Friday, April 16, 2010

I used to play a holy priest

Our guild is 5 years old this month. I was not a part of the guild for all those 5 years, but I've been there for too long to think about it. With the 5 year anniversary comes a contest.  The contest consists of having the best guild-related screen shot, still intact.
Allready our forums are filled with people moaning about how their perfect shots from back in the day where lost due to more and more elaborate computer crashes.
Mine are not gone.
So in tribute to one of my oldest game-friends and all around good guy Calli of pew-pew lazors I'll post one of my old screens.
This one did not enter the official contest, this one is just for you. Because this is me proving you right about a certain prejudice of yours about priests.
"He’s actually a pretty good healer but like all Holy Priests, he dies a lot because he suffers from an advanced case of Chronic Martyr Syndrome. This will manifest itself in various ways, but the most common is death by Standing In The Fire because he was “too busy saving the dumbass dps to notice”.

 This is from his incredibly funny raid anatomy 101-series.

Here is my screen shot, it is of our first Kil'jaden kill back in The burning Crusade. It would have been a smooth kill, but I was too busy saving and healing dumb dps to stay alive myself.

I am not 100% sure this can be read, but I count at least one more dead healing priest in this pic


  1. At least one? HAH! If you look at the chat log you'll see that you, Nanta AND Blitzin all kicked the bucket in the last few seconds of the Kil'jaeden kill! Priests! Pfft... :p

  2. We where busy savin the lovely behind of the almost gnome, mages! :)

  3. I say HAH again unto thee! The lovely (almost gnome) Mage was a dragon, busy trying to save YOUR porky dorf ass. Pfft, Priests, if you want something done properly, get a Mage! ;)