and only between noon and 3 on Saturdays, and none on Sundays.
So yes, I am having a marvelous weekend, thank you for asking.


  1. *hugs*
    I reallly really do feel your pain. Being frustrated at missing out on something big, in a team that is important to you, does not make you an *addict*. It's the equivalent of twisting your ankle and not being able to compete in your tennis tournament final (so no medal).
    *More hugs* hope it gets sorted soon x

  2. @Lar, and Issy: Dont you two worry, there is a part two in the making :)
    And it has excitement glory heartbreak and action!
    (and images!!!)