Friday, April 23, 2010

Star wars 'Combat' video, and why pve is how to sell a game

This video was released, teasing about how combat will feel like

Darthhater took that video and dissected the abilities shown in it

Lots of awsome there, I want to add two comments to this:
Yes I know that it seems like I've stopped with WoW news, but its the playoffs where I come from, and my team is playing in the finals, so im kindda occupied atm. But this weekend will -hopefully- bring WoW related stories from me.
two: The first video taught me more than just what combat abilities to look forward to, and that is the following.

I better learn how to pvp
It seems this game will be all about AoE'ing mobs and pvp'ing.
They say this at the very start:
There is nothing heroic about a bunch of players beating up one guy [...] but a single hero beating impossible odd, now thats heroic.
AKA: Bossfights? Forget about it.

Obviously that is very disheartening for a PvE endgame player like myself. But i'll learn to cope. Maybe ill treat this like any Bioware game: Play through for the story, kicking and screaming (btw, bossfights in ME2 are also still very sucky), to see the story to the end.
Or maybe I'll learn to love pvp. I did do some arena, back when that was a new thing. And I did have fun in 2v2, so maybe there is a pvp'er hidden somewhere in me. Deep deep down.

I still like their focus on making the non-force-classes cool, that part seems to be working. I just cannot get over the fact that they so blatantly dismiss pve. A long time ago, I wrote about why I think that WoW made it so big, and it is still my opinion that this is due to WoW being the greatest pve game ever made. Dungeons and raids and bosses, are not done better anywhere else.
Sure I hate the way the implement it with gating and forced easy mode before you can get to limited tries hardmode. But I cannot think of any other mmo that has presented more various, fun interesting and great bosses, than WoW.
This is why this game does not have 200'000 players, but 12 million, not because of Arena, battlegrounds or world pvp, but because of the world bosses (rip) and the instances. People like to play socially, people like working together, players like teaming up to beat content that they could not take on alone.

Weird isn't it? People play massive multiplayer games to be playing with other people...


  1. It does look fab :)
    I share your concern about it looking very much like *solo* play from the vid.
    But hey - it's Star Wars!! I will of course be buying, tryingg and praying it's awesome :)

  2. Absolutely, PvE is the heart of these online game *worlds*. That's not even hard to figure out, even the corner office guys should be able to handle that... so I do wonder what cards these PR wonks are still holding.

    If they really are thinking that PvP is going to be sticky, well... WAR would like to have a word out back...

  3. Indeed.
    I fear it is because creating bosses takes man-power and creative designers, whereas battlegrounds take one designer. In theory. So on the scoreboard, pvp looks to be the easy way out